Xi and the old man laughed together.
Probably because they got along so happily that day before Yan Xi and Zhao Peng left.
They also received sweet potatoes, jujubes, and fresh fruits and vegetables from the old man and lady.

“Don’t worry, these are healthy vegetables that haven’t used chemicals.
After eating them, come to uncle’s house next time.” The old man patted his chest, “I don’t have many other things here,but there are quite a lot of these natural fruits and vegetables.”

Yan Xi repeatedly nodded, promising that she would visit again if she had the opportunity in the future, and then drove away from this peaceful village.

“Xiao Yan, you can do it,” Zhao Peng sat in the passenger seat and said to Yan Xi, who was driving, “I found that you are very popular with old men and old ladies.
Every time you do programs related to the elderly, you are in these old people’s hearts.
You are like their own granddaughters.
I have been a videographer for so many years and have dealt with many hosts.
I have never seen a host like you who specializes in getting old people’s favorability.”

“Because I am a maverick, a very different kind of firework.” Yan Xi’s tied hair is loose and drooping in the back.
This style is more like the heroine in a bitter drama.
“I think these old men and women are very good.
Yes, the legendary story they told is also very interesting, I almost believed it.”

“These stories are told by grandparents to coax granddaughters and grandchildren,” Zhao Peng shook his head, “Do high-achieving students believe this?”


“Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter.
The important thing is that they tell it well.
The story contains the fantasy color of the last century,” Yan Xi’s eyes lit up, and she felt she had a theme for her next comic.

Their country has a vast territory, and different customs and legends exist in different places.
She can compile warm and touching stories based on these magical legends.

These legends are also part of the culture, and it must be very meaningful to be able to draw them with a pen.

After sending Zhao Peng home and having dinner at Brother Zhao’s house by the way, Yan Xi drove home slowly.

As soon as the car parked in the garage, her cell phone rang frantically.



“Yan Xiaoxi, where are you?”

“I just came home.
What’s wrong?” Yan Xi was slightly anxious when he heard Yuan Yi’s voice, “What happened?”

“No, nothing, I’ll just ask,” Yuan Yi’s voice calmed down instantly, “Don’t forget about tomorrow’s party, I’m worried you won’t be able to find a place, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“Will that be too troublesome?” Yan Xi was a little embarrassed.

“Hmph, if you know it’s troublesome, get up early tomorrow,” Yuan Yi said coldly, “I’ll hang up if it’s okay.”

The tone seemed to be that she took the initiative to call him.

Yan Xi clicked her tongue, and it rang again before she could put the phone in her bag.
This time it was Chen Pei calling.

“Xiao Yan, where are you now?”

“What’s going on today? Have you made it home?”

“I just came home, sister Chen, what is it?”

“Thank God, I read the news that there was a series of car accidents on the road you must pass through when you go back to the city.
A woman in her twenties was seriously injured and has been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.
I thought…” She stopped a few times, “It’s good that you’re fine, you’ve worked hard, you should go to bed early.”


It turns out that Yuan Yi called because he was worried that she might have a car accident?

Why is this person so awkward? He is obviously worried about her and pretends to be disdainful.
He is already a man that old, and he is still so awkward and arrogant.
There is really nothing she can do about him.

After hanging up the phone, Yuan Yi slumped on the leather chair.
He didn’t sleep well last night, and today he had two meetings in a row.
Suddenly, he saw a car accident on a certain road.
The car was exactly the same as Yan Xi’s usual car.
The report also said a young lady in her twenties was seriously injured, so he couldn’t help thinking of Yan Xi.

Why did he forget that there is a saying called “The disaster will last for a thousand years” It is not a big deal for her to be hit by a lamp, so how could such a thing happen?

Thinking of this, he pressed the call button on the table, and soon Assistant Meng walked in: “Boss, are you feeling unwell?”

Why is his face so white? It’s scary to look at.

“I’m fine.
Please check the information of an injured person for me.
I want to donate to her anonymously.” Yuan Yi pointed to the news and asked Assistant Meng to come over and read, “It’s her.”


“Boss, do you know this person?” Assistant Meng looked at the picture of the injured person whose whole body was covered in mosaics, and it was all blurred like this.
Can the boss recognize her?

“Do not know.”

That family can afford to drive a Ferrari and need you to donate money.
Too much money to spend?

“Even if it’s… accumulating virtue,” Yuan Yi patted Meng Zhu’s shoulder, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Assistant Meng: Anyway, it’s your own money, so you can do whatever you like.
Anyway, the money he earns is enough for him to work for several lifetimes.

“No problem, I will handle this properly,” Assistant Meng wrote down the matter, “Boss, it’s off work, why don’t you leave?”


Yuan Yi tapped his inexplicably trembling knee, not wanting his assistant to see his weak legs: “You go first, I’ll go back after reading the materials.”

“Okay.” Assistant Meng walked out.

After Assistant Meng left, he slowly stood up from the chair, only to realize his knees were so soft that he couldn’t control them.


Squeezing his knees, he took out his phone to check tomorrow’s weather.


The weather will be fine tomorrow.
Can he see the moon at night?

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