ong>Netizen 4: The female host who doesn’t even show off her body.
She doesn’t say a word when she is ridiculed by netizens.
She obviously has a wealthy boyfriend but has never shown any public display of affection.
She was scolded like this by netizens today, and I haven’t seen her say a word.
On the contrary, her boyfriend couldn’t stand it and ran out to do justice for her.
Suddenly, I felt that she was so cute, and I was going to become her fan.


Netizen 5: How dirty are some people’s hearts? When they see girls being pursued by outstanding boys, they say that this is hyped.
As a loyal audience of “Those Things Around Us,” I think the host girl is super cute, and it’s normal to be pursued by good men.
Moreover, her position is very firm, and she doesn’t hesitate when she refuses suitors.
Such a good host has also been hacked, so it can only be said that there must be a conspiracy behind it.

Netizen 6: Only I think that the rejected suitor… seems to be Song Chao.
Is he from the younger generation of the Song family?

Yan Xi brushed the comments on the Internet and laughed with her stomach in her hands.


“What are you laughing at?”

“Netizens said, the hype must first set a small goal, such as letting two wealthy and noble sons confess in public.” Yan Xi handed the phone to Yuan Yi, “These netizens are so talented.”

“They scolded you before, and you even praised them for their talents.” Yuan Yi was already angry when he saw those remarks on the Internet.
He didn’t expect Yan Xi, the evolved party, but she didn’t take it seriously.


In fact, Yan Xi is not only not angry, but she is happy in her heart.
If it weren’t for these people, how could Yuan Yi say on his public account that she is his girlfriend? It doesn’t hurt to be scolded by someone.
It’s a big deal that the grass is almost in her mouth.

“Most of the netizens are people who are just passersby.
How could they sincerely scold me and smear me? It’s obvious that someone spent money to hire a troll.” Yan Xi said indifferently, “Using such low-end means to attack competitors, It is the stupidest and most despicable method.”

For example, before paying someone to smear her, they should at least investigate the identities of Song Chao and Yuan Yi.
Dirty material comes out as soon as you open your mouth, and you are not afraid of offending someone you can’t afford.

“However,” Yan Xi suddenly raised her head to look at Yuan Yi, her smiling eyes shining like bright stars.
Yuan Yi almost forgot who he was and where he was, “Fortunately, you are here to fight for me.
Saving my face.”

Seeing Yuan Yi’s cheeks flush slightly, she only knew that he was looking at her stupidly, and then Yan Xi knew that the grass by the nest was not without feeling for her.
She leaned closer again.
Her smile was sweeter and more innocent, “Yuan Xiaoer, thank you, meeting you… as a friend is really nice.”


“No, you’re welcome.” Willing to look at the woman who was close at hand, his face was on fire, “Don’t get so close.”

He was afraid that his heartbeat, which was as loud as a drum, would be discovered by Yan Xi.
Finally, he had a reason to let outsiders think they were a couple and cut off the possibility of other men getting close to Yan Xi.
He didn’t dare to let Yan Xi discover his scheme.

“Oh,” Yan Xi smiled and leaned back, “You said I was your girlfriend, will uncle and aunt blame you?”

Yuan Yi was stunned for a moment before remembering that the “uncles and aunts” in Yan Xi’s mouth referred to his parents.
He calmly said, “I don’t need others to make decisions for me.”

“That’s it.” Yan Xi took out a bottle of drink from the small refrigerator, “Come on, open it for me.”

After unscrewing the bottle cap, Yuan Yi realized what Yan Xi’s move meant.
He looked at her silently.
Would this woman feel uncomfortable if she didn’t make things difficult for him?


“Thank you,” Yan Xi smiled innocently, “The facts tell us the truth.
Occasionally leaving two points when you speak is helpful to save your face.”


Yuan Yi: …

The car drove into the community where Yan Xi lived, and when Yan Xi got off the car, Yuan Yi called her to stop and said, “Don’t worry about things on the Internet, I will help you find out who is deliberately smearing you.”

