In a dark space, devoid of any light. a white glowing sphere with black cracks on its body will be seen floating, drifting away in the void without any precise destination.

from time to time, the cracks on its body are getting bigger and bigger, and electrical sparks will be seen flashing in the body of the sphere from these cracks.

1/8 of its body is already destroyed by these cracks, and its light is slowly getting faded.

This is a soul that is lost in the void.

Between the gate of death and gate of life, theres a huge space that divides the two, and lots of distortion are placed in this space, that traps any soul who wants to escape the wheel of reincarnation.

This soul tried to go back, and now, hes trapped in this place forever.

Suddenly, a huge pillar of light passes through in this space, that makes the soul whos already going to give up, filled with hope.

He doesn know what this pillar of light is. What will it do to him, once he passes through in this light.

But he wants to bet.

Either be destroyed or stay on this hell, he already gave up the thought that he will survive once he passes through in this light.

But being destroyed, as a soul. What will happen to me next if Im already dead.



Or transforming in another state.

Im sure theres something next.

Thinking of these thoughts, he floats forward towards the beam of light.

He touches the light, but he feels nothing, he jumps in, and then hes been instantly destroyed in just a blink.

Nothing left, even a speck of dust.

And in just a few seconds, the beam of light faded, then simply vanished.


[Monkey D. Luffy – Captain of Strawhat Pirates]

[Nami – Navigator of Strawhat Pirates]

[Ussop – One of the Strawhat Pirates]

[Charlotte Katakuri – One of Four Sweets General of Big Mom Pirates]

[Portgas D. Ace – 2nd Commander of Whitebeard Pirates]

[Yamato – Daughter of Kaido]

[Sabo – Chief of Staff of Revolutionary Army]

[Monkey D. Dragon – Leader of Revolutionary Army]

[Coby – Marine Chore boy]

[Smoker – Marine Captain]

[Donxiote Raikou – Marine Captain(Abberant)]

In the White Space, a glowing white sphere with black crack on its body is been surrouded by hundreds of blue blue window-like screens.

Its the same soul whos been trapped in the void. Nothing changes in its appearance, except for its glow that looks a bit dimmer than before.

”System! Summon the Dungeons! ” The soul shouts, that seems pretty weird since he doesn have any mouth.

[Your Wish Is My Command. Summoning The Dungeons]

A mechanical voice echoed in the White Space.

Suddenly, Numerous screens appeared and flooded the soul. The number of screens exceeds a hundred and many more still appears.

[A Dungeon Appeared In Alabasta!]

[A Dungeon Appeared In Elona!]

[A Dungeon Appeared In Mari Goa!]

[A Dungeon Appeared In Totoland!]

[A Dungeon Appeared—

[A Dungeon Appeared—

[A Dungeon—

[A Dungeon—

”System, stop! ”

”Show me the total number of Dungeons in the five seas! ”

The System stops, and the screens that suddenly appeared, vanished, and one screen suddenly appeared that bigger any screen.


Total Number Of Dungeons – 557

North Blue Dungeons – 111

East Blue Dungeons – 106

South Blue Dungeons – 118

West Blue Dungeons – 116

Grandline Dungeons – 106


”Un, system, start the calling. Summon the chosens! ”

”I need to find a champion quickly. I need to find the pieces before I die. ”

”And by the way. Show me any info about the Abberant Raikou! ”

”I feared his existence. Theres too much abberations in this world. ”


All the screens around the soul suddenly vanished, and only one screen appeared and remained.

”Son of Rosinante, a famed swordsman… ”

”A traverser. ”

Silence ruled the White Space. Theres no sound that can be heard, that even a pindrop will be heard if there is.


”Achoo! ”

”Huh? Did I have a fever? Nahh! Never! Maybe someone is talking about me. Can help it Im too Per~fect! ”

In Alabasta, a long haired guy, with black hair and red eyes, exaggerated himself about being too perfect. The eyes of the Pirates in front of him suddenly twitch.

Arrogant! They all thought.

”Oh! Hey~hey by the way, I remember you said you will castrate me! Why are you not moving? Are you Sca~red! ” Raikou said, while his ears are twitching.

The face of the man in front of him suddenly turned ugly. He ran towards Raikou, and raised his machete arm, ready to swing to cut Raikous head.

”Tsk. Idiot. ”

Raikou puts his right hand in his pocket, and throws a bunch of sweetened peanuts towards the face of the machete arm guy.

Surprised. The machete arm guy, closed his eyes, afraid of the peanuts to hit his eyes.

Alas. His been knocked out. After Raikou kicked him in the face.

”J-just a kick? The captain loses in just a kick! ” Surprised carved in the face of the Pirates. Can believe that their so called the strongest man loses in just a kick.

Fear ate their hearts. They all trembled that they dropped their weapons and knees on the ground.

”Huh? Thats it? You
e not gonna put up a fight? Losers! ”

Raikou, turn around and walk away from them.

One of the Pirates, can hold this humiliation, grab his pistol and shoot the walking Raikou.




”Huh? ”

The Pirate who shot Raikou, suddenly doubted his eyes, after he saw Raikou turning into a dust of light.

”D-devil Fruit!!! ” He shouts, and runs, because he knows that he will die, since he shot Raikou when he spared them.

The other Pirates look at the running friend of them, and look at the place where Raikou is walking, and can see him, so they all run since their friend shot him and feared that maybe they will be the one who will be blamed for shooting.


”Iyaaah!!! You thought you will fool me? but no, you
e– Huh? ”

Raikou looked around, and saw himself inside of a dark forest.

The moon lights up the whole place, and the place looks really creepy, since its so quiet and you can hear the sound of the leaves and woods hitting.

”Scary! Where am I? Is it already night? Why the hell is it so creepy?! ”

He looks around while holding his arms, when suddenly, a blues glowing screen appeared in front of him.

”Huh? What the hell is this? ”

He touches the screen, when suddenly, his hands pass through to this screen.

”Shit! The hell! Am I Dreaming? Wait theres some words in it. ”



—You have been chosen by the Admin, to participate in these game. You are now inside the Main Dungeon Babel. You just need to clear the main quest, and you will be instantly sent to one of the Dungeons near your place.

—These game, have a bunch of rewards. You just need to finish a quest and you will be rewarded handsomely. (Either Dp, Skills, Items, etc.)

There are also hidden quests that will reward you with a unique reward. But be careful, since when you die, you will also die in real life.

—For more questions. Ask the System.

Thats it Thank you for Participating.


Confused. Raikou shook his head.

”Fuck! Thank you for participating. Thank you for being entertainment! Thats what they should say. Hypocrites! ” Raikou cursed, as he walked in the creepy forest.

Another screen suddenly appeared in front of him.


Main Goal: Survive

Difficulty: F-D

Clear Condition: Survive for 10 Days

Time Limit: 10 Days

Reward: 100 DP


”What? Thats it? Are they belittling me? Do they think Im— ”

”Uwaaah!!! ”

A shout cut Raikous words, as he moved towards the place of the shout.

He suddenly stopped, when he felt someone running towards him. He grabbed the air near his waist, when he remembered that he left his sword, so he just readied himself to fight.

From the bush, a young lady suddenly appeared, with an orange short hair wearing a mini skirt, frightfully run like she saw something terrible.

”He— ”

Raikou just wants to say hello, but the girl just passes through him, like she didn see him.

”Kree, kree, kree ”

Raikou wants to call the girl, but he hears some weird laugh, or something like a call from where the girl came from.

He looks back and sees something horrifying, that even the likes of him will peed in their pants.

{Sorry for the bad English, since this is not my main language.}

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