Chapter 6.
Ancestor who enjoys food

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After  a meal, Yan Xi had a rough idea of the identities of these colleagues.
 The cameraman Zhao Peng is in his forties and is a passable character.
 Chen Pei, the editor, and Director should be sleeker.
It is said that  she used to be the director of the Rural Women’s Federation.
Now she is  in her forties as a director of a show on a TV station.
For ordinary  people, it is considered very successful.
The remaining two late-stage  staff members should be younger, and seeing them speak and do things,  they should not have much right to speak in the company.

Chief  Jintai intends to befriend Yan Xi, so in front of his colleagues, he  behaves like an elder who has been familiar with Yan Xi for many years.
 This kind of behavior is more useful than saying anything pretty.
Yan Xi  took his favor and went to the front desk to settle the bill for the  meal while she went to the bathroom.

It didn’t cost  much money, but after everyone knew that Yan Xi had settled the account,  they still had to be affectionate with her.

As a  newcomer, even if you have a background, you must do everything you need  to do, otherwise, it will not be easy to truly integrate into a circle.
 These old fritters are all figures who have been struggling in society  for many years.
It is not difficult for her, a newcomer, to learn  nothing and not to sin.

Hello, hello, everyone, it’s really good.

After  returning home, Song Hai asked Yan Xi how her colleagues were.
She  praised them all and pointed out that Director Jin took care of her.

Within two days, “Things Around Us”, which had not yet been broadcast, recruited the first advertising sponsor, Ocean Company.

So  when Yan Xi officially went to work on the first day, she was warmly  received by her colleagues.
There was even a separate office with newly  equipped desks, chairs, benches, and computers.

The  Imperial Capital Television Building has a total of nearly a dozen  floors.
The Imperial Capital Satellite Television alone occupies four  floors.
There are several studios in it, and the hosts are all  well-known figures across the country.
It’s not like Channel 8 in the  Imperial Capital, which some father doesn’t love and some mother doesn’t  love, and colleagues on Channel 9 are crowded on the same floor as her  colleagues.

After Yan Xi came to work, she became  acquainted with many colleagues on the two channels within a few days,  because the two channels add up to more than 20 colleagues, many of whom  are shared by the two channels.
Although the biggest leader of the two  channels is called the director, in fact, in this building, the position  is not as good as the main creator of the satellite channel.

“Xiao  Yan, the content of the first issue of our program has been finalized,”  Chen Pei handed the proposal to Yan Xi’s desk.
“The first issue will be  traffic content, but you may need to go out on location, is it okay? ”

Anyway,  she has already planned to shoot a few pedestrians or vehicles that  violate traffic rules, and then respond to the call of the state to  emphasize the importance of observing traffic rules in the program.
How  can she hold a program then?

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The plan was very simple,  and Yan Xi knew very well that the program team did not plan to do this  program properly, just to meet the requirements of the main station.

She  glanced at the proposal several times: “No problem.
Sister Chen, I  watched the show and it will be officially broadcast in a few days.
I  wonder if it will be too late? ”

“Hi,” Chen Pei said  nonchalantly, “As long as the video material is enough, just cut it in  the later stage, it’s almost the same.” The little girl who just came  out of school has insufficient experience.
A program like this is not  blockbuster editing.
How much time can be spent?

“It turned out to be like this.” Yan Xi smiled, did not argue with Chen Pei, and assumed the posture of a well-behaved junior.

Seeing  Yan Xi in this way, Chen Pei was a little bit upset.
She softly  persuaded a few words: “Our channels have never had any ratings.
If it  weren’t for the hard indicators, our channel might have been closed a  long time ago.
Don’t stress it too much, if you have a chance in the  future, just adjust it to the top.

She couldn’t talk  too much.
Seeing that Yan Xi hadn’t spoken, she began to explain to Yan  Xi what situation to deal with when going out on location.

Early  the next morning, Yan Xi went out with the cameraman.
The  transportation was a van provided by the station, with a large Imperial  TV logo printed on it and an 8 on the back.

It was a bit hot, Yan Xi shook her fan and said, “Brother Zhao, is there something wrong with the air-conditioning of this car?”

Zhao  Peng adjusted the lens and said to Yan Xi: “Just get used to it.
This  is the only car on our channel that is out of location.
The air  conditioner broke down once last month.
If you are lucky, it will be  time for it to be repaired.

Yan Xi took out the  mirror and took a picture of her face.
Fortunately, her makeup was  waterproof, it was not easy to wear makeup, otherwise, she would have to  wear a pair of panda eyes to take a video.

Seeing her  looking in the mirror, Zhao Peng sighed and said, “When I used to work  on the satellite station, when a not so popular host went out on  location, she had to be accompanied by a makeup artist and assistant…”

He  spoke for a while as if he didn’t want to go on.
Yan Xi thought he was a  little depressed, but she did not expect that he was rolling down the  window and patting a car with a double solid line outside.

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Nowadays,  many locations are filmed and broadcast live.
Yan Xi said at the right  time: “This kind of behavior of pressing double solid lines and driving  like a crab is very dangerous.
Drivers and friends should not learn this  bad habit.
Let’s go and see who this driving friend is.
By the way, ask  him about traffic regulations.”

