i’s neck, turned to Song Chao and said, “Sorry, my Xiaoxi likes to wear diamond necklaces.”

Onlookers looked at the brilliant diamond necklace on Yan Xi’s neck.
The diamond is so big and so shiny.
It must be very valuable.


Seeing that the girl’s boyfriend is also so rich, they feel relieved.

Although the corners of Song Chao’s mouth were still smiling, his eyes became very sharp.
He looked at Yan Xi, suddenly smiled and said in a low voice, “Yan Xi, I’m just waiting for the day you marry into a wealthy family.”

Yan Xi blinked, with a look of fear on her face, looking extremely pitiful.


The passers-by didn’t hear what Song Chao said, but everyone who saw Yan Xi looked terrified, thinking that Song Chao would not be able to pursue her, and began to threaten the little girl.
An aunt couldn’t help but say, “Hey, I said, young man, the little girl doesn’t like you.
Are you still saying unpleasant things? Is it too much? Let me tell you, it is now a society under the rule of law, and it does not engage in feudalism.”

Someone started, and someone followed.

“That’s right, this girl turned pale with fright.
The relationship between the young couple is good, and you insist on getting involved, isn’t that unreasonable?”


Song Chao looked back at the person who said this.
He was an old man with gray hair.

“What are you looking at? Do you want to hit this old man?” The old man was startled by Song Chao’s sinister eyes and then raised his voice, “Young man, don’t blame me as an old man for speaking badly.
What matters about feelings is your love and willingness.
Seeing how gentle you are, why don’t you understand it? You still want to do something to this old man.
Do you know what it means to respect the old and love the young?”

Song Chao was stunned, and in the eyes of everyone, he became a bastard who failed to be a male mistress and wanted to do something to the old man after a few words of persuasion from the old man.

Song Chao: ……


Song Chao, who had been abroad for a long time, did not know that the old people in the imperial capital not only liked to dance in the square and watch the excitement but also had eyes that were good at discovering the truth and the magical skill of losing their skin to anyone who offended them.

Society is the best teacher, and society will teach Song Chao a very meaningful lesson today.

In front of the enthusiastic and righteous old man, identity, status, and money are all floating clouds.

The elegant and handsome appearance of Song Chao was originally more attractive to the elderly.
Still, unfortunately, his opponent was Yan Xi, a woman who looked pitiful and liked by the elderly.
When the elderly saw Yan Xi’s pitiful appearance, it was like watching their little granddaughter.
Their hearts are naturally biased.


Song Chao grew up so big and had never been surrounded by so many people.
The gentle smile on his face almost couldn’t hang, so he turned around, squeezed away from the crowd, and walked out.

“Hey, young man, take your flowers away.”

“Who pollutes and who governs.”

“Some young people these days really have no sense of public morality.”

While talking, everyone bent down to pick up a few roses.
Needless to say, these flowers are very beautiful, and it would be nice to take them home and put them in a vase.

Yuan Yi stared dumbfounded at what happened and turned his head to look at Yan Xi with a subtle expression.
Is she born to be liked by passers-by, so they always meet passers-by to help her uphold justice? Thinking of the last time he was taught a lesson by a passer-by, he felt that his arm on Yan Xi’s shoulder seemed to weigh more than a thousand gold.


“Young man, treat your girlfriend well, this girl is nice.”

“Little girl is sincere to you, don’t let her down.”

“Thank you, uncle and aunt, for reminding me.
I will definitely treat her well and not let her suffer any grievances.”

“Yes, she is the best and most beautiful in my heart.”

“Okay, you guys take care.”

Seeing Yuan Yi making all kinds of promises to a bunch of uncles and aunts she didn’t know, and constantly bowing his head, she couldn’t help laughing.
Yuan Yi, like this, was kind of cute.

She couldn’t help wiping the back of his head.
The hair was not as hard as she thought, but the hair was very good, fresh and smooth.

Seeing the lively crowd hadn’t dispersed, she took Yuan Yi’s hand and led him into the TV station building.

