Overbearing Power

Chapter 3 - Becoming Legendary

The bang on the teachers head was like a wake-up call for everyone in the school. There it was! loud screaming and crying noises, and you could hear them coming from all over the place.

It seems everyone witnessed the gruesome scene. Most of these students have probably not even seen an animal being slaughtered and now they are witnessing a man being eaten alive.

Well if seeing a person eaten alive doesn make you shit your pants then you might as well die of constipation.

There were around 10 goblins on the school ground, 5 were feasting on the teacher which was happening very close to our classroom. 4 others were spread out throughout the school ground trying to get inside the classrooms to get their hands on more food.

And one bastard which came chasing after Mr. Jacob was distracted by the attack on the other teacher for a moment but it saw us looking through the window and started to run towards the window at full speed.

The windows at our schools have an iron railing, I don really know why they added this. I mean what do they think we will use the window as a door to get out of the class or something?

Looking at the monster running towards us I thought of closing the window. But heres the thing, I am kind of sitting at the end of the window, which provides me with a great view of the outside but if I have to close it, I have to lean forward and try my best.

And the one sitting right at the window is Jessica and her friend Lily. Me, Walter, Jessica, and Lilly are good friends so we take four seats together. Jessica sits with Lily and I sit with Walter.

Plus this also helps me talk to Jessica a little more.

The Goblin was about to reach the window, I asked Jessica to close the window fast but she was frozen, she was not responding.

”Jessica close the damn window, that thing is about to get here ”

Jessica: ”What…What…What do I do… ”.

I knew she won be able to do it in this condition, so I kind of shifted my seat a little and made some room for myself to reach the window. But the window opens to the outside and it was always troubling to close it without getting a good grip on it.

I was trying my best and almost had a grip on the window when the goblin got to the window and slammed its hand at the iron railing.

I fell back in shock and fear. The goblin put his arm through the gaps in the railing and tried his best to get to us.

By looking at his actions, it seemed they didn really have much intelligence. They are basically like wild animals, they do their best to get to their prey no matter what.

This kind of relaxed me a little, at least I am not going to die at the hands of goblins, well probably! am not that sure.

While trying to get up from the ground I saw a geometry compass at Jessicas desk. If you don know what a geometry compass is, believe me, its good that you don . Its an object with a sharp needle at the bottom. It is used to measure and draw geometric figures.

Or you could probably poke someone with it and cause some serious damage. At least thats what I had in mind.

I garbed the geometry compass and moved a little closer to the window to kill this thing.

Walter garbed my hand asking ”What are you doing dude, don get close to the window get back.

I also heard Mr. Jacob saying something but it was muffled out by the screaming and crying that was going on.

Just then the goblin grabbed my shirt with one of his hands, which he put through the iron railings. This is do or die now, the only thing I had in mind was to get out of his hold, or he might end up killing me. And I wanted to survive, its not the time to die yet.

So I swung the compass which I had in my right hand at the goblins hand which was grabbing me. The goblins have a small frame, so the compass went through his forearms, I could see the compass coming out from the other end of his forearm.

This made the goblin scream in pain, the guy was screaming at the top of his lungs. It was not a human-like scream, imagine an animal screaming in pain and make that 2 times louder.

But the guy couldn get away since the compass was still impaled on his left forearm and I was still holding onto it.

The moment he realized he couldn get away he used his right hand and grabbed my shirt again.

This made me frantic, and without giving much thought to it I pulled the compass out of his left hand and stabbed at its right eye. The compass went through, you could only see 10% of the compass outside, the other 90% was inside him.

I didn really get a good swing at it because of the iron railing but hopefully, that did the work.

The goblin was still not dead it threw itself towards the iron railing, doing its best to attack me with everything it had.

Well, this dumb monster does he think he can just get past the railing because he is angry? Looking at him leaping towards the window I opened my palm and pushed it forwards towards the compass which was still sticking at his eye.

When my palm collided with the end of the compass the reaming 10% also went in and with that, the goblin fell down face first into the ground.

*Required Energy Gathered*

*System Initializing*

*System Will Be Ready For Your Planet in 1 hour 23 mins*

There were a bunch of blue pop-ups in front of me. Is this for real? Am I dreaming right now? I pinched myself.

Well seems like its not a dream. Then what about these floating blue boxes and the world turning into the novels I read online?

Lets not think about that a lot, for now, focus on staying alive.

Right then Mr. Jacob comes running towards me.

Mr. Jacob: ”Robin don stay close to the window! ”

I turned and saw that almost everyone was gathered at the left side of the class since there was no chance of any monsters coming from there because of the schools boundary walls being so close to the left wall window.

Some of my friends we looking at me shocked, I guess they didn expect me to do what I just did.

Well, even I won expect me to do what I just did. I took a life, that too of a monster. I consider myself a tough dude, alright! I don get emotional about stupid things, the type of thing you see online, like getting depressed because someone told you something or overthinking about random stuff.

But I never thought that I was brave enough to kill a living thing as I did just now.

Mr. Jacob went and closed the window and I moved back with my friends.

Walter: ”Dude what the ** was that! ”

”Walter Relax I am fine. ”

Mr. Jacob: ”Students barricade the door with the desks, it will make the door more secure. At least unlit we get help. And don worry everyone calms down. Help will come soon, and the police and the military will not abandon us. ”

Closing the windows and the door, had a good effect. Without the view of the monsters, being safe inside an impenetrable defense calmed down the students a little.

There were 23 students in our class, and everyone took their backpacks and settled down at the left side of the classroom. Some sat on chairs and some sat on the floor since a few of the chairs were also used as barricades.

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