of those women who win the wealthy men.
Who in the whole circle doesn’t know that the two young masters of the Yuan family are an insurmountable iceberg, let alone making friends with them? They don’t even take a second look at them.

Yu’er typing hand paused for a moment and then quickly replied.

[She’s a nice person, pure and gentle in appearance, and those young masters are also very warm towards her, which is different from us.]

“Yu’er, have you changed?” There was a knock on the door.

“It’s almost done.” Yu’er put away her phone, adjusted her riding clothes, opened the door, and walked out, “Miss Yan, your legs are so beautiful.”

Slender and well-proportioned, even she, a woman, wanted to look more.

Everyone has a heart for beauty, and she can’t help it if her eyes don’t listen to her.

“Thank you, you are beautiful too,” Yan Xi took a horsewhip from the wall, pretended to be a master of horsemanship, and walked out.


When she walked to the racecourse, she glanced at the pony that the coach was holding, feeling a little scared in her heart that she would fall off the horse’s back and happen to be trampled on the face by the horse’s hoof…

She touched her arm with goosebumps, thinking too much, it’s really not a good thing.

Fearing that the whip would startle the horse, she handed the whip to the staff and tremblingly climbed onto the horse’s back on the stool.
The coach said a lot, but she doesn’t remember, “Handsome coach, don’t let go of the rope, don’t let go.”

“Don’t worry, this horse is very docile, and I won’t let go.” The coach almost couldn’t hold back a smile when he saw Yan Xi appearing afraid and wanting to ride a horse.
Still, thinking Mr.
Yuan had brought this distinguished guest, he held back abruptly.

Da da da.

The sound of horseshoes came from behind.
Yan Xi couldn’t help but look back and saw Yuan Yi riding a white horse, like a legendary noble prince, galloping towards this side.
When she was free and bored, she also watched international equestrian competitions.
Those contestants were tall and straight, with an elegant demeanor and full of extravagance.
Even a layman like her, who knew nothing about equestrians, could not help but take a second look.

But it was the first time she saw such a handsome man riding a horse in reality.

“Why don’t you ride?” Yuan Yi rode to Yan Xi’s side and adjusted the protective cap on his head, “No?”

Mom, the man with broad shoulders, hips, and long legs, is so handsome in riding clothes that his whole body is shining.
Yan Xi’s eyes fell on Yuan Yi’s waist, which looked very thin.
How many abdominal muscles were there under the clothes?


“Where are you looking?” Yuan Yi felt that there was something wrong with the angle of Yan Xi’s gaze, and his cheeks felt a little hot.

“I think your… horse is very handsome.” Although Yan Xi didn’t know what was so good about this horse, her intuition told her that this horse must not be cheap.

“This horse is raised by Brother Yi at the racecourse,” Xu Qiaosheng rode over, “Half of this villa belongs to Brother Yi, so you can eat it today and drink it.
Don’t save money for him.”

“Whose is the rest?” Yan Xi was secretly surprised in her heart, this villa was well-known in the whole capital, and she didn’t expect it to be related to Yuan Yi.

“Those two,” Xu Qiaosheng pointed to Zhu Han and Yang Yu, “They also invested.”


“Then I not only spent Yuan Xiaoer’s money, but also the other two,” Yan Xi jokes, “Why can’t I save Yuan Xiaoer?”

“Then how could it be…” Xu Qiaosheng turned his head and found Yuan Yi looking at him, and abruptly changed his tone, “Brother Yi takes the lead.”

“You guys talk slowly, I’ll go for a lap horse first.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, your cousin’s personality is suitable for joining the entertainment industry?” Yan Xi thinks he is a little out of his mind, and his words don’t match the postscript.

“He is so narcissistic.
He doesn’t go to the entertainment industry to dawdle.
What other circles can tolerate his bad habits?” Yuan Yi rode the horse and walked slowly.
The coach led the horse and followed behind Yan Xi, who was a little scared at first.
Chatting with him, she forgot about being afraid.


The button of the protective cap was a little tight, Yan Xi wanted to loosen it a bit, but she didn’t dare to let go of the safety rope.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuan Yi noticed that she turned her neck around, “What’s wrong?”

