Overbearing Power

Chapter 10 - A Tough Opponent

I went to tell Walter and Lily about my plans. Now that they had the system they were stronger than the rest but I was still not sure what kind of danger waited for us on the left side of the school, so I asked them to stay with the rest of the students.

Most of the students took shelter in the auditorium. The auditorium was at its full capacity, in total there were probably around 140 – 150 students at the auditorium right now. Some of the students decided to take shelter in their own classrooms.

I asked Lily and Walter to do the same. If there was another monster attack the situation inside the auditorium can be too chaotic.

While I was talking to Walter and Lily, the team for exploration of the left side of the school was ready. Everyone was equipped with whatever makeshift weapon they got.

The team consisted of 4 teachers and 4 students. To my surprise Mr. Frank the PT teacher was on the team. The 4 students were the same ones who killed the goblin. There was also Mr. Jacob and two other teachers. The rest of the teachers were going to stay behind and look after the students.

I thought I could impress Ms. Monica by showing off a little, but she was staying behind to look after the students.

With this the party was ready to set out, I already told the teachers about leveling up by killing goblins so their first objective was to kill the last remaining goblin at the school ground.

There were still around 3 classrooms with shut doors because this one goblin was clawing at the door of one of the classrooms. The three classrooms were in close proximity to the students, so the people didn get out of the class yet.

I followed the group from the back, I was not really interested in helping them hunt this goblin since they already had 4 people with the system. Although these 4 were not as strong as I was because of Unwavering Body, they were still stronger than average adults, combined with the sticks and metal pipes they were using as weapons, dealing with one goblin was an easy job.

The goblin was soo into breaking down the door that it didn even realize that we were there until we were only a few steps behind it.

The first one to attack the goblin was the PT teacher. Although the students were the ones with the system, I think Mr. Frank was angry at the goblins, or maybe he was angry at his own incompetence. The second one to attack was one of the boys from the group. If I remember correctly his name was Larry. They introduced themselves before we set out. The girls were Anna and Vanessa and the two boys were Adam and Larry.

Larry is the same guy who said he didn like games. I think the guy has a few screws loose not because he doesn like games…well that might be one of the reasons. But the stupid dude was using a steel bucket as a weapon. I have no idea where he even got that.

But he smashed the bucket into the goblins head. To my surprise the bucket was okay. This attack to the head dazed the goblin a little, and the teachers took turns hitting the goblins at least once to get a share of the experience points. At last, the goblin couldn take it anymore and passed away.

On the bright side, all four of the teachers were awakened and gained access to the system.

We helped the students out from the remaining three classrooms, and they joined the others at the auditorium.

With everything settled we made our way toward the kindergarten classrooms, the closer we got we could hear some screeching noises coming from one of the classrooms. Thinking something might be wrong I decided to take the lead and went ahead.

I had a very bad feeling about this. This class belonged to kids who were around 5 years of age. I tried pushing the door, hoping that it was barricaded, but the door was open. What welcomed us was the most horrifying thing that I have ever seen.

The classroom was a pool of blood. There were around 5 goblins chewing on bones. Without even thinking about it I jumped right at them. With my staff in hand, it only took me a few swings to finish them off. Level 1 monsters body was not able to handle the full power swing of my staff. Each swing of my staff broke any bone that it collided with resulting in the goblins coughing out blood and dying instantly.

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1 Killed*

*+50 exp*

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1 Killed*

*+50 exp*

*Level Up*

*+5 STR*

*+7 VIT*

*+2 DEF*

*+5 Attribute Point*

*+1 Skill Point*

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1 Killed*

*+50 exp*

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1 Killed*

*+50 exp*

One of the goblins was trying to run away looking at what happened to his friends. I took a giant leap and crushed his head to the floor. Even after killing all of them I could not calm down my anger.

*Forest Goblin Lvl 1 Killed*

*+50 exp*

The whole classroom of kids was dead, there was none left. Others were not even able to look into the classroom, the seer thought of what once was a room filled with happy innocent children, now being a room filled with blood and pieces of flesh was not something they could handle.

I left the room as soon as I killed the goblins, I couldn make myself look at the floor of the classroom which was filled with corpses.

Although this situation shook us all up but the sun was about to go down soon and we had to finish our exploration before that, so we moved on and went towards the other classrooms.

The following classrooms we encountered were all okay, they were able to barricade their doors safely and survive the initial goblin attack.

There were at least one or two teachers present inside each of these classrooms, so they were sent back to join up with the rest near the auditorium.

After we cleared that up and checked all the classes. We were making our way towards the administrative building, what was waiting for us there, was another carnage but this time the one inside the building was not some low-level goblins.

From what I could see there were around 5 goblins in the administrative building 4 of them were normal goblins but the other one was double the size of a normal goblin. It was probably around 6ft(182cm). The guy was holding a massive axe made of stone. I knew this guy was going to be a tough one to deal with, but I was also starting to get a little excited. The moment I got Unwavering Body, every physical activity started to seem too easy but this time it might be different.

I used Identification on him immediately.

*Hobgoblin Warrior Lvl 7*

I left the others to deal with the level 1 goblins and ran towards the hobgoblin. I ran straight to him without any delay and did a downward swing with my staff, but my staff collided with not flesh but the top end of his axe.


There was a deafening sound. I was shocked for a second I thought I could have shattered his axe, but the guy only took two steps back. I was feeling the aftershock of the attack on my hands.

The hobgoblin was also shocked by my last attack, but I could see a smirk on that bastards face.

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