to be full by ordering a single burger and drink.
He didn’t have to flatter me to this extent.

He said genuinely, “Because it’s delicious.”

“But it seems like you’ve already had opportunities to eat in similar establishments, right?”

He thought for a while, “Yes, but when I need to socialize, I don’t particularly pay attention to taste.”

“Then, isn’t food at home good?”

“I eat alone most of the time.
There’s someone there to help cook, but I am content with 3 meals without much requirements for taste.”

That’s true, not everyone cares about food.
After a moment, he continued, “My dad is actually good at cooking, but growing up, I didn’t have many opportunities to experience it.”


“My parents are divorced,” he explained, “My mother had custody over me.”

I hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry!”

He shook his head, “It doesn’t matter.”

After an awkward moment of silence, I tried to lighten the mood, “Then does your mother cook delicious food?”

He was quiet for a moment before replying, “My mother passed away.”

“I’m sorry!!”

The silence continued until we walked out of the mall gate, and it was already dark outside.
At some point, a curtain of rain was pouring.

He looked up at the sky and whispered, “It’s raining.”

“Wait a minute.”

I recalled that the service desk inside the mall loaned out umbrellas for free.
I quickly ran over and scanned a code to borrow one.
As I returned, I saw that he was maintaining the same posture, standing straight and staring at the night sky.
I could not figure out what he was thinking about in silence.

His quietness made him appear solemn.

I said, “Hey, watch me perform a magic trick for you.”

He turned towards me, “Huh?”

I closed my left hand and yelled out, “The art of rain!” Immediately, my right hand opened up the umbrella.


I pointed under the umbrella, “Look, there is no rain here.
This is magic.”

He laughed after a beat.
His laughter was akin to a summer breeze and lit up the darkness of this rainy night like the evening moon.

I was stunned into silence.

He came to stand under my umbrella and said, “Thank you for your magic.”

I suddenly felt embarrassed and awkwardly said, “What, it was such a simple trick!”

I merely read other people’s jokes on the Internet and performed it at random.
Fortunately, it didn’t look like he surfed the Internet very often.

Seeing that he still had a smile on his face, I tentatively suggested, “If it’s good with you, add my WeChat.”

This was the first time I had taken initiative in asking someone for their WeChat.

He froze for a moment and whispered, “Okay.”

“Then, should I scan you?”

He agreed with an “Um.” He lowered his head to take out his mobile phone, and held it out in front of me.

It was probably because the weather was so cold, his hands trembled slightly.
Once a beep sounded, I said, “The invite has been sent so please accept it~”

He agreed again with an “Um.”

I noticed the new friend notification.
His user ID was a simple, “Zhuo.” His default profile image looked like it was the cover of something I couldn’t recognize.
I didn’t know what it was.

We parted at the intersection after I insisted on calling him a taxi first.
I was then able to search online to find pictures that I could compare to with his profile picture.
I discovered that was the cover of an old CD album called “Not Found,” and the band name was Mr.

I searched for this band online.

Oh my, what the, none of them were good-looking.
They also seemed to be over 200 years old.

(I did not mean that Mr.
Children was bad).

Well, if he grew to like this, it must mean that he had perseverance.
I trust my Big Brother’s taste!

I found a song on NetEase Cloud and shoved my earphones into my ears.
Clicking play, I then walked briskly to the subway station.

I didn’t have money to take a taxi~


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