Zhao Peng looked back at Yan Xi.
He didn’t expect this newcomer to know where to find the topic.
He seemed a bit experienced.

Just  before catching up with the private car ahead, the green light will  change to red after a few seconds.
Yan Xi said again: “Friends who are  driving should also remember a little bit.
Sometimes it’s better to be  slow for a minute than not.
To grab the yellow light, safety is the most  important thing.”

Zhao Peng glanced at Yan Xi  appreciatively.
Her Mandarin is very standard and her voice is soft and  pleasant.
If this paragraph is edited into the program, even if the  audience can’t see her face, they will have a good impression of her.

It’s a pity…they don’t have many viewers.

In the hot summer, some people are busy with work, some are rushing to make a living, and others are enjoying life.

“Yuan-er,”  Zhang Wang jogs up to catch up with Yuan Yi, “Xiao Wei just said a  little bit too much, and I apologize to you on her behalf.”

Yuan Yi stopped and looked at Zhang Wang, frowning: “Zhang Wang, you are held by a woman all day, are you still a man?”

“Hey,” Zhang Wang smiled embarrassedly, “She is my girlfriend, and I should let her go.”

Yuan Yi frowned more tightly: “I don’t care what you do, but I don’t need her to judge what kind of man I am.”

“That’s  her bad temper.
In the future, when we will meet with friends.
I won’t  bring her over.
Don’t worry about her.” Zhang Wang smiled embarrassedly.
 He didn’t expect Yuan Yi to have conflicts with his girlfriend.

“I’m  a big man, what do I care about with her as a woman,” Yuan Yi sneered  when he saw Zhang Wang’s embarrassing appearance.
“Anyway, if I find a  woman in the future, I will never carry her bags and shoes.
For a woman,  you’re not even manly.
What do you want? ”

“Just her,” Zhang Wang smiled, “You’ll know when you find a woman you like.”

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Yuan  Yi smiled disdainfully.
Even if he was looking for a woman, he would  look for someone gentle and pleasant.
In his life, Yuan Yi would never  carry a bag for a woman.

Seeing Yuan Yi raising his chin, looking carelessly, Zhang Wang knew that he didn’t take his words to heart.

“Forget  it, you can just be happy,” Yuan Yi is a nosy person, he puts his hands  in his trouser pockets a little impatiently, “I have something to deal  with, let’s go first.”

Knowing that Yuan Yi has something to deal with, Zhang Wang no longer keeps him: “Okay, we will get together again next time.”

Yuan  Yi nodded and turned and left.
As soon as he entered the parking lot,  he saw a black private car coming in.
The driver’s car hadn’t stopped  yet, and a half-old, not new white van followed in.

A  man and a woman walked down from the van, the woman held the microphone,  and the man carried the camera on his shoulder.
The two walked straight  to the black private car and blocked the driver who had just gotten out  of the car.

“Hello sir, I am a reporter from Channel 8 of Imperial Capital TV Station…”

Yuan Yi stopped, turned his head, and glanced at the female reporter who was talking.
Is it the pitiful woman again?

He was inexplicably curious, the woman blocked the driver and wanted to say.

“Sir,  just now I saw that your car not only presses the double solid line but  sometimes changes lanes without warning lights.
I am very worried about  your driving safety, so I will follow up and ask you,” Yan Xi handed  the microphone over.
In front of the driver, she showed her signature  weak smile.

When the driver saw someone standing in  front of him, his stomach was angry, but when he heard that the other  party was a reporter from a TV station, her voice was soft and pleasant,  the anger in his stomach suddenly dropped.

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Hearing  that he had violated the traffic rules, the man was a little  uncomfortable on his face.
He peeked at the camera, a little  embarrassed.

“Please rest assured, we are following up  just to remind you to pay attention to safety.
We will have mosaics on  your face and license plate number.” Guessing what the other party was  worried about, Yan Xi dispelled the driver’s worries with a few words,  and then went on.
Failure to comply with traffic safety may lead to  consequences and finally ends with a tragic story caused by a real  traffic accident.

The story is very ordinary, but  because her tone is too inflammatory, the driver, a 1.8-meter-high man,  felt the same way, and almost cried on the spot.
Then he not only  regretted it in front of the camera but also asked the surviving one in  Yan Xi’s story.
How is the child now? He wants to donate some money to  that child.

“Sir, please rest assured, that child is  under the care of the country, and his life is going well, but no one  can replace his parents.” Yan Xi smiled and looked at the red-faced man,  “I hope you go out and think about your family.
They are waiting for  you to go home safely every day.”

“Go out happily and  go home safely, although it is a common sentence,” Yan Xi smiled gently,  full of the brilliance of a close sister, “but I still wish you, in  front of the TV Audience friends, go out happily and go home safely.”

The  driver nodded repeatedly and made sure that he would correct his bad  habits in the future and stop violating traffic rules before leaving in  shame.

Zhao Peng turned off the camera, turned his  head, and gave Yan Xi a thumbs up: “Xiao Yan, you are so eloquent.” The  host who is in their business and can inflame emotions is the ancestor  who enjoys rice.

(the ancestor who enjoys rice: probably a grandmaster in their occupation)

This newcomer has some real skills.

Yan Xi smiled shyly.

“I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed, I’m flattered.”

But it doesn’t matter anymore, she can bear it.

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