ried that if he drank some tea now, he’d have difficulties falling asleep later on.
He also wondered why he’d think that way, given he’d never experienced sleeplessness since losing his memories.

At the moment, the wide-screen TV in front of them was broadcasting entertainment news and gossip.

Clearly, no one was interested in this type of celebrity gossip show, yet everyone stared at the TV as if engrossed.

After news about an omega making her relationship public, the video suddenly changed, and a name was mentioned: Li Xin.
It was a shaky paparazzi video shot in an underground parking lot, where Li Xin, wearing a cap and sunglasses, got into the same car as a tall alpha in similar garb.

There was no trace of intimacy in their behaviour, but the ambiguous narration by the video’s voice-over suggested that the two men’s relationship wasn’t simple.
Furthermore, the brief video was replayed over and over, the faraway shot repeatedly zooming in on the alpha’s face.
Beneath his sunglasses, you could barely make out his facial features, and later on it was mentioned that the man was Lu Wenxing.

As if fearing that the public had already forgotten who Lu Wenxing was, the program specially displayed snippets of Lu Wenxing’s works and his past award speeches.
It concluded with a shot of Lu Wenxing attending a press conference for his guest appearance in Li Xin’s film, which was mystifyingly captioned: It appears that the renowned senior is truly supportive of newcomers, how considerate.

After watching the entire segment in a daze, he turned absent-mindedly to Ming Luchuan and was greeted by the sight of an expressionless face.
When he returned his gaze to Ming Qin, he discovered that the man was still smoking.
No one said anything, as if they hadn’t seen Lu Wenxing before, and only Xia Wennan seemed to notice.

Xia Wennan had no choice but to act as if he didn’t know anything; he reached for his cup of tea and brought it to his lips, putting it back down after inhaling the rich tea smell and very slightly moistening his lips.

That evening, Ming Qin told Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan to stay the night.
Neither of them said no.

After settling in with Ming Luchuan on his sizable bed, Xia Wennan’s eyes remained open as he pondered the fact that he would actually suffer from insomnia.
He didn’t feel sleepy in the least.

Ming Luchuan was seemingly exhausted; his breathing was deep and slow as he laid motionless.

Xia Wennan suddenly said, “I can’t sleep.”

Ming Luchuan’s breathing was cut off, as if he’d been startled awake, but it took him a while before he said, dissatisfied, “It’s been a long time since you’ve had trouble sleeping.”

Xia Wennan sounded at a loss.
“I know, but I’m wide awake right now.
It’s as if I got worried after someone told me I was an insomniac, and now I really can’t sleep.”

Ming Luchuan didn’t say anything.

“How can you sleep when so much has happened today?” Xia Wennan was curious.

“It’s because I’m sleepy.”

“Lu Wenxing and Li Xin’s relationship…”

“… is irrelevant nonsense.”

What about Mo Ze?

Ming Luchuan turned over and faced Xia Wennan.
“We’re waiting for more information.
As I’ve told you, we don’t need to overreact.
There’s such a huge vacancy in the pheromone perfume market, not just anyone can fill it.
Even if they do get in, whether or not they’ll be able to do well depends entirely on their skills.”

“And Yin Zejing?”

“What’s he got to do with me? It’s not like I’m his boyfriend.”

“Well what about the fact that he’s supposedly a corporate spy?”

Ming Luchuan sneered.
“Ming Qin wasn’t thrilled when he originally wanted to intern at Ming Yan, and later on he urged me to keep him away from the company’s core business.”


“What are you sighing about?”

“Nothing, I just think that Ming Qin is a heartless man.”

Ming Luchuan said nothing.

Xia Wennan then said, “But he smoked all night.”


“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him smoke.
Deep down, he’s probably hurt, right? Do you think Yin Zejing will come back? And then what, we’ll move on just like that?”

All of a sudden, Ming Luchuan drew near and kissed Xia Wennan’s lips.

“Why’d you kiss me out of nowhere?!” Xia Wennan exclaimed somewhat embarrassedly when Ming Luchuan moved away.

“Don’t you have insomnia?” said Ming Luchuan.

“How does that have anything to do with insomnia?” Xia Wennan asked.

“I’m helping you fall asleep,” said Ming Luchuan, his palm already on Xia Wennan’s waist.

Xia Wennan reacted at once.
“Will it work?” he whispered.

Ming Luchuan said, “Let’s test it out,” before leaning in and kissing Xia Wennan’s lips once more.

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