n’t you? Is it too polite?”

“My friends usually call me Dahe, which means that ten thousand streams eventually become rivers.
Just call me Dahe.” Yan Xi’s cup contained freshly squeezed juice, and she could see that Zhang Wang was deliberately showing her kindness.
But she also understood very well that she didn’t have such a big face to make the other party so polite.
It’s all for Yuan Yi’s sake.


“Dahe?” Xu Qiaosheng asked with a smile, “Why isn’t it called the sea, it’s more bold.”

“I’m sorry, because my father’s name is Song Hai,” Yan Xi didn’t care about Xu Qiaosheng’s joke, “How can a child compete with his father for the name.”

“Dahe and Dahai are a father-daughter relationship at first glance.
This name is a good choice,” Xu Qiaosheng turned his head very quickly, “Then we will call you Dahe from now on.”

The food is cold.” Yuan Yi, who was sitting next to her, moved the braised pork further away from Yan Xi, “The braised pork has a strong smell.
You can’t eat this now.”

Yan Xi’s chopsticks that she had just raised stopped suddenly.
She didn’t eat two pieces of the barbecue just now.
Every time she wanted to eat, Yuan Yi made trouble.
She thought he was deliberately having trouble with her.
It turned out that she couldn’t eat it now?

Can’t you say something, well, make it so awkward? Are you afraid of being misunderstood?

After a meal, Yuan Yi’s friends went to the game room to play games.
Yan Xi, a single woman, couldn’t get together with them, so she sat on the sofa and watched TV boredly.

Within a few minutes, Yuan Yi came down from upstairs, walked up to Yan Xi, and sat beside her: “Aren’t you a little bored?”

Yan Xi took the remote control to change channels: “It’s okay.”

Do you want her as a guest? Say to the host: Yes, staying here is boring.

“Hey, I almost forgot,” she found her handbag on the sofa, took out a big bulging red envelope, and stuffed it into Yuan Yi’s hand.

“What’s this?” Yuan Yi saw that on the two palm-sized red envelopes, there were four large characters.
“Housewarming Happy,” printed and dyed in gold stamping, which was very festive.

“Red envelopes,” Yan Xi gave him a look of “Are you stupid? “The days after a family move will be prosperous.
When my dad heard that I was going to come to your place as a guest, he prepared a red envelope for me to bring over.

Yuan Yi was holding the thick red envelope.
He hadn’t received this kind of red envelope for a long time, and he felt an indescribable subtlety in his heart: “Please say thank you to uncle for me.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi readily agreed.

“Your phone keeps flashing,” Yuan Yi pointed to the phone on the coffee table, “There seems to be a lot of notifications.”


“I know,” Yan Xi glanced at her phone, which reminded her that there were 99+ unread messages on the chat software.
“After Xiaoqiao forwarded my Weibo, I expected this ending.”

Xu Qiaosheng’s fans nicknamed him “Xiaoqiao,” and she called him along with the fans.

Click to open a dialog box, which was sent by the editor of the publishing house.

Mingming: Sister! Miss! You are a beautiful and unbeatable beauty.
How did you hug Xiaoqiao’s thigh? Our entire editorial department went crazy, do you know?!

Mingming: Eldest sister, did you kidnap those rich and noble sons? How could they have mutual relations with you?

Mingming: The second young master of the Yuan family has also locked up with you, little fairy.
Take me to pretend to fly, and I will kneel down for you.

Yan Xi ignored her.
After closing the chat box, countless Weibo friends sent her private messages.
The Weibo account verification red crowd had already exploded with excitement.
Almost everyone was asking her how she hugged these thighs.

Yan Xi smiled and replied jokingly.

Xiao Xiliu: I kidnapped them all and put them in a room.
I won’t let them go if they don’t intervene with me.
Now I am successful, but I am short of 500 yuan to take a taxi to leave.
Whoever lends me the money, I will definitely repay you double the money when I go back.

Peacock Flying North and South: Xiao Xiliu, are you actually rich, so you can break into this kind of upper-class circle?


Those who can enter this group are all Weibo celebrities.
There are a total of ten people in the group.
Except for Xiao Xiliu, who has never accepted an advertisement, who of them has never bowed down for five buckets of rice?

Yan Xi saw the words of Peacock Flying North and South, but she did not reply.

Maintaining a relationship on the Internet can sometimes be very touching, and sometimes it can be very hurtful.
Yan Xi does not want to disclose too much personal information on the Internet.

Xiao Xiliu: You can’t think of something good.
Maybe I will impress them with my talent.

After replying to this sentence, Yan Xi directly closed the chat software.
No matter what they said, she refused to answer.

Upstairs, Xu Qiaosheng hid in the bathroom, listening to the agent complaining on the phone, and after the other party finished speaking, he said slowly: “This is not my girlfriend, that is my second cousin, my sister-in-law.
Who is the second cousin, you should know, right?”

“Then do you think I should forward this to Weibo?”

“This is the end.”

Xu Qiaosheng hung up the phone, and as soon as he walked out of the bathroom, he ran into Yuan Yi in the corridor, and Yan Xi followed behind Yuan Yi.


“What a coincidence, you guys also come to the bathroom?” Nervously, he said nonsense.

“No, I just passed by in the corridor.” Yan Xi looked indifferent.


Which woman is okay to go to the bathroom with a man? With a brain like Xu Qiaosheng… Is it alright to be in the entertainment industry?


The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

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