d handed her the clothes, “I’ll wait for you outside.”

“I forgot to go to work today,” Yan Xi hugged her clothes and went into the bathroom in pain.


Brushing her teeth, washing her face, changing clothes, and doing a simple daily makeup, took less than 20 minutes in total.
Yan Xi opened the door and said to Yuan Yi, standing in the corridor: “Thank you, this suit fits me very well.”

“It fits well.
It’s not a waste of money.” Yuan Yi sneaked a few more glances.
She was quite pretty.

Breakfast was for the two of them alone, Yan Xi guessed that others hadn’t gotten up yet, so she didn’t say bye to them when they left.

Yuan Yi sent Yan Xi to the TV station building to avoid causing trouble for Yan Xi.
He didn’t leave the car and left after talking to her a few words.

Yan Xi put on her work card and walked into the building in a good mood.
Just as she got into the elevator, she saw a few people not far away who wanted to take the elevator.
She pressed the door open button and waited a little longer for them to catch up with the elevator.

The leading woman had very red lips, and half of her face was covered by sunglasses.
The coat on her body was very similar to hers, but the color was different.
The woman wearing sunglasses seemed to have noticed this too.
She glanced at her and said nothing, but the expressions of the two assistants behind her were not very good.

But for some reason, they didn’t attack her but instead tried hard to control the dissatisfied expressions on their faces.

The elevator stopped, and after Yan Xi left, an assistant said: “Sister Wu, how can this kind of staff afford to wear this brand.
I don’t know where she buys the imitation goods.” This coat is an internationally famous brand.
It has only been released in limited quantities recently, and not everyone can buy it.


Wu Xuan looked a little haggard.
Since the last time she asked the navy to plot against Zhao Feifei and was discovered by the Yuan family, she has had a hard time.
The endorsement was canceled, the negotiated variety show could not be shown, and the lead actress of the big producer was also robbed of resources by others. 

This time, she was able to come to Imperial TV to record the show, and she entrusted a lot of favors to her manager.
It’s impossible that the staff member didn’t know her, but she didn’t even say hello when she saw her, which shows that the other party didn’t see her.


Tiger falls and is bullied by dogs.
In the past, when she participated in the show, such a small staff had no chance to stand in front of her.

No matter how much dissatisfaction there is, endure it.

When she arrived at the appointed place, a staff member came to pick up Wu Xuan.
She looked behind the staff member and found that only one person had come to receive her.
A few months ago, she came to this TV station to record a program.
Who in the entire program group was not polite to her, but it has only been a while now, and they have been so superficial to her.

She hated the bad idea that the public relations team came up with at the beginning and hated Zhao Feifei, that cunning woman.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have ended up in this frozen field.

Wu, you may have to wait for a while.
The studio is recording another teacher’s program.
Why don’t you go to the VIP room to rest for a while?” The staff said with a smile, “Please forgive me.”

Wu Xuan stood up and asked casually, “Who is recording the show?”


The staff reported a name, and Wu Xuan felt as if she had been slapped on the face, and even the newcomers who had just appeared could be a priority ahead of her.
Her complexion changed, but she still held back her dissatisfaction, “Thank you for leading the way.”

There is a TV in the VIP lounge, but this TV only keeps the programs of the Imperial Capital Station.
Wu Xuan flipped around with the remote control.
Unexpectedly, she saw the staff she had just met in the elevator.

“Sister Wu, is this the staff member we met?” The assistant glanced at the name of the show, but she had never heard of it.
An unknown host can wear famous brands.
Can she afford it?

Wu Xuan was a little irritable.
After turning off the TV, she said, “Stop talking, I’m annoyed.”

The assistant’s face changed, but she didn’t speak again.


As soon as Yan Xi arrived at the station, Xiao Yang caught her to watch the post-production editing.
After finishing her work, she urged her to make up and do the live broadcast of the news.
When changing clothes, the stylist said, “Teacher Yan, you wear a new famous autumn and winter brand.
Compared to this, the clothes provided by the show’s sponsors are like rags.”

