Overbearing Power

Chapter 5 - The First Hunt

For a moment it felt like I had a concussion, my brain was not able to deal with the sudden jolt. I felt like I was about to throw up.

I tried to stop myself from throwing up, there was nowhere to go and everyone was inside the classroom. So I did the best I could do, I got up from my seat ran as quickly as possible toward the other end of the room, and threw up.

And it went on for a while, everyone was shocked, not only because of me throwing up, which is a common thing inside the classroom after the goblin incident, a few of the students even shat themselves. I am not going to name names but theirs a terrible smell and it was getting unbearable with the passing of time. I don even know how we spent an hour in this place.

My throwing up should not shock them, but the damn thing that came out of me was dark liquid. If they were not my classmates, they probably would have thought I had coal for breakfast. And the other thing was the smell. The smell of the black vomit was unbearable, it was even worse than the shit that we have been smelling for the last hour.

It took me around 10 minutes to get all of that out of my system. But after that, I felt a hundred times better than before. I don know what this refreshing feeling was, it was different than any other feeling I ever had.

I wiped my face with my shirt and tried to get a grasp of what was going on with my body. It felt like I could control every single part of my muscle without any problem at all.

I know a little about muscle control since I work out a little bit. With the experience I have, I could only make my chest dance a little. Am not going to lie it kind of felt really weird at first. But it kind of made me a little proud.

But now it was like I had a thousand times more control of my body compared to before. Is this the mind-muscle connection the system was talking about?

Seeing me throw up Walter came running up to me.

Walter: Dude are you fine, What the hell! did you eat rotten meat for breakfast or something?

Jokingly I slapped Walterss shoulder. But the guy stumbled right to the wall, it was as if someone pushed him with all their might toward the wall.

Walter looked back at me with shock.

Walter: Dude why did you do that? And how did you push me so easily like that?

I too was shocked, I kept staring at my hands to see if something was wrong.

After that, I and Walter went back to our seats.

Did the system really make me stronger I feel like I could punch down a mountain right now, although I should probably not try doing that!!

If there is a system there might be a status window and stuff right? isn that how it is in games and novels?


Name: Robin Vaulter

Level: 1

HP: 120/120

MP: 0/0

Exp: 50/60

Race: Lesser Human

Class: None

Skill: Unwavering Body Lvl 1(L)


Strength: 8

Vitality: 6

Defense: 4

Agility: 4

Intelligence: 3

Willpower: 4

Wisdom: 0

Luck: 3

What do you mean I have 3 Intelligence? Are you trying to make fun of me you dumb system? And why is my wisdom 0?

System: …

Yes, you better keep quiet…But how do these stats work anyways, is it like a game where strength is equal to attack power?

System: ”Strength contributes to physical power, be it physical attacks or lifting heavy weights.

Vitality is the life force of the body, it contributes to the health points, if the health points reach 0 you will die.

Defense is the ability of the body to fight against attacks, the higher the defense the lower the attack damage you receive.

Agility contributes to your speed and maneuverability with weapons and tools.

Intelligence increases your magic attack, it also makes it easier for you to acquire knowledge.

Willpower increases your mental defense.

Wisdom contributes the increasing your mana.

Luck is a measure of how lucky you are. ”

Well, that is a lot of information, but it is mostly similar to games and the 0 mana means I can do any magic right now. That is probably because of my 0 wisdom.

Whats most exciting is I only need 10 exp to level up. Now I really want to find out what happens when I level up. Also, what does my race mean, and why the hell is it lesser human? Are there also some other kinds of humans in the universe?

System: ”True ”

If my guess is correct I probably gained the 50 experience points by killing that goblin, so I need to kill more to get exp points and level up.

But I can really go out with everyone barricading the door. And even if I go out I am not sure if I could take on all those goblins alone.

Although I could wait for the military to come to rescue us, the system saying that I got the 4th kill plus all the novels I read where the military never comes to rescue, is kind of giving me a bad feeling.

I should probably stop thinking of real life as games and novels right now, maybe the military will come and save us, I will just wait a few more hours before doing anything.

*3 hours later*

Everyone was getting impatient and nervous it was an hour past school hours, and even if the police or military didn come for help at least the parents should have been here looking for the kids.

Mr. Jacob was not able to handle the situation anymore, and the students started crying again, although this time it was not as loud as before, maybe it was because of the fear of attracting the goblins but everyone started to lose hope.

I think this is the best time to go out and try to level up. I went to Mr. Jacob to ask about this.

”Mr. Jacob we can keep waiting anymore and we can just keep ourselves locked inside this classroom, we have to figure out what is going on outside. ”

Although Mr. Jacob was not very fond of this idea, but he was not able to contact his family, which was making him impatient.

At last, he agreed to go and survey the school ground, the survey team will have me, Mr. Jacob, and William.

William is one of my classmates, both of us are good at sports so we are a little competitive against each other. Although we do hang out, there is a little rivalry between us, but if theres someone capable of handling this situation, I will place my bet on William.

Before leaving Mr. Jacob asked Rebecca the class monitor to look after the class and keep them calm for now.

The three of us, Mr. Jacob, William, and I got rid of the barricade and opened the door slightly to see what was going on outside.

The goblins were all scattered throughout the school ground, It looked like they were patrolling the area. Some of them were smashing their hands against the doors of the classrooms, trying to open them.

While I was looking at a goblin a blue screen popped up in front of me.

*Skill Learned Identification Lvl 1*

*Forest Goblin – Lvl 1*

Well thats convenient, so its a level 1 creature and its already this strong. Hopefully, there are no dragons nearby!

I looked toward William and tried to use Identification on him.

*William Aster – Insignificant Lifeform*

What the hell is Insignificant Lifeform?

System: ”The begins which have not gathered enough energy to be registered in the system database are called Insignificant Lifeforms ”

So when I killed the goblin before, I gathered enough energy to be registered in the system database?

System: ”True ”

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