and smiled at him, with her eyebrows and apricot eyes, her nose was small and straight, and she looked pitiful.
He remembered where he had seen these two people, the last time he took a high-end gift.

It’s a pity that the old man and the young wife put a flower on the cow dung.

(Meaning:  put a flower on the cow dung / fig.
a terrible shame (as when a lovely woman marries an odious man)

As for whether the two people are united for money or affection, Yuan Yi doesn’t care much.
Old couples or old wives and husbands are all the tricks that rich people play.
He really can’t get too emotional.

As the two descended the steps, Yuan Yi noticed that the fat man was holding the young woman carefully, he was very precious to her.

“Big Brother,” Yuan Yi glanced at the time, “I’ll leave it to you here.”

Yuan Bo glanced at his watch and knew that it was almost time for his brother to go to bed, so he nodded and said, “Go back, anyway, the guests are almost gone.”

His brother has a quirk, he must go to bed before 11 p.m., otherwise, he will have a headache the next day, and his family has long been used to it.

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After Yan Xi returned home, she turned on the TV that had been left out for a long time, and it took a while to find the Eighth TV station.
At this time, an unnamed TV series with unfamiliar male and female protagonists were being broadcast on the TV.
Halfway through the TV series, an advertisement suddenly jumped out, and a pompous and shrill male voice kept circling.

“Good news, good news, a big sale of electrical appliances on the second floor of Hualai Plaza…”

With the advertising layout style of ten years ago, the dubbing of advertisements fifteen years ago, and the slightly rough picture, and the careless “consumer interview”, Yan Xi began to wonder, is such a TV station watched by anyone?

After this pompous advertisement was over, another advertisement popped up.
This advertisement turned out to be a product of their company.
The style of painting was still difficult to describe.
It was just that the dubbing of the advertisement changed from an exaggerated male voice to a sharp female voice.

She can probably guess what kind of show style “Those Things Around Us” is.

“Yan Yan, do you want to be a host?” Song Hai pointed to the advertisement on TV.
“This TV station has the cheapest advertising fee.
I am familiar with the leader of the station.
If you go to work, no one will dare wrong you.”

Of course, it is the cheapest, because it doesn’t have many ratings at all.
It’s not easy for someone to find their home to advertise.

Yan Xi has no intention of entering the entertainment industry.
When she was a child, her dream of being a writer had already been shattered.
Now she is idle and bored.
It is not bad to work in a TV station that is not hooked on the entertainment industry and has a relatively easy job, at least not gnawing old.

Thinking about this, she agreed.

Song Hai mentioned Yan Xi’s interest to Director Jin, and Director Jin immediately and happily invited her to a dinner party for the new colleague.
He also said that he would introduce her to her partner in the program group.

Eight TV stations in the Imperial Capital mostly broadcast TV shows that no one sees.
Forty minutes of noon news is broadcast at noon, and national news broadcasts are broadcast at 7 pm.
After the news is broadcast, the weather forecast of the Imperial Capital Satellite Station will be broadcast, and then the TV series will continue.
, And stopped after one o’clock in the morning.

So the program that belongs to them is only forty minutes of the noon news.
Now that the main station has proposed innovative reforms in the TV station, Director Jin has thought about it for a long time before adding a column “Those Things Around Us”, and the broadcast time is set at 8 o’clock.

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“Director, the host you invited is a graduate student from Haida University the Department of Media? The cameramen had a heavy expression, if this is the case, he is afraid the show’s host had the most say.

“Not only a graduate student of Haida University but also the daughter of entrepreneur Song Hai,” Chief Jintai reminded several people.
“The little girl is still young.
You, seniors, must be tolerant.
You must teach what you should teach, don’t hide it”

“Director, you are too polite.
We are all mixed up in a wild way which is not comparable to Song Qianjin,” the column director smiled.
“Don’t worry, we are all at this age.
We will not wrong the little girl.”

(Song Qianjin: Remember the term Lin Qianjin in the previous chapter? Lin as an official term change to Song, Yan Xi father surname)

The head of the station said that for this reason, none of them were stupid, and they knew what attitude to take.

“Her surname is Yan but not Song,” Chief Jintai smiled, “The little girl takes her mother’s surname.”

Although a few people here are curious about why this entrepreneur’s daughter doesn’t follow her father’s surname, they also know that some things can’t be too curious, and curiosity is too heavy.

Yan Xi came to the appointed place, which was a hot pot restaurant in the city with good decorations.
She just knocked on the door when she walked to the private room, and the door opened.
It was a woman in her thirties who opened the door.

“This is the host we’ve been waiting for?” The woman smiled brightly, “My name is Chen Pei, and I am the director of the show.
Just call me Sister Chen.” After that, she turned her head to look for Director Jin, “Director, where did you cheat such a beautiful little girl?”

The remaining few people heckled one after another, all saying that such an outstanding character must have been deceived by Director Jintai.

Listening to the fancy bragging of these new colleagues, Yan Xi silently sighed that it is not easy to do anything in this world.
To praise her, these colleagues don’t know how many brain cells it will cost?

Compliment her dad for letting her live a dignified life.

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