She doesn’t know when it started, but the number of people calling Yan Xi “Xiaoyan” on the stage is decreasing, and the number of people calling her Teacher Yan is gradually increasing.

“This is a gift from a friend.
How can I afford it with my low salary?” Yan Xi smiled, “The clothes are all for wearing anyway, there is not much difference.”

If it is the same, there is no distinction between high and mass brands.
However, Yan Xi’s peaceful attitude, which does not show off, is easy to gain favor with.
The friendly attitude of rich people is easy to increase favorability.
People with little money show off their high names brand everywhere, which will have the opposite effect.

The stylist helped her fix her hair and looked at the time: “Teacher Yan, you still have half an hour, hurry up and take a rest.”


“Thank you.” Yan Xi thanked with a smile, drinking the fat sea tea made by the staff through a straw.

Although fat sea tea is cheap, it is better to moisturize her throat and take two sips to live broadcast the show than some throat lozenges.

When she arrived at the studio, Zhang Hao, who was no longer the host, handed her the press release, talked to her about the precautions, and then went to work with other staff.
During this period of time, Zhang Hao taught her a lot of experience in hosting.
Yan Xi usually called him Teacher half-jokingly, half-seriously, and he also responded with a smile.
Now the entire news department laughed and called them masters and apprentices.

Yan Xi though, although Zhang Hao is not a famous host, his hosting experience for so many years is accumulated daily.
Even if she follows a more famous host than him, she may not necessarily be able to learn more things.
Because those people will not be as unreserved as Zhang Hao, he sincerely teaches and wants her to develop well.

Zhang Hao can be so unreserved, partly because she helped Zhang Hao prevent a disaster and maybe because he put his unfulfilled host dream on her.

After the live broadcast of the news, Yan Xi’s nerves immediately relaxed, and Zhang Hao walked over and said, “You are in good shape today.”


“Thank you teacher for your compliment.” Yan Xi tidied up the materials on the studio table, “I will continue to work hard.”

Zhang Hao smiled and took the press release from her hand: “Don’t be poor, go to lunch.”

“Teacher Yan, when will you give Teacher Zhang a teacher’s apprenticeship ceremony?” Chen Pei teased beside him, “By the way, inviting us to have another meal can be regarded as clarifying the relationship between teacher and apprentice.”

“Please tonight, let’s do it tonight,” Yan Xi smiled at Zhang Hao, “as long as the teacher doesn’t dislike me.”

Before Zhang Hao said anything, the staff of the program group clamored to settle the matter.
They have worked with Zhang Hao for longer, so they naturally know how wronged Zhang Hao is.
Now that there is a newcomer with potential and ability on the stage, and the newcomer is willing to recognize Zhang Hao as a teacher, they must be busy helping him decide on the names of masters and apprentices.


If you’ve found such a good girl, you’ll never find another one like this.

In the afternoon, she recorded an episode of “Those Things Around Us.” As soon as she walked out of the studio, Yan Xi received a call from the front desk staff, saying that Ms.
Wei, who claimed to be her friend, wanted to see her.


“Sorry, I don’t know this Ms.
Wei, please help me reject her, thank you.” After hanging up the phone, Yan Xi poured a few drops of water on the newly bought succulents, and she didn’t dare to pour too much anymore.

After getting off work, Yan Xi went downstairs with colleagues who didn’t have to go to work in the station.
When she heard that she was going to treat them, everyone was welcome, and they gathered together enthusiastically to discuss what to eat later.




Yan Xi glanced at the fashionable woman at the gate, pretended not to hear, and continued chatting with her colleagues.

“Yan Dahe,” Wei Xiaoman saw that Yan Xi was ignoring her, ran after her, and stood in front of her, panting, “Are you planning to never talk to me again for the rest of your life?”

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