Chapter 4.

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Yan Xi saw that there were countless melon-eating people in the comment area distressing the school grass and Song Yan back then.
She was very thankful that she had already changed her name.
Although she wanted to find a career to get ahead, she didn’t want to use this kind of tearing up the scene to be famous.

(School grass : the school idol/popular kid)

Turning off the video, Yan Xi tried her best to remember who the school grass was back then.
After thinking about it for a long time, she didn’t have the slightest impression.
The only thing she remembers is that this school grass seems to be very talented.
He has published poems in the school magazine.
In her spare time, the girls in the class occasionally talk about how the school grass is.
But that’s only the case.
Everyone’s main energy is still academics.
No matter how good the school grass is, it is not as attractive as the university entrance examination.

Early the next morning, Yang Min, who works at an online media company, called her and talked about the popular videos.

“Dahe, the Song Yan of those two people talked about, isn’t it you?” On the other end of the phone, Yang Min smiled heartlessly, “I was wrong last time, you shouldn’t be the heroine of the bitter drama.
You should play the heroine of Mary Sue, but your appearance is a little bit worse.”

(Mary Sue is a term used to describe a fictional character, usually female, who is seen as too perfect and almost boring for lack of flaws, originally written as an idealized version of an author in fanfiction.)

“Go, go,” Yan Xi turned on the phone hands-free and cracked the keyboard, “I’m busy.”

“What are you busy with, your next copy?”


“The evil rich second generation,” Yang Min was jealous and hated on the phone, “You are bored at home every day, so it’s better to find something to do.” She knew in her heart that with Yan Xi’s ability and appearance, if she wanted to find a satisfactory job it would not be too difficult.

A big move sent the enemy to the resurrection point, and Yan Xi quit the game, “I also have this plan, but recently I have a cooperation with a publishing house that has not been completed, and I can’t rush to work for the time being.

Yang Min knew that Yan Xi was serializing cute comics on the Internet: “Those comics are all your efforts.
Now that you are popular, you can also try to develop here.”

“When this hobby is okay, I still have a guilty conscience after eating this bowl of rice.
I will deal with this matter first.
At least I can still go home and eat until old.” Yan Xi knew in her heart that although her mother was well-known in the painting and calligraphy circles- as her daughter, she had not inherited the talent and aura of the previous generation.
In the beginning, her mother intended to cultivate her artistic cell, but she gave up because she knew she didn’t have it.

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(Rice bowl refers to an occupation that offers basic elements required to live.)

“I thought you would say, I want freedom, I don’t want to be shackled by the company at home.” Yang Min has long been accustomed to Yan Xi’s shamelessness.
“Alright, please call me if you have anything to do.
The boss is coming over to check the post, I will hang up first.”

Yan Xi hung up the phone and stared at the black screen of her cell phone in a daze.
Her two good friends often called, afraid that she was bored here alone.
In normal people’s imagination, she has been following her mother.
She returned to her father after her death.
Her father was the boss of the company.
He might not care about this daughter who hadn’t been together for many years, and they might not even see each other for a few moments.

She knows all her friends’ worries with good intentions, but even if she says that her dad treats her well, they may not believe it, and they might think she is trying to be a strong person.

This kind of misunderstanding is not easy to explain clearly.

“Yan Yan, come down to eat dinner.” Song Hai shouted downstairs, “Daddy made the old duck soup you like to drink.”

“Yeah, Come down.” Putting on her slippers, Yan Xi walked downstairs in her pajamas with disheveled hair.

When the meal was almost finished, Song Hai observed his daughter’s face: “Yan Yan, do you have any plans in two days?”

“Two days later?” Yan Xi shook her head, “No, is there anything wrong with Dad?”

“That’s it.
Two days later, it’s the birthday of the big businessman’s wife.
Dad has gradually mixed up in the circle in the past few years and got a birthday party invitation.
If you don’t have any arrangements, you can go together with dad, join the fun, and get to know a few people your age.”

Yan Xi was taken aback for a moment, then nodded and said, “Okay.”

Song Hai had long wanted to show off his daughter with his colleagues.
When Yan Xi nodded, he suddenly smiled into a sunflower, “Don’t be too nervous at that time, eat and drink when you should eat, and ask your father if you want to do something.”

Shouldn’t she be reminded to pay attention to words and deeds on such important occasions?

Yan Xi looked at her dad speechlessly, no wonder her mother insisted on bringing her to her side, probably because she was worried that her dad would develop her into a bear-child who cheated on her parents.

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(The word for mischievous or naughty child in Chinese is composed of 熊 (xióng) which means bear and 孩子 (háizi) which means kid, or child.
Put those together and you get 熊孩子 (xióng háizi) bear-child.)

The next day Song Hai’s assistant sent several big-name evening dresses, but the color was either red or purple.
Although it was gorgeous enough, it was not suitable for her current age.
Yan Xi was desperate for her father’s straight men’s aesthetic style, and finally chose a suitable modified short evening dress by herself, and even chose a suit and accessories for Song Hai.

Seeing that his daughter didn’t like the evening dress he ordered, Song Hai was a little bit disappointed, but seeing that his daughter had specially prepared clothes for him, he was happy again.

In order not to lose face, the father and daughter got in the most luxurious and valuable car in the family and rushed to the hotel with their heads high.

“Dad, are you familiar with the chairman of Changfeng Group?”

