e Yuan family, he can still make great achievements in the business world with his own ability.” Yan Xi said seriously, “It is a very good opportunity for our company to cooperate with him .”

Song Hai felt a little sour in his heart.
Did his daughter think so highly of Yuan Yi?

“Go to bed quickly,” Song Hai came to his senses, “Girls, don’t stay up late, it’s not good for your health.”

“Good night, Dad.”



Looking at his daughter’s back, Song Hai felt a little unspeakable melancholy, like he was unhappy when his treasure was discovered by others.
Still, he would also be unhappy if his own treasure was not valued.



Unknowingly gnawing the whole big apple cleanly, Song Hai looked at the apple core in his hand and threw the core into the trash can.
When the child grows up, as long as she is not looking for a scumbag, it is better not to interfere too much as a father.

It doesn’t matter whether he has money or not.
What matters is whether he treats his daughter well.
Anyway, the family doesn’t lack money.


Too tired to sleep, Yan Xi lay down on the bed after a shower and wanted to ask about Entai’s project cooperation with her father.
After thinking for a long time, she called Yuan Yi.

“What’s the matter?” Yuan Yi got out of the car, and the lights were still on in the villa.
Although Aunt Li went to bed early, she would leave a light for him if he occasionally worked overtime and came home late.

“It’s okay, I just wanted to ask if you’re home.” Yan Xi grabbed the doll in her hand, looking a little careless.

“Well, I just got home,” Yuan Yi used the key to open the lock and then swiped his fingerprints before opening the door, “You are not sleepy, why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Too sleepy, can’t sleep” Yan Xi threw the doll aside and lay down on the bed, “You…how could you cooperate with my dad?”


“What cooperation?” Yuan Yi changed his shoes, went upstairs, took off his suit jacket, and casually threw the jacket on the sofa.
He tried to make his tone sound unexpected, “What are you talking about?”

“It’s the project cooperation contract that my dad signed with you today.” Yan Xi was a little surprised, “You don’t know?”


“I have several companies under my name, including real estate, games, and catering.
If I have to personally adjudicate each project, 48 hours a day will not be enough for me.” Yuan Yi untied his bow tie.
“Tomorrow, I will ask my assistant which project is cooperating with Uncle Song, lest the people below be ignorant and offend Uncle Song.”

“When it comes to business, don’t take special care.” Yan Xi didn’t know whether Yuan Yi was genuine or not.
Still, this project was definitely of great benefit to her father.
“No matter what, I thank you first for this, and I will treat you to dinner the day after tomorrow.”

“The day after tomorrow, Zhang Wwang and the others just want to go out to play together, and then we will be together,” Yuan Yi snorted, “I didn’t realize that you are such a polite person, you actually said thank you to me.”

“Nonsense, since kindergarten, the teachers have praised me as a good and polite baby.” Yan Xi yawned, feeling as if her sleepiness had returned, “You are insulting my reputation.”

Hearing the tiredness in her voice, Yuan Yi snorted and said: “Forget it, I won’t fight you with such useless words, I’ll hang up first.”

Listening to the beeping sound from the mobile phone, Yan Xi didn’t care, put the mobile phone on the bedside table, turned over and fell asleep.

Two lollipops, one watermelon flavor was eaten, and one strawberry flavor was left.
The sugar is not delicious, and it still has an inferior flavor.
Yuan Yi played with the lollipop and finally put the candy in the pen holder.


After sitting quietly for a long time, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhang Wang’s mobile phone.
And among several friends, only he had the most experience in love.

Zhang Wang was very surprised to receive the call.
It was past ten o’clock at night.
For them, it was the beginning of nightlife, but for Yuan Xiaoer, it was time to fall asleep.

“Yuan Xiaoer, are you here to tell me that you won’t come to the weekend party?”

“No…I want to ask you a question.”

“What’s the problem?” Zhang Wang pushed away the woman beside him, got up and walked to the bathroom, “Let’s talk.”

“I said what if… I mean what if, if I want to confess to a girl more tactfully, what should I do?”

“What did you say?” Zhang Wang raised his voice, “Who do you want to confess to, Yan Xi?”


“I’m just saying if, who said I like Yan Xi?!” Yuan Yi immediately retorted, “Can’t I be curious about this kind of question?”

“So I misunderstood.” Zhang Wang chuckled, “It’s so simple to confess, send flowers, cars, and precious stones, tell her that these are all for beauties, won’t she understand?”

“This method is too straightforward.
What if the other party refuses? Is there a more tactful way?” Yuan Yi was very dissatisfied with this opinion.
“In case the other party is not short of money, can sending these things impress her?”


“Be more tactful…” Zhang Wang thought for a while, “For example, accompany her to see the moon, and say that the moonlight is so beautiful tonight, and she will understand.”

“What does it mean that the moonlight is so beautiful tonight?” Yuan Yi felt that this had nothing to do with the confession.
Was it too tactful?

“Go and search online by yourself.” Zhang Wang said dryly, “You don’t even have this romantic cell, and you still want to chase women?”

Yuan Yi: “I’m just asking.
I don’t plan to chase anyone.
Do I need to chase women? Tell me again”


Zhang Wang: Hehe, you are awesome, you are amazing, you are more dazzling than the sun.

The last person who bragged so much in front of him was kneeling at home because of hiding private money.

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