my Big Brother.

After class, I came out with my bag and wandered around school.
Suddenly, I spotted him in front of the opposite teaching building.

He was standing upright with a schoolbag slung on one shoulder, one hand in his pocket and the other using to browse through his phone.
His hair was slightly messy from the wind, but he still had attractive features.

Was he browsing his phone too intensely that he forgot to continue walking? Did something juicy caught his interest?

Excitedly, I approached him stealthily and then jumped in front of him, shouting, “Hi!”

He was startled.

Only now did I notice that he was actually talking to someone on the phone through his Bluetooth headphones.
His mobile phone screen also displayed a market curve as well.
Realizing that I was interrupting his business, I quickly raised my hands in surrender and took a step back, saying, “Carry on with your work first.”

He smiled and spoke to the person on the other end of the call, “That’s all.
You can figure it out and send me an e-mail.” He then ended the call.

He looked at me and I also looked back.
Honestly, I was very happy, but as soon as I opened my mouth, I ended up scolding him, “You skipped class and wasn’t online today either.
Your class points will be gone.”

He apologized, “I have other classes.”

I sympathized, “You have conflicting classes, right? It’s inevitable.
It’s okay.
If the teacher calls your name, I’ll answer for you.
I can even answer for the entire dormitory with different variety of voices!”

He smiled and said, “Yeah, thank you.”

I asked again, “Do you have any classes left?”

He shook his head, “No more.”

I immediately suggested, “Then if you’re not in a hurry to return, I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee.”

He hesitated before agreeing, “Okay, but I need to use my computer to finish up some work first, so I may not be able to chat with you.”

I was ecstatic.
“It doesn’t matter.
It’s just coffee so continue with your work.”

I led him to the nearest Starbucks next to campus.
I ordered a Mocha Frappuccino, and he ordered an Iced Americano.


Compared to his drink preference, mine seemed relatively uncool.

Then I said, “Wait, change mine to an Americano too.”

It was weird.
On one hand, I thought of myself as fashionable and rather unrestrained while he was old-fashioned and dull.
On the other hand, I could not help but wanted to have similar aesthetics as him.

By the time I sat down with my coffee, he had been working on his Surface Pro for a while now.
Whenever he was concentrating deeply, his thin lips would pursed up, his eyes would sparkle, and his eyebrows would wrinkle perplexingly.

I continued to observe him.
His eyes never left the screen and he looked very serious, productive, and focused.
I could imagine his brain was operating at high speeds.

I looked around and noticed there were a lot of people sitting in Starbucks with their computers.
I thought to myself, hmph, you mortals are all here pretending.
Only my Big Brother is really working!

It was strange to think that some people had the ability to simply sit across from you but still make you feel so happy by being there.

Contentedly, I picked up my coffee cup and took a big sip.

“…” What the hell, I almost couldn’t hold my drink in.
It tasted cold and bitter; it is hard to drink.

After a while, he turned off his device and apologetically said, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

I quickly replied, “No, no.”

After watching each other for a few seconds, speechless for a moment, I asked, “Why did you order an Americano? In what way is the Americano tasty? Isn’t Frappuccino tastier?”

I expected a typical response from him that described the drink as “classic, pure, and healthy,” but his response was, “Ah, because it’s the cheapest.”


He looked at me and said, “When someone treats, it is polite to order the most inexpensive one.”


This guy was really simple.

But why was it a little cute?

“Don’t be so formal.
I have money.” Not really.

He smiled.

I smacked my swollen face and pretended to be fat as I declared, “Really! You can order whatever you like next time!”

May my WeChat account balance Rest In Peace.

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