t recorder, “We turn on the law enforcement recorder, and all your words and deeds are clearly recorded.

The traffic policeman holding the law enforcement recorder stepped forward, just blocking Yan Xi behind him.

Ma Jun drank a few glasses of wine and was beaten by Yuan Yi just now.
He was already on fire.
Now that the little traffic policeman and the ladies dared to make irresponsible remarks about him, He didn’t have much reason to be sensible, “Get out of here, Lao Tzu will clean her up today.”

“Who will clean up? “Yuan Yi, who had been standing next to him without saying a word, stepped forward and kicked Ma Jun to the ground, and kicked him a few more times, “Who do you say you want to clean up? You are a fucking old man, are you still capable of beating women? ”

His kicking movements were so fast that even the two traffic policemen did not react.
By the time they reacted, poor Ma Jun was already crying on the ground.

“Do not fight.”

“Stop it now!”

They all drive luxury cars, can’t they look at the face of luxury cars and leave some room for doing things?

Yan Xi sneaked out from behind the traffic policeman, and while the two traffic policemen stepped forward to pull Yuan Yi, she took the opportunity to slam Ma Jun twice with high heels, then quickly retracted her foot and stood on the side honestly.

Yuan Yi noticed her little action:…

“Ouch! ”When he was beaten by Yuan Yi, Ma Jun felt a dull pain.
When Yan Xi stepped on him with high heels, it was a sharp pain.
He couldn’t help it anymore.
He screamed, and after fighting back tears for a long time, tears finally caught his eyes.

Yan Xi twisted her ankle and looked down at the ground.

The two traffic police turned around in confusion, what’s wrong?

In the end, the three of them were taken back to the traffic police team place.
After there were no onlookers, Ma Jun patted the table of the traffic police team with imposing momentum, “Do you know who my cousin is?” He is the son-in-law of the Xu family and the brother-in-law of Chairman Changfeng’s wife!”

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“No matter who your relative is, we will enforce the law impartially.” The traffic policeman who handled this case was stunned, and then gritted his teeth to endure the anger, “Mr.
Ma, because you drank and drove, we will deduct your vehicle driver’s license.
And you will be detained and fined in accordance with the law.”

Violating traffic rules and wanting to suppress others with power, what kind of virtue?!

Yan Xi listened to Ma Jun’s yelling voice and glanced at her watch with some worry.
Her father would be worried if she went home late, but if he knew that she had been in a small car accident, her father would be more worried.

It wasn’t a big event at first, but with his dad’s character, it would turn into a big event.

If this surnamed Ma has something to do with the Changfeng family, their family would not be able to offend them, after all, they don’t even have the qualifications to hold the Changfeng family’s thighs.
She turned her head and glanced at Yuan Yi, who was silent.
It would be nice if this buddy had a greater backstage.

At this moment, Yuan Yi raised his head and glanced at her.
Yan Xi blinked, looking away from her gaze as if nothing had happened.

Seeing her eager look, Yuan Yi thought she was worried that the surname Ma had a backstage, and her husband’s status could not protect her, so he was impatient, “Don’t worry, Yuan’s family doesn’t have such a stupid relative.”

This is straightforward.

Yan Xi carefully looked at Yuan Yi several times, and the more she looked at it, the more she realized that he looked like the second young master of the Changfeng family, “Then what, can I ask you a little question?”

She used her finger to compare a short distance, proving that her problem is really small.

Yuan Yi looked at her silently.

Is not speaking an acquiescence?

“Are you the second young master of the Changfeng family?” Yan Xi added, “I think you are quite handsome, as handsome as the Changfeng second young master, and even the handsome angle is so similar.” In this flashy society, occasionally Shooting a bunch of praise is also the way to survive.

“HA!” Yuan Yi sneered and turned to look at the nagging Ma Jun, “Excuse me, I am the second child of the Changfeng family in your mouth.
When did our family have more relatives like you?”

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Ma Jun’s curse hadn’t been finished yet, and he was stunned when he heard this.
What’s the matter?

“Comrade traffic police, I just injured someone in a hurry, how should I compensate and how to compensate just tell me, but our Changfeng family will never cover violations of law and discipline,” Yuan Yi glanced at Ma Jun with his eyebrows hanging.
“Some cats and dogs often follow us these years.
Family relatives, we don’t even know which relatives this is.”


The traffic police never expected that he was just dealing with a traffic case, and he even witnessed a big show.
Is the owner of the Cayenne really the son of the chairman of Changfeng Group?

Looking at the black-faced Ma Jun, he was yelling and threatening just now, and now he has become a duck that blocks his voice, and can’t say a word.

This face is… so enjoyable!

At this moment, Yan Xi felt that the Changfeng young master had an aura of 18 meters, which was a good show.

The theater was on the rise, Yan Xi’s mobile phone rang, she rubbed her throat as soon as she looked at the phone, and squeezed out a cute and sweet voice.


“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Yan Xi said, “I just… just met a high school alumnus and chatted with him for a while.”

Yan Xi had no pressure to tell such a white lie.

“Yes, yes,” Yan Xi smiled dryly, “I didn’t expect that, after only half a year in school, there are still people who know me.
Don’t worry, I will go home before ten o’clock.”

Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Xi.


High school alumni?

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