This is not her type.

“What are you looking at?” Yuan Yi suddenly looked up at her.

“Look at you handsomeness.” Yan Xi didn’t change her expression and her heartbeat.

“Oh,” Yuan Yi bowed his head indifferently, “I see.” This method of teasing him is outdated, and he is completely unmoved.

“It’s okay, I just praised it politely.” Yan Xi continued to bow her head and swiped Weibo, once again falling into an awkward and quiet atmosphere in the car.

Half an hour later, the car stopped in the community where Yan Xi lived.
Yan Xi glanced at the gate of the community, then turned to Yuan Yi and said solemnly: “Mr.
Yuan, thank you very much today.”

Although this person thinks about her relationship with her dad as a little bit bizarre, as the saying goes, people who don’t know are not guilty, not to mention that he took her out of his car and sent her home.
If she is not grateful for this there is no heart, that is simply not knowing what is good or bad.

“No need, it’s an apology for my misunderstanding of your relationship with your father,” Yuan Yi glanced at his watch, his expression a little anxious, “You can get out of the car.”

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Yan Xi pulled the car door and walked down, and the car had already driven away within two steps.

She went home and took a shower.
She explained to Song Hai that there was a small problem with the car and sent it to the store for overhaul.
She had to change the car and drive tomorrow morning.
Song Hai didn’t think much, made a bowl of noodles for her, and when she had eaten it, he urged her to go to bed.

“Dad,” Yan Xi tidied up the bowl, and saw Song Hai still watching TV, “you go to bed earlier too.”

“It’s okay, if I go to bed too early at night, I will wake up in the middle of the night,” Song Hai glanced at his watch, “It’s eleven o’clock, you go to bed and leave me alone.”

“Yeah.” Yan Xi nodded and returned to her room.

The pointer of the clock on the wall is about to point to 11.
Yuan Bo asked the aunt that works at their home: “Has Yuan Yi come back?”

“Not yet,” the aunt was also a little worried, “The Second Young Master hasn’t come back so late in a long time, is there something delayed?”

As he was talking, they heard footsteps coming from outside, and the aunt hurriedly opened the door.
It was indeed the second young master who was standing outside the door.

“Second Young Master, there is still soup simmering in the kitchen.
Would you like to drink some?” Seeing that his face was not so good, the aunt lowered her tone a little.

“No,” Yuan Yi pulled off the tie tied around his neck and threw it aside.
“I’ll take a shower and go to bed.” He glanced at the empty room and said to Yuan Bo, who was sitting on the sofa, “Dad and Mom went out to travel?”

Yuan Bo nodded, “You go to bed quickly.”

Yuan Yi smiled indifferently and turned around and went upstairs.

Yuan Yi didn’t go to the company the next day.
He spent a long time at home making up for his sleep before reluctantly regaining his energy.
After dinner in the evening, he collapsed on the sofa, holding the remote control and pressing casually.

When he skipped a certain station, he transferred the station back because he saw an acquaintance.

In the program, it was said that an old lady had lost her dog.
She suspected that it was done by a bad young man, the bad young man looked vicious and she didn’t dare to ask, so she asked the TV station reporter.

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Yuan Yi glanced at the station logo, Channel 8 of the Imperial Capital.
No wonder it was a trivial matter.
This kind of TV station that he hadn’t even heard of could only broadcast these things.

Unexpectedly, this woman named Yan Xi turned out to be a reporter.

Yan Xi knocked on the opposite door, and the one who opened the door was a young man with tattoos, golden hair, and a non-mainstream necklace on his neck.

“Who are you looking for?” The young man’s tone was vicious.

Yuan Yi thought Yan Xi would recognize him, but he didn’t expect the smile on this woman’s face to be sweeter, so he took the old lady and the photographer into the door with a few words.

The poor young man’s house was unexpectedly neat, and a sick woman was lying on the bed, his wife.
The wife found that a reporter came in, thinking that her husband had committed something, and wanted to get up from the bed.

The poor young man hurried to help her, the concern on his face was full of expression.

“Sorry to interrupt,” the woman named Yan Xi smiled, “We are reporters from a TV station.
Because we heard about the touching deeds between your husband and wife, we came to interview you.” She didn’t mention the dog, and there was no disrespect in her expression, and she even stepped forward to help the woman pull off the quilt at the foot of the bed.

This woman lied without blinking.
Yuan Yi felt a little disgusted, but his hand holding the remote control did not move.

The result of the final episode of the show was that the old lady’s dog was found.
The bad youth did not steal the dog.
The dog was adopted by a kind couple in a restaurant because they didn’t know why the dog’s leg was broken and couldn’t run for the time being.

The old lady retrieved the dog and apologized to the unscrupulous young man.
The unscrupulous young man didn’t care.
Instead, when he went upstairs, he helped the old lady bring up the vegetable bag.

“Second Young Master, are you watching this program too?” When the aunt came out with the fruit plate, Yuan Yi was watching her favorite program, and said hurriedly, “This female host is very good, she looks good, and has a nice voice.
It’s interesting to host the show.
Several old ladies in our community like to watch it.”

Yuan Yi put down the remote control and said casually: “I’ll just flip through it casually, I don’t know what’s going on inside.

How could he see the things that the old lady likes, how could she see the second young master Yuan?!


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