he had a little interest just looking at it casually? The show has six people, men, women, and children.
They have different living habits and face different groups every day.
Sometimes the actions of the six people simultaneously will be edited together in the later stage.
The contrast is particularly strong.

“Every day, different people will usher in their own lives.
They are divided into men and women, with high or low income, and with good or bad grades, but one thing is the same, that is, the time they have every day is Twenty-four hours, time will not go faster because you are young, nor will it slow down because you are old.”

“The morning sun shines all over the land.
Uncle Yao is already fully dressed.
After eating breakfast, he drives his old buddy, an electric tricycle, to work in the field.”


“Morning reading classes are a reason for ten-year-olds to struggle with beds.
Xiao Lin put on a large and wear-resistant school uniform, and squeezed onto the bus with the breakfast prepared by his family.”

Loose and wear-resistant school uniforms… This program group really has a lot of fun.
The ugly, thick, and ill-fitting school uniforms have no advantages other than being wide and wear-resistant.
The host was also skillful in helping the subject grab seats and even shamelessly shared half of the bread.

She has never seen such a shameless host, who can even eat the breakfast of a ten-year-old child.
Fortunately, she found out in her conscience that after getting off the bus, she bought another mousse cake for the child.
While interviewing the child, she waited for him to finish eating the cake.

After continuing to watch, she discovered several guests were filming this episode, and the host had followed three of them.
She doesn’t know if it was because she liked this female host.
She felt that the material taken by these three people was particularly interesting.

As soon as the show was about to have lunch, it ended.
Xiaomi noticed this was the first episode, and the show hadn’t finished yet.
She was a little regretful and couldn’t help but take out her mobile phone and post a Weibo.


Big cats don’t eat rice V: I never expected that I would watch a live program from start to finish on a certain station.
There must be a problem with my aesthetics.
The hosting style of the show is so strange.
She is simply a clear stream in a bunch of coquettish girl hosts.

She is a relatively well-known internet writer.
As soon as this Weibo was posted, someone asked her what program it was.
She enthusiastically recounted it.
It’s a pity that no one pays attention to such an exciting program and such an engaging host.

Fan 1: Eat rice.
I think the name of this program is familiar.
I have heard it somewhere.

Fan 2: I remember that there is a program called this name on the Imperial Capital Local Station, and there are many videos of this program on the Internet.
Although the hostess looks small and white, she is lovable in the program and has strong hosting skills.
Could it be that the Imperial Capital Satellite Station stole their ideas because of the good reputation of this program from the local station?

Fan 3: I also watched tonight’s show, but it’s not like they were robbed of the idea, but that this show is finally on air on a satellite channel.
I was so happy when I saw this program on a satellite channel.
The host lady worked hard, and the program’s content was conscientious.
Still, on a platform like channel eight, except for local TV, other places can’t watch this program at all.
Now that it’s on satellite, it is a great improvement, even if it is late-night Tv content.


Xiaomi didn’t expect that there were fans of this host among her readers.
She searched the Internet and found a lot of news about this host.

It turns out… she is the host who was hit by the overhead light during the live news broadcast?

When the news came out, she was rushing to finish the draft, so she didn’t care much about it and didn’t expect it to be her.


After staying up late and watching two previous episodes of “Those Things Around Us,” Xiaomi liked the host even more and couldn’t help posting two more Weibo, calling everyone to watch this show.

“Those Things Around Us” is unique among many hyped reality shows.

“Those Things Around Us” has only aired two episodes on the satellite Tv Channel, and some Weibo accounts on the Internet have recommended this program.
Various recommended soft articles and exciting video screenshots have attracted the attention of many netizens.


The Imperial Capital Satellite Station staff felt a little surprised when they saw various recommendations on the Internet.
They didn’t spend money on promotions.
How did this show get hyped? They are willing to make this show on satellite channels. 

Firstly, it has gained a certain amount of attention on the Internet.
Second, the host had an accident, which became known nationwide.
The main station wants to give the female host an explanation.
Still, they are not optimistic about this kind of show without a celebrity and no fixed topic.
How could they spend money to buy marketing for this show?

Yan Xi was just as surprised as the staff of the satellite station.
Suddenly there were so many people on the Internet who were full of praise for her show.
It was not because her show was so good but because someone spent money promoting it.

The program group is impossible because of poverty.

Satellite stations are not very likely.
They have their own variety of shows and don’t pay attention to late-night programs.
She knows that Channel 8 will broadcast her program at 8:30 in the evening, and the satellite station will be two and a half hours later, which is equivalent to a replay on the station.


Although her father has money to buy promotions, he doesn’t have such a big network.
How can he do this?

Could there be a brother fairy who silently guards her by her side?

“The most important thing about mobile games is playability and durability.
Your expectations are very good.
Maybe the early income will be excellent, but it is easy to be weak in the later stage.” Yuan Yi read the idea of the planning team, and his fingers flew quickly on the keyboard.
“I want you to turn this mobile game into a legend in the industry.
I believe in your ability.”

“Please rest assured, Mr.
Yuan, we will definitely be able to design the most perfect plan,” the planning team leader looked excitedly at Yuan Yi’s skillful operation, 

Yuan, do you often play games?”

“No, I didn’t like to play games before.” Yuan Yi typed a series of simple codes, “The next time, I have to continue to work hard for everyone.”

After leaving the game planning team, Yuan Yi turned on his phone, checked the popular searches on the Internet, clicked on the mobile phone’s online banking software, and transferred a sum of money.
A problem that can be solved with money is not a problem.

The show hosted by Yan Xiaoxi is so good that more viewers should discover it.

After Yan Xi inquired about the news with several Weibo accounts, she realized that this matter might have something to do with Yuan Xiaoer.
Yuan Xiaoer helped her buy marketing promotions but didn’t tell her.
He is really a fairy brother who does good deeds without leaving a name.

Not to mention that the fairy girl took care of the scholar silently because she wanted to repay the scholar, so what was he doing for it?


Could it be that the grass on the edge of the nest is really going to jump into her mouth?

“Beep.” The mobile phone chat software rang.
This was a single call on her through the group business card function.
She and the other party were not friends.

Liu Liu: Sister Yanxi, Xiaoman is seriously ill.
I specially organized this wedding for her.
Can you… attend the wedding? I am willing to agree to any conditions.

Seeing this news, Yan Xi was a little dazed.
For a moment, she didn’t know whether the other party was deliberately joking with her or if it was true.

Dahe, I am Xiaoxi: What you said is true?


Liu Liu: Others don’t know yet.
Xiaoman has been hiding it from others.
Please help me.

Yan Xi stared blankly at the phone screen and suddenly felt she didn’t quite understand these words.

Is this a joke?


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