”Uwaaah!!! ”

In the night. Three silhouette of shadows will be seen running inside of the dark woods.

The one in the front is a girl with an orange hair, followed by a handsome guy with long black hair, and the last, is a guy with an unusually long nose.

They all met together while running away, in those creepy human-headed spiders that were chasing them.

Raikou, whos a famed swordsman, can do anything since he left his sword in his ship, and he also has fear, towards any cryptid species, which really makes him useless in this kind of situation.

He cursed himself over a hundred of times while running, and made an oath that he will never ever left his sword, again.

After a long run. They finally manage to find a place to hide. Its a creepy looking mansion with walls filled with holes.

They immediately run inside the mansion, and immediately lock the door, without thinking twice if the place can be considered safe.

After a few minutes of hard breathing. The long nose guy was the very first of them to ask.

”Huff!….Huff!… Oi!.. Nami! What are those guys? Why are they following you? ”

”Hu!… What! How should I know! I don even know where we are! How about you Ussop! How did you get here? ” The orange hair girl, named Nami ask.

”I don know. Im just walking towards the village, when I get up here! ”

After Answering Nami. Ussop looks at Raikou, who is looking in the ground.

”You! How did you get here? ”

Raikou lift his head, and look at Ussop with dumb face.

”Fly! ”

”Wha- Seriously?! ”

”Of course not! Its also the same as you guys! I didn even know that it was already midnight! ”

The two made a confused face, then frown, after they realized the difference in time when they got here.

The difference in time means, they are brought here without them realizing, meaning, they should be put into sleep before they are brought here. But they all experience that theyve been put into this place in just a blink of an eye, which is really impossible, except…

A Devil fruit.

Nami, who is the smartest among them quickly made an assumption that theyve been brought here using a devil fruit. She already met a rubber-man how is it impossible for other kinds of devil fruit that can teleport people don exist, but if what she thought is true, then the one who brought them here is really powerful.

No. Theres also that glowing tablet, and theres also the one who called the System.


”System! How can we get out of here! ”

The two guys whos assuming the existence of time travel, look at Nami with confused face.

”System?…!!! ”

Right, the floating tablet says that. We can ask it if we have a question. Raikou thought.

”System? Whats that? ”

Raikou looks at Ussop, who ask a dumb question.

”Did you read the tablet clearly? Its says that we can ask it if we have a question! ”

”Uh..eh.. ” Ussop can answer. He automatically runs earlier, when the first screen appeared in front of him, Hes been surprised so he started running, thats why he don know such thing.

”So… What now? ”

Raikou looks at Nami, and realizes that shes been staring in the air for almost a minute. So he and Ussop started to talk about themselves. Like their name, where they come from, and their job.

When Suddenly, the whole place got engulfed in yellow light. The two looked at Nami, and saw a strange glowing thing, floating in front of Nami.

”Nami, Whats that!?? ” – Ussop

”I, I think a reward! I, just received a message that I completed a hidden quest! ” – Nami

After a few seconds. The yellow light begins to fade, and what presents them is a floating golden ring.


Ring of Thoth – Rigel

Grade: A

Type: Accessory

One of the rings of the God of Wisdom. It gives the wearer a clear mind


• Enhanced Perseverance

• Enhanced Mental Strength


• Clear mind(Passive) – Will nullify/weaken any mental attack.


”This! ”

”What is it, Nami? How did you get it? ” Ussop ask, acting a bit scared towards Nami.

”By asking the System. The System says that I cleared a hidden quest by being the very first person to ask the System. ” Nami says, with an uncleared answer.

”What a weird quest! For such quest to exist! Well, maybe its not bad, since you got rewarded. ” Raikou says, then started to eat a sweetened peanut from his pocket.


[Congratulations! For completing a hidden quest]


Hidden Quest: Gluttony #0

Clear Condition: Being the very first person to eat inside the Dungeon.

Reward: Senzu bean ×10, skill: Quick Digestion(Active)


”Now! This is totally weird! ”



”Sakazuki! Where is he!? ” Sengoku asks, with a panicked face.

”I don know! And according to the reports of his team. They couldn find him, or even trace where hes gone! ” Akainu said, with a stiff expression.

Hearing him. Sengoku can help, but panic. He already lost a son once, and he can accept to bear the same pain twice.

He also promised to Rosinante that he will take care of his child. And now, thinking about the danger, Raikou may face. He fears that this promise may break.

Just a few minutes earlier. Strange screens appeared in the sky of Marineford earlier.

There he saw Raikou, running away in those cryptid beasts that were chasing him. Then he also saw in the other screen, the people who were participating.

One of them is Doflamingo.

So right now, he can help but feel panic.

In the other side. Garp, the Marine hero, is staring deeply in the sky, or more specifically, in one of the screen.

It shows a young man, with a scar under his left eye, sleeping.

”Luffy. ”

Garp closed his eyes, and breath deeply.


The whole Marineford, shook. Just a yell, yet it makes the whole land trembled.

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