“Thank you, golden thigh,” Yan Xi stood outside the car door, bending over to look at Yuan Yi sitting in the car, “You are so nice, why don’t I hang out with you for the rest of my life.”

Yuan Yi looked at her for a few seconds, nodded, and said, “Okay.”


“Really?” Yan Xi tilted her head to look at him and stretched out her little finger toward him, “Pull the hook to seal it!”

“Yan Xiaoxi, are you childish or not? You are in your twenties, and you still play like kindergarten children,” Yuan Yi said with disgust, but stretched out his hand from the car window with a face of ‘I can’t do anything about you.’

“If you hang yourself with a hook, you can’t change it for a hundred years.
You have to count on what you say.
Whoever repents is a pig.”

Fingertips pressed together, soft and warm, Yuan Yi looked at the smiling woman outside the window as if the whole world had quieted down.


He has never been so sure as at this moment that he has been planted in this woman’s hands for the rest of his life, even though she is inconsistent, even though she is not sexy enough, even though her word is sometimes as sharp as a knife, but who let His eyes, brain, heart, and the whole body can’t be controlled, just to like her.

He can only accept his fate.

“Okay, I won’t change for a hundred years.”

When the night wind blows, Yan Xi reluctantly withdraws her hand, “Then I’ll go in, be careful on the road, and ask the driver’s brother to drive slower.”

“Ah, I almost forgot,” she reached out to take off the diamond necklace around her neck, “I’ll give you this back.”


Yuan Yi didn’t accept it but looked at Yan Xi and said, “What are you doing, I’m a big man, can I still wear this? I don’t have any other women around me, if you don’t wear it, it can only lie in the box with dust.”

“This is too expensive…”

“Are you short of money?” Yuan Yi interrupted Yan Xi.

Yan Xi shook her head.

“Then am I short of money?”


Yan Xi continued to shake her head.

“That’s it,” Yuan Yi closed Yan Xi’s palm, “Since money is just a number to us, it doesn’t matter whether this thing is cheap or expensive? Since you call me golden thighs, why are you afraid that these golden thighs give you something?”

Yan Xi: This rich and dazzling man is very fresh and refined.
She can’t refute it.

“It’s fine if you wear it beautifully,” Yuan Yi saw Yan Xi’s hair fluttering gently in the night wind, “It’s cold outside, come in quickly.”


“Alright then,” Yan Xi didn’t insist on returning the necklace to Yuan Yi, “Good night.”

“Good night.” After seeing Yan Xi enter the door, Yuan Yi slowly closed the car window.

When Yan Xi entered the TV building the next morning, she found that her colleagues were more enthusiastic about her.
In the elevator, she met a staff member from the advertising department of the main station, and the other party even took the initiative to greet her.

The colleagues in the channel are okay, although they made a few more jokes, the atmosphere is not bad, and no one purposely used words to hurt her.
Not long after lunch, Director Jin came to look for her and took her upstairs to meet the head of the main station.


After entering the office, Director Jin introduced her, saying that this was Director Yang of a certain department.

After working in the station for several months, she had no chance to speak with these people except to meet some leaders of the main station.
After Yan Xi greeted Director Yang politely, Director Yang kindly asked her to sit down.
He began to ask her if she had any difficulties in her work and whether she was used to being on stage or not.

Yan Xi praised all the departments in the station, and the smile on Director Yang’s face became more gentle, “This time I informed you to come because the station is going to train two newcomers.
After we discussed with Teacher Shen Xingyan, Teacher Shen felt that Your temperament, image and hosting ability meet her requirements, so we plan to let you learn hosting experience from Teacher Shen.
You should know all the programs hosted by Teacher Shen on the station.
First, let’s see which program is suitable for your host style.
If there is no problem, choose a program to host with Teacher Shen.”


As if afraid of Yan Xi’s misunderstanding, Director Yang explained again: “This matter was settled two days ago.
I was going to notify you yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately, it can only be delayed until today.”

Before Yan Xi had time to speak, there was a knock on the office door.
She glanced at Director Yang and swallowed back what she was about to say.

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