“Unfamiliar,” Song Hai shook his head honestly, “Our company has only cooperated with their branch, and I have a little relationship with their senior management, so I got this invitation.”

Yan Xi was silent for a moment: “Then our current behavior is called a thigh hug?”

(Thigh hug: The meaning of this phrase is to signify someone trying to curry favor with someone else.)

“What the silly girl is thinking about,” Song Hai smiled, his chubby face look like a round pumpkin, “How could we hold the thigh of the chairman of Changfeng, we can only be considered as joining the fun.”

“That’s right.
“Yan Xi thought so.
Their family seemed to have two dollars.
In fact, in the realm of the Imperial Capital, it was nothing.
This time, they could come to the birthday party of Mrs.
Yuan, which would be enough for them to blow for several months.

When they arrived at the banquet venue, Yan Xi took Song Hai’s arm and entered the venue.
People were coming and going, and many guests had already arrived.
Men and women shuttled between them, like a dazzling vanity fair.
Yan Xi clenched her handbag and glanced at Song Hai without speaking.

Song Hai patted her arm, and within a few steps, someone he knew came up to say hello.

“Lao Song, who is this little girl?” The man came in a suit and leather shoes, with a very kind smile on his face, and the look in Yan Xi’s eyes was like the gentlest elder.

(Putting 老(lǎo) in front of a person’s title conveys respect)

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Most of the people in the business field have good emotional intelligence.
Even if he has doubts about Yan Xi’s identity, he will never say half of the dissatisfaction.

“This is my daughter, who just graduated from postgraduate school,” Song Hai turned to look at Yan Xi, “Come on, Yan Yan, this is Uncle Yao, the boss of Ruilong Company.”

“Hello, Uncle Yao,” Yan Xi thought for a while, and finally remembered what this person does.
“The stationery produced by Uncle Yao’s company is very easy to use.
My classmates and I often buy your company’s products.”

“It turns out that my niece is still one of our loyal customers,” Boss Yao happily shook hands with Yan Xi, and said in a joke, “respect.”

He didn’t expect that the chubby Song Hai would have such a delicate daughter.
He shook hands with this little girl and didn’t dare to use his strength, for fear of accidentally crushing her hand.

Seeing Song Hai’s proud look, Boss Yao thinks, it’s no wonder that Song Hai hasn’t remarried all these years after his divorce.
His ex-wife must be very beautiful and strong in genes, otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to give birth to such a beautiful daughter.

Regardless of what others thought, Song Hai took Yan Xi to show off to his colleagues and friends.
What is more, his daughter is smart, capable of reading, and beautiful.

If Yan Xi was originally only seven points of beauty, but with the blessing of cosmetics and Song Hai, her appearance has been abruptly improved to nine points.
Although she is not the prettier at the banquet, she can at least make people look at her stunned.
In addition, she was sweet and well-behaved, and Song Hai dazzled her daughter with a smile and praised Yan Xi constantly.
Some even opened their eyes and talked nonsense without conscience, and praised that Yan Xi was like her father.

“Ling Qianjin looks very good, there is a kind of charm like Mr.
Song’s eyes.”

There is no resemblance to it, so it can only refresh to the charm.

Yan Xi smiled happily, but in her heart, she was thinking that she was worthy of a vanity fair, she was so sincere in telling lies.

Although Song Hai digs his heart and lungs in front of his daughter, he shows a shrewd side on the outside.
Whether he knows or not some people at this banquet, many people smile and say a few words to Song Hai.
Even if they can’t talk about cooperation, at least they can be familiar with each other.

What Yan Xi can do is not to hold back her dad.
When she saw a 40-year-old woman, she called her sister, and a 60-70-year-old woman called her aunt.
When the other party corrected her, she put on a face, I don’t believe it, you clearly “Very young” expression, trying to brush up on the favorability of female compatriots.

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Probably her face was too deceptive, so before the banquet officially started, she had a conversation with several successful women.

Not long after, a middle-aged couple appeared under the attention of everyone.
The man looked like he was only in his forties, holding hands with the woman next to him, and they seemed to have a very good relationship.

The woman has an oval face, fair skin, and smiles at the corners of her eyes and eyebrows.
Her beauty is enough to ignore her age.

Yan Xi couldn’t help but look at this woman a few more times, concealing her appreciation.

This should be Mrs.
Yuan, the protagonist of today’s banquet.

She guessed right.
The couple was the chairman of Changfeng Company and his wife.
They sprinkled handfuls of dog food all the way, and their words and deeds were full of tenderness.
Sitting at the wine table, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing a little while looking at the embracing couple.

After the husband and wife spread the dog food, their two sons also came on stage.

The crystallization of handsome men and beautiful women is generally not too bad.
The two sons have narrow waists, wide shoulders, and long legs.
The tailored suits are even more charming when worn on them.

The firstborn looks good, looks very serious, and is a serious and rigorous man.

The second child looks even better than his brother, the slightly hanging corners of the eyes, the straight bridge of the nose, and the thin lips give people a sense of a bad man who is not easy to get along with and does not understand what is considerate.

Yan Xi tilted her head and covered her mouth in Song Hai’s ear and said, “Dad, is the heir of this family the eldest of the second child?”

Song Hai shook his head, lowered his head, and whispered to his daughter: “Can your father know the secrets of this kind of wealthy family?” A wealthy man of the same level as this family can gossip, but they will never let private matters in their circle come out and become the talk of others.

Yan Xi:…

It makes sense.

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