“The buttons are a little tight.”

“Don’t move.” Yuan Yi patted the horse under him, making him get closer to Yan Xi, so close that he could touch Yan Xi’s face with his hand.

“The protective cap is too tight and it’s really uncomfortable, but it’s too loose and it doesn’t protect,” Yuan Yi took off his gloves and lowered his head to organize the buckle for Yan Xi.
Occasionally, his fingers accidentally touched her chin, and his fingers trembled slightly.
“Is this okay?”


Yan Xi wanted to shake her head to feel it, but just as she shook her head, her face bumped into Yuan Yi’s hand.

“It’s, it’s okay.”


Oh my god, invisible seductiveness is the deadliest thing.
Her girly heart is not alive anymore.

“Would you like to experience the feeling of running fast?” Yuan Yi pretended to be calm, “It’s pitiful to see you lingering like this.”

“How do you feel?” Yan Xi squeezed the safety rope tightly, “Don’t touch my horse!”

“I took you out to play, it’s not a murder,” Yuan Yi’s face turned black with anger, “Yan Xiaoxi, can you think of something normal in your mind?” He is not a pervert.

“Who blames you for not speaking clearly,” Yan Xi turned her head, “Can it be my fault too?”

“Here,” Yuan Yi patted himself on the back, “This horse is an adult horse, it’s no problem to sit one more person, I’ll take you for a run.”

“It’s better not to.
What if I fall down while running?” Yan Xi easily imagined all kinds of horror scenes when she was nervous and shook her head repeatedly, “Forget it.
I’ll watch you run.”


Watching a handsome man ride a horse is a double enjoyment for the eyes and the soul.

“Come up!” Yuan Yi felt that if he continued, he would definitely be pissed off by Yan Xi, “Don’t worry, I started riding a horse before I was ten years old, and I won’t throw you off!”

“No.” Faced with her own life and appearance, Yan Xi stood firm, “I’m afraid.”

“You’re not even afraid of offending me, but you’re afraid of a horse?” Yuan Yi cursed in his heart and said that men and women riding together is the easiest way to get a good impression.
This woman doesn’t even dare to get on the back of a horse.
She has a good impression of a fart.

Zhang Wang’s idea is unreliable!


“Can a man compare with a horse? You can talk about three views and make sense, but a horse can’t,” Yan Xi waved her hand, “You run by yourself, leave me alone.”

Yuan Yi glared at Yan Xi, turned around, patted the horse, and soon rode the horse away, leaving Yan Xi with a handsome back.

This is… unhappy?

A man’s heart, a needle at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is really confusing.

Yuan Yi passed by Yan Xi’s side three or four times.
Yan Xi only walked around the racecourse for a small half circle, looking around in the corner, talking and laughing with Yu’er sitting on a chair, not far away Xu Qiaosheng, Zhu Han, and Yang Yu Riding side by side.
He doesn’t know what to say.


Looking at the slow-footed pony below her again, she secretly looked at Yuan Yi in the distance from the corner of her eye.

Under the sun, Yuan Yi, dressed in a black riding suit, galloped on horseback.
He looked indescribably handsome and…sexy, like a prince charming in a fairy tale, ready to welcome his princess.

Yuan Yi didn’t want to talk to Yan Xi, but seeing her walking slowly on a short horse, no one except the coach leading the horse to talk to her, he couldn’t help but feel a little irritable.
He pulled the buckle of his protective hat irritably.
He stopped by Yan Xi again and walked slowly with Yan Xi, but his face said, “Don’t talk to me.
I want to remain silent.” Emotions.


Out of the corner of Yan Xi’s eyes, she landed on Yuan Yi’s waist and long legs again.
If Yuan Yi took her for a run, could she carelessly touch his waist and hug him?

No, how could she have such rogue thoughts? This is Yuan Xiaoer!

People treat her as a friend, but she wants to eat other people’s tofu?

God, she is a pure and upright beautiful girl.
How can her thoughts be so filthy?


Yan Xi turned her head to look at Zhang Wang, who was flirting with Yu’er.
It must be his problem.

Those who are close to ink are black.

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