Overbearing Power

Chapter 8 - Goblins Are Weak

The three of the goblins were making their way towards me slowly, this gave the senior students a chance to get back from the battle.

The two unarmed goblins were at the front and the one with the club was at the back. I guess there was some kind of hierarchy between the goblins. So I used Identification to check them out.

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1*

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1*

*Forest Goblin Warrior Lvl 3*

Whoa, that guy is level 3 but looks almost the same as the regular goblins, probably his skin color is a little darker shade of green.

Alright Robin, not a time to worry about it, you got it, time to hunt some goblins.

With the stick in my hand, I could maintain some distance and attack these guys, so I was not going to give these guys the chance for the first attack.

So while the goblins were sizing me up. I took a few steps forwards and took a downward swing at the unarmed goblin at the right. The nibble bugger tried to dodge the attack but, he was a little too late and was not able to avoid the attack completely.

The stick landed on its left shoulder. The goblin was not able to handle the force behind the attack and fell down. He screamed loudly with pain. I could see the other goblins starting to make their move from the corner of my eye. So I didn wait any longer and once again swung the stick down towards the head of the fallen goblin. The goblins skull was smashed, thats one less to worry about.

*Forest Goblin Lvl1 Killed*

*+50 Exp*

*Learned Skill: Staff Mastery Lvl 1 (Common)*

The two goblins were right in my attack range. While I was about to turn and deal with them, the goblin warrior swung its club toward my waist. I could not think of any way to deal with his attack without getting hit, so I did my best to take a defensive stance and blocked the club attack with my right forearm.

*-4 HP*

That hurt like hell but to my surprise I was okay and it was only 4 damage. But that attack pissed me off, without even thinking about it I grabbed the goblin warrior with my left hand the threw him towards the auditorium wall, if I would have thrown him a little towards the right he could have had a head-on collision with the senior students.

The other goblin was on my left side, aiming to bite into my left thigh. I took a massive baseball-like swing at the goblins head and finished him off.

*Forest Goblin Lvl1 Killed*

*+50 Exp*

*Level Up*

*+5 STR*

*+7 VIT*

*+2 DEF*

*+5 Free Attribute Points*

*+1 Skill Point*

The goblin warrior was still not dead, he was trying to get up but his back was broken from the collision with the wall. So I went to him and finished him off with one last swing.

*Forest Goblin Warrior Lvl3 Killed*

*+150 Exp*

*Level Up*

*+5 STR*

*+7 VIT*

*+2 DEF*

*+5 Free Attribute Points*

*+1 Skill Point*

*+1 STR Bonus on killing a one-level higher monster than you.*

After finishing off all the goblins, I checked my surrounding to see if there were any more left.

The senior students were terrified, there were a lot of dead bodies on the ground. The goblin warrior did a lot of damage here. Most of the bodies were of the students.

Suddenly I heard a noise coming from the area near the school gate, while fighting the goblins I completely forgot that some of the students along with the PT teacher ran towards the school gate when the goblins flanked them.

I ran at my top speed towards the gate to check out what was going on. By the time I got there, I saw two people fighting against a goblin warrior. One was the PT teacher other was a boy, the boy was probably injured, he was holding one of his legs, trying his best to stand straight.

There were a bunch of dead bodies here too. The goblin warrior did a number on them, the sole survivors were the PT teacher and the boy. The goblin saw me and jump towards me with his club, but with the stat boost I got after leveling up just now was not something a goblin warrior could handle. I shifted the stick to my left hand, well I should probably start calling it a staff since the system considers it as one, also it kind of sounds cool.

With my free right hand, I caught the incoming club attack. That was a bad idea, and although it didn cause much damage, the pain was too much.

*-1 HP*

*Learn Skill: Pain Tolerance Lv1(Common)*

Then I put my staff on the ground grabbed the goblin warriors neck with my left hand and lifted him up, the pressure of my high strength points was put into my grasp on his neck, and choked the goblin warrior to death.

*Forest Goblin Warrior Lvl3 Killed*

*+150 Exp*

The PT teacher and the boy fell to the ground of exhaustion and relief after watching the goblin die.

I helped the PT teacher Mr. Frank and the limping boy up and carried them toward the auditorium.

When I got back close to the auditorium I saw a lot of students and teachers out of the classrooms. A few classes in close proximity to the auditorium did not have any goblins, so Mr. Jacob and some of the students went and asked them to come out.

My class was among them, that stupid Walter was waving at me from a distance.

I took a look at the school ground to see how many goblins were left, In total, there were 2 and both of them were clawing their fingers at the door of the classrooms, they were so busy doing this that they didn even realize that all their friends were dead.

But while taking a 360-degree view of the school I realized that there was much more, the school ground was only about 40% of the school which was at the left side of the school, this area consisted of classes from 7 to 10. Which was mostly kids from the age of 13 – 18.

The left side of the school consisted of classes from kindergarten to 6th standard. It also had the school administration office at the leftmost corner. To the left of the gate was the school ground and to the right was the park, it was made so that the seniors don mess with the juniors while playing.

While I could see what was happing on the left side of the school, there were a few blind spots and I was not sure if it was totally safe out there.

The teachers started discussing about going out of the school, I was not really interested in answering their questions so I went to where Walter and my classmates were.

Walter: ”Dude I saw you killing those goblins, how the hell did you do that? ”

Lily: ”Robin how did you jump so high, did you get superpowers or something? ”

”Well, I guess its something like that, I asked you guys about seeing blue screens and the system. But you said you didn so I didn want to bother you about it. ”

Senior Girl: Did you say system? I keep seeing these weird blue pop-ups, saying system or something. For a moment I thought I was going crazy, is this what you are talking about?

Senior Boy: Yes I am seeing them too.

When I turned to look at the two of them I recalled they were the ones who killed the goblin while trying to run back to their class. But how did the two of them get the experience of killing one goblin?

Is it like a party experience share or something?

”Can you guys see the exp on your status window, How much is that? ”

Senior Boy: What, Status?!….. Oh, wait some status thing just appeared right in front of me.

I asked them if they had experience playing games, that would make explaining things a lot easier.

”Have you ever played games or something ”

Senior Boy: ”No I don play games, they are for kids ”

”Well good luck figuring it out then, how much experience do you have anyways? ”

Senior Boy: ”It says 10 ”

Senior Girl: ”Mine is 20 ”

Now that I think about it I recall the girl hitting the goblins head with a rock, so it might be a damage contribution. But adding both of their experience thats only 30, killing a normal goblin should be 50! That means there are two more people.

”Can you guys go and ask your friend if anyone has been seeing the same floating screens as you? ”

Although both of them were confused they agreed and went to look for their friends.

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