Ying Xi Ze was stunned for a moment, feeling speechless in his heart before he said: “Ge, I’m being all upset here, but you’re sitting beside me knitting, do you really think it’s good?”

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Lu Zhi Wei said rationally: “Time is precious, I’m just making good use of the time when nobody’s saying anything.
Besides, aren’t I giving you time to calm down and formulate your words.”

And then she asked calmly: “So how is it, do you want to talk now?”

Seeing such a peaceful Lu Zhi Wei, Ying Xi Ze suddenly thought of someone: “Ge, do you know who your peaceful look resembles?”

Lu Zhi Wei: “Who?”

Ying Xi Ze: “My grandma.”

Hearing that, Lu Zhi Wei blinked then rubbed her head embarrassedly: “How embarrassing, such a high status.”

Sigh, she had just gotten a grandchild for free.


Ying Xi Ze smiled helplessly, the slight amusement in his eyes growing to let him temporarily forget about his unhappiness.

Seeing his smile, Lu Zhi Wei kept her knitting needles and yarn: “You’re smiling? That’s good.”

Ying Xi Ze’s smile grew smaller as he turned his head to look at the pond with its blue-green water.
His whole heart felt like it was a lotus leaf floating on the surface, empty and unable to sink.

He interlaced his fingers as he rubbed them against each other.

The wind noise whistling past his ear grew even more desolate.
He didn’t know if it was an acknowledgement of his current mood, or if it was mocking his own wishful thinking.

Seeing him grow silent again, Lu Zhi Wei opened her bag and started winding the ball of yarn.
After she did it for a while, she heard him speak: “Ge, do you have someone you like, but you can’t have.”

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Lu Zhi Wei stuffed the wound-up ball of yarn into her bag, her expression honest and open.

Sorry, to a transparent entity, she was the one that others couldn’t get and couldn’t see.

It was precisely because she had this understanding, that it was almost as if she had taken the route of celibacy in the past, not falling for anybody.

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Any sort of troubles that arose from love and relationships had nothing to do with her.

Ying Xi Ze sighed, suddenly depressed: “…… I do.”

Looking at him, Lu Zhi Wei nodded.

In her heart, she thought: didi, jiejie knows you do, it’s all in the original storyline.

Ying Xi Ze’s fingers moved slightly as he continued in a low voice: “I really like her.
And I entered the entertainment industry for her, because she said she wanted to get married to a star.

“Then she left the country.

“Before she left, she even told me it was just a joke and that I shouldn’t take it seriously.
I should do what I like.

“But what I like to do, is to like her.

“But she rejected me.”

He was slowly opening up.

Lu Zhi Wei didn’t interrupt him, patting his shoulder comfortingly and listening seriously.

“She wants to study, to further her studies and accomplish her own dreams, so she can’t stay because of me.

“I understand, because she doesn’t like me.

“After that, I met teacher Sang.
I saw a shadow of her in teacher Sang, so my heart started racing.
I started wanting to follow after teacher Sang, hoping that I could have a result to my feelings from her.

“But I didn’t expect that before I even had a chance to compete, teacher Sang had already eliminated me from the competition……”

He sighed heavily, as if mourning his feelings that could never be reciprocated.

Lu Zhi Wei withdrew her hand and knitted her delicate eyebrows together, sighing along with him.

Even if she already knew that Ying Xi Ze had treated Sang Wan Ci as a replacement for his white moonlight from the story, her heart still felt uncomfortable hearing it.

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She was feeling uncomfortable for Sang Wan Ci.

Or she should say, she was feeling uncomfortable for everybody who had been used as a replacement.

They were their own person, what right did others have to place their feelings on them, then pursue them one-sidedly and get into a relationship with them while still holding feelings for someone else?

What right did they have?

Did anybody ask them if they were willing?

I’m dating you, but I have someone else in my heart.

Isn’t this bloody emotional cheating!

Who didn’t want a devoted partner to date and marry?!

Putting herself into the situation, Lu Zhi Wei was originally a transparent entity.
If she finally turned back into a normal person but still got treated as a replacement, then she would explode no matter how optimistic she was.

And right now, it was Sang Wan Ci being treated as a replacement.

This was the first person to care about her and ask about her birthday!

