Overbearing Power

Chapter 4 - Checking Stats

Everyone was nervous the fear of what they witnessed a few minutes ago was probably the most terrifying thing ever.

There was nothing to do other than sit around and wait, so thats what we were doing. No one was making any noises for the fear of attracting the attention of the goblins towards their class.

Even the students and teachers in the other classes were also probably thinking the same thing.

Walter: ”Hey Robin, do you think these monsters are just at our school? ”

Lily who was sitting close to us also joined in and asked if our families are going to be safe or not.

This made me worry about my parents.

Jessica: ”Don worry guys as Mr. Jacob said, the Police or the military will come and save us soon. Our parents will also be okay. ”

Right then one of my friends Austin came near our group and asked how we were doing.

Austin is one of the perfect students. I don know how this guy does it but he is good at studies and also good at sports. Not really the best in anything but the guy is always in the top 5 at anything he does.

Austin: ”Robin what you did back then was awesome dude, did you notice these monsters kind of look like goblins right? ”

Austin and I are massive game nerds, whenever we get time all we talk about is games. He is not that into novels and stuff, only games. I try to make him read novels telling him how great they are but he isn too interested.

Austin: ”Dude…. What what ….. If there are also other monsters like dragons and stuff. ”

”Austin dude are **ing stupid don scare me like this, are you trying to say that we are fighting a level 1 monster right now and there is more to come. ”

While saying these words to Austin, I realized what happened after killing the goblin, the blue boxes. What if the things Austin is telling are true, what if the world is turning into a game?

The novels I read also had crazy systems in them, probably if I say system something will open up. Probably I will get a cheat-like ability as the protagonist does.

No No No, if its like the novels, and if I am not the protagonist and I do not get the cheat-like abilities then I am done for.

Like an idiot, I said the word ”System ”

Everyone looked at me for a second.

Walter: ”Robin you okay dude? What System? ”

”No, its nothing I was thinking out loud don worry about it ”

There was something in front of my eye.

*System Initializing*

*1 hour 2 mins remaining*

So what I saw back then was real, all I have to do right now is wait. Wait for help to arrive and wait to see what this system is.

*After 1 hour 2 mins*

Everyone was trying their best to remain calm after what just happened today, some were trying to have a conversation and talk to their friends and keep busy, while some chose to keep their heads down and be silent.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with fear, so no one forced anyone to do anything. Even Mr. Jacob was sitting at a distance on a chair and was looking at his phone.

He has been staring at the phone for the last hour. Some of the students went to ask him if they could call their parents but he told that there was no network.

While I was talking with Walter about some random stuff I heard a *ding* sound in my head.

I looked around but found nothing.

After a few seconds, there was a massive blue screen in front of me.

I did ask Walter before if he was also seeing blue screens, but he only gave me a suspicious look and asked me if started smoking or something.

*System Initialization Complete*

*Member of Earth – 1034TY of Universe – RTA30 Welcome to The System*

*Earth – 1034TY has gathered enough energy to be classified as Lower F Rank Planet*

*Hence Earth – 1034TY has been made part of the System at The Celestial Year 9423 Month 10 Date 14 Time 12: 48 pm ”

*You are the 4th individual to successfully hunt a monster on the Planet, Reward 1 Legendary Skill*

*Please Choose A Skill*

*Unwavering Body(Passive Skill): Your body will be able to use 100% of your strength stats without any side effects. +5 Strength +7 Vitality +2 Defense added at every level. Permanent strength boost on slaying a stronger opponent.*

*Dragon Heart(Passive Skill): 150% more mana absorption. Magic skills are 50% more powerful. +5 Intelligence +3 Willpower + 2 Wisdom added at every level. Ability to learn Dragon Magic*

*Dark Night(Passive Skill): 150% added sneak boost. Doubled stats at night, and halved stats during the day. +2 Agility +2 Strength added at every level. 60% chance of stealing any non-legendary or higher skill upon a successful assassination*

*Saints Aura(Passive Skill): 200% boost to Healing Magic. 120% boost to Support Magic. +5 Intelligence +5 Willpower +3 Wisdom added at every level. 500% stat boost if in holy ground.*

That is a lot of information. First, what does it mean Earth 1034TY? And even if the universe has a name, does that mean there are multiple universes? That is a crazy amount of things to wrap my mind around.

Lets try focusing on the skills that the system mentioned. How am I even the 4th person to hunt a monster? I thought the military might have killed hundreds of thousands long before I did.

But the reward is much more interesting, its time to get super duper strong.

There are some crazy good skills I love the Dragon Heart, doing magic sounds really cool and with the Dragon Heart, I would be a crazy powerful Mage. Dark Night can double my stats at night that is like turning a level 10 character to level 20, I want that really bad but it makes me weak during the day, and most importantly I am not a very big fan of being an assassin.

Unwavering Body now that is my cup of tea, if I fight something I would love to smash it right to the ground head-on. But what is this about 100% use of Strength?

While I was thinking about it, the system answered.

*Normally stats need to be balanced to be used at 100% effectiveness, for example, 10 Strength would at least require a minimum of 8 vitality and a minimum of 7 agility to unleash 10 Strength. If you have less Vitality the body won be able to withstand the high Strength points, and if you have less Agility you won have a perfect mind-muscle connection.

The same is true with High Agility and low Vitality And Strenght.*

So what you mean is unweaving body bypasses this law and unleashes 100% of my strength even if my stats are unbalanced.

System: ”True ”

Well, that is cool! The last one left is the Saints Aura, are you crazy 500% boost when in the holy ground? I would love that but I don want to be a saint and settle down at a place, plus I don want to have a supporting role, people always complain about not being healed at the right time and whatnot.

System how do I select Unwavering Body?

System: You can just think about selecting it or touch the screen in front of you.

Considering that no one can see it but me and just moving my hands midair might seem crazy, I decided to do it mentally.

*Acquired Skill Unwavering Body (Legendary)*

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