There were also many people watching the fun in the lobby of the TV building.
Seeing Yan Xi dragging someone in, the people watching the fun made way one after another.
They watched the two squeeze into the elevator.
After the elevator doors closed, everyone started gossiping.

“Still going to work in the afternoon?” There are only two of them in the elevator.
The quiet space makes Yuan Yi a little uncomfortable.
Looking at his hands held by her, the tips of his ears are red, “Or don’t go, I’ll take you to dinner and be shocked.”


“I’ll go up and get a bag and leave.” Yan Xi smiled at Yuan Yi, “You were so handsome now, like a knight riding a horse to rescue the queen.”

“What a mess of ideas, don’t read fairy tale books,” Yuan Yi snorted, “Besides, it should be the princess waiting to be rescued, and the prince who came on horseback.”

Yan Xi chuckled but did not refute Yuan Yi’s words.

The elevator arrived, and as soon as Yan Xi and Yuan Yi walked out, there was a burst of applause.

“Teacher Yan just refused beautifully.”

“Teacher Yan, treat me quickly.
It’s too unkind to hide your boyfriend for so long.”

Chen Pei and others recognized Yuan Yi as the man who arranged for Yan Xi to be in a high-end ward and took care of her after she was injured by a lamp.
At that time, Yan Xi also said that the two were friends.
Just say, how can there be such a caring friend of the opposite sex in the world? This is completely against the rules of the relationship between men and women.

“Xiao Yan, tell us about this handsome guy.” Chen Pei joked when she heard that Yan Xi was going to ask for leave, “We won’t let the two of you go if we don’t make a clear introduction.” Today’s incident is so big.
After Yan Xi clearly introduced her boyfriend’s identity, she could also make the rumors more pleasant.
There are so many people on the TV station, and some words are hard to hear when they are passed on.
Expressing your attitude at the beginning is better, which can save a lot of trouble.

Yan Xi almost gave Chen Pei a hug.
This is a good assist.

“This is my boyfriend, Yuan Yi.” Yan Xi didn’t publicize Yuan Yi’s identity.
She just wanted to eat Yuan Yi into her mouth and didn’t want to use his identity as an issue.


“Hello,” Yuan Yi took out a business card holder, took out a few cards and sent them to Chen Pei and other people close to him, “Xiaoxi often mentions you to me, thank you for helping her in work.”

Yuan, you are welcome.
The show hosted by Xiao Yan is very popular with the audience.
Thanks to her, we have been praised by many superiors.” After Chen Pei saw the contents of the business card clearly, she almost thought she was dazzled.

The chairman of Hengtai Group and the manager of Changfeng Group, he is also surnamed Yuan.
Wouldn’t this be the second young master of the Yuan family?”


It’s no wonder “Those Things Around Us” became a hot topic within two days of being on the satellite channel.
With such a powerful boyfriend, it’s not a dream to be on the hot search every day.

Yan Xi took out the bag and left with Yuan Yi, leaving behind many stunned colleagues.

“Director Chen, the one who confessed to Teacher Yan just now, is the most outstanding Song Chao from the younger generation of the Song family, right? Teacher Yan’s boyfriend is the second young master of the Yuan family, right?”

“My mother, TV dramas don’t dare to act like this now, but it actually came true.”

“It’s no wonder Teacher Yan has never said that she has a boyfriend.
If it were me, I wouldn’t dare to say it casually.”

“Give me your hand,” Yuan Yi walked into the elevator and glanced at Yan Xi secretly several times.
Seeing that she ignored him, he handed his hand in front of her.
“We are now boyfriend and girlfriend.
There are still people watching outside.
Lovers have to walk hand in hand, otherwise they will be suspected.”


“Oh.” Yan Xi opened her innocent and pure eyes and put her hand in Yuan Yi’s palm.


Yuan Yi tightly wrapped her hand in his palm.

At this time, someone posted a post on the Internet with the title: “Young 18th-line host, life is not a brain-dead idol drama, why are you working so hard to hype up the confession incident?”

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