Overbearing Power

Chapter 2 - I Killed A Goblin

Well its a beautiful day isn it, the sun is shining out but its not that hot today, I love this time of the year. But what am I doing in this boring Math class, I do enjoy Math, don get me wrong, its just boring… to be forced to stay inside this class.

Our school has a big ground in between, which is surrounded by the classes. The school is located in a small town, so its not as advanced. The classes basically look like a cabin made of concrete. Its not too bad, a good single spacious room, which can easily fit around 25 – 30 people.

Well, anyways, enough about the school, let me tell you about myself. My name is Robin. I am 16 and am attending school right now. I am average in studies, nothing very special but I do great at sports, I don want to brag, but I am probably one the best in the whole school. But I just do sports for fun, most of the time I stay inside playing video games.

I am a little chubby, not really ”FAT ” but I kind of look big compared to all my friends. I am around 5.9 feet(179cm) tall. I also kind of work out, I won call it working out seriously but some of the older boys around my house have built some makeshift gym equipment, I hit those weights from time to time.

While I was thinking about random stuff and looking out of the window, our Math teacher Mr. Jacob calls me out and asks me to pay attention but when I turn my head to look at him my eyes catch a glance of the most beautiful girl there is Jessica.

Well, Jessica does know that I like her but she is in a relationship with a guy from the other class. I don know what she sees in him. For the love of god that guy doesn deserve her, she would be much better with me. Ahhhh… Women, right its hard to understand them.

Just then someone nudges me from the side, it is Walter, a very good friend. Well, we do hang out a lot and we have been seat partners for a year or so. If I would have to call someone my best friend then I think its this guy.

Walter: Dude when are you asking Jessica out again?

”Walter, I asked her a few months ago, but she didn really answer. She was like ”I am in a relationship right now, what do you want me to do? ”. I don know what to make of that dude. ”

Walter: ”Just try again then, maybe get a gift for her or something! ”

”Loud Thunder Strike ”

Walter: ”Dude Wtf was that, it was too loud. Did the sky split open or something? ”

I was sitting at the window side, so I didn even have to turn my neck to see what was going on.

There was a massive split in the sky, It looked very identical to the crazy anime scenes.

For a moment I started to panic, Is this the **ing end of the world. Wtf is going on?

The split in the sky looked like a crack that was spreading faster and faster, just like when you hammer something, and with each strike, the crack grew further. Visible through the crack was a red a blue gradient light, shining and burning like a sun.

Just then crying noises brought me back to reality. Some of the students lost it, they were weeping like crazy.

I looked towards Mr. Jacob thinking he might be able to say something and settle their nerves and maybe also assure me that everything is going to be ok. But the guy was frozen, his eyes were looking toward the sky and his body was as stiff as a statue.

William who was sitting at the front went to Mr. Jacob and called him out a few times, which finally made him come to his senses.

When Mr. Jacob looked at the situation the students were in he asked everyone to calm down, and he told us that everything will be okay.

Although it didn really calm the students entirely, there were still some muffled weeping noises but thats the best you can do when the world is probably coming to an end.

Mr. Jacob: ”Students don worry, Calm down and take your seats. I….I will quickly go to the teachers room and come back in a minute. ”

Some of the students asked him not to go, mostly the ones who were crying. But Mr. Jacob still went out.

I was looking out of the window to see what was going on outside. I saw Mr. Jacob getting out of our classroom through the door, he only took a few steps toward the teachers room, then he suddenly started running back toward the classroom like he saw a ghost.

I too turned my eyes in the direction he was looking to see what was going on. What I saw was something right out of a video game. It was a damn goblin. The only problem was it was too real, not the cartoonish goblin we see in video games and anime.

Just think of a monkey running towards you, the only difference was the green skin, no fur, and almost human child-like features. Lets not even compare it to a monkey alright, its a **ing MONSTER. A green about 3ft(91cm) tall monster with weapons in its hands.

Most of them are bare handed some have makeshift clubs equipped, it looks like they just picked up whatever big wooden stick they fancied most.

I was seriously about to have a panic attack, this is real life not one of the fantasy stories that I read. Yes sometimes after reading a good novel I too thought, how great it would be to live in a fantasy world. Where you could become a hero and save the princess and stuff like that. But this is not a novel, I am seriously going to die here today, this is the end of the world. How are humans even supposed to fight monsters?

Alright, its time to calm down, I have to calm down maybe the military will be able to save us. Yes…Yes they can, I mean they have advanced weapons, they even got nuclear weapons, and they will be able to take care of these monsters. We will be safe.

Just then Mr. Jacob enters the classroom franticly and shuts the door. The guy was so scared out of his life. He was shivering, he just put his back towards the door and was holding it down even after locking it.

The class was in a disarray, everyone got up from their seats and were looking towards the goblins which were rushing towards the classroom. Some of the students were back crying and screaming, all you could hear were loud crying noises and screams.

Just then there was a scream which came from outside the classroom, the teacher from the other classroom right next to us went out and was surrounded by the goblins.

I had the privilege of witnessing this scene in HD since I had the **ing window right next to me. I am not a hero who will rush out of the door to save this guy come on, that is beyond stupid.

One of the goblins with club-looking objects in his hand slammed it sideways toward the teachers waist. This slowed down the unfortunate teacher, just then an unarmed goblin took a large leap and bit the teachers thing and the other goblins followed.

There were around 5 goblins attacking the teacher, and the guy was screaming like crazy. The whole school went silent for a second, all that was left was the dying screams of that teacher.

The one goblin with the club went towards the teacher, who was about to die any second now from being eaten alive. The goblin swung down his clubs and crushed the teachers head. There was blood everywhere.

I am a tough kid alright I have seen some really crazy stuff, the place I live has a high number of vehicle accident cases, so I have seen my share of dead bodies. But seeing a dead body and seeing it all happen right in front of you is totally different.

Plus the added fear of the same thing happening to you, well this is turning out to be the best day in my life.

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