Feeling unhappy, Lu Zhi Wei finally scolded: “You’re not adhering to the morals of being a man!”

Ying Xi Ze: “?” Please read at jiulian lian .
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The morals of, of what???

Seeing his confused look as if he didn’t know what he had done wrong, Lu Zhi Wei suddenly got angry.

So she said righteously: “You like your white moonlight, but treat teacher Sang as a replacement and chase after her.
While you’re hoping to be with her, did you ever ask her if she was willing to be a replacement?

“Besides, even though you do like your white moonlight in your heart, but right now, you are liking two women at the same time.
You’re not adhering to the morals of being a man!”

The more she said, the angrier she got – to the point that she wanted to crack open Ying Xi Ze’s skull to see what was inside.

He looked like a normal person most of the time, how could he be so confused when it came to this matter?

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Was it the system messing up his intelligence again?

If that was the reason, at least she could accept it because he could still be saved.

Ying Xi Ze was stunned by how stern she was.

This was the first time he had ever seen her so fierce, as if she could immediately hang him on a road lamp right now if he dared to say a single word in defiance.

He recalled how his parents lectured him after causing trouble when he was young, not daring to say anything.

Suppressing her anger, Lu Zhi Wei knit her eyebrows together and told herself that it could be the system’s fault, not Ying Xi Ze’s……

Then she started to reason with Ying Xi Ze: “Put yourself in their shoes and think.
If someone pursued you as a replacement, and pined for someone after getting together with you, would you be happy?

“You’re happily dating her, but in the end, she loves someone else and as for you, your love is all one-sided.
Would you be happy, wouldn’t your self-esteem be hurt?”

Pausing, Ying Xi Ze shook his head in shame as he saw the light.

Yes, what right did he have to make Sang Wan Ci be a replacement for someone else?

Even if he could win over Sang Wan Ci’s heart, wasn’t it hurting her and trampling on her self-esteem if he dated her with this sort of love?

What sort of “like” can this sort of “like” even be?

He was simply too ridiculous……

Seeing that he still knew to shake his head, Lu Zhi Wei suddenly felt much better, her anger subsiding.
She continued with a gentler tone and a calm expression.

“Liking someone is running towards each other, it’s two hearts coming closer together.
It’s a beautiful thing, you definitely have the right to enjoy it.

“I’m not opposed to you trying to forget a relationship by starting a new one either, I just hope you remember that the purpose of doing so is to get rid of any trace of the old person in your heart, not for you to continue deepening your feelings towards her.

“Before you start afresh, you need to learn how to ‘delete’.”

All Ying Xi Ze could hear was Lu Zhi Wei’s words, almost as if she was afraid he would walk the wrong path.

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He couldn’t help but laugh. Please read at jiulian lian .
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—— He had never had a gege who cared so much for him before.

Lu Zhi Wei watched as he laughed, then started worrying about his mental condition.

My god, this wouldn’t be a precursor to his blackening, right?

Just like in the movies, before someone goes crazy, they’ll laugh.

Overjoyed to the point of tears, crazy to the point of laughing?

“Don’t laugh, did you remember what I said?” Lu Zhi Wei asked doubtfully.
“Or are you going to blacken now?”

Ying Xi Ze said amusedly: “Aiya, Lu ge, I’m definitely a good, law-abiding citizen.

“I remember everything you said, relax.”

Sighing in relief, Lu Zhi Wei rubbed his head: “Don’t take it too hard.
There’s plenty of fish in the ocean, and even if you don’t date, it’s perfectly fine.”

Ying Xi Ze nodded obediently: “I got it.”

The next second, his eyes showed disappointment again: “But no matter what, I still liked her before, I’ll still be a bit upset……”

He had already decided to let go of this ridiculous replacement relationship, but it had really happened, he had really started having feelings, how could he get rid of them immediately?

Even a wound needs time to heal.

Seeing the situation, Lu Zhi Wei immediately comforted him: “Then think on the bright side.

“It’s good that at least you find out now that she doesn’t like you, and not after you two get together.

“Eh, thinking about it, don’t you feel super joyful?”

Ying Xi Ze: “???”

Don’t you think this ‘joyful’ is a bit too forced???

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