s don’t believe it.
They would rather believe in the “theory of guilt” than that Teacher Zhang is innocent.

In fact, Teacher Zhang is a small host.
What can he do to ask someone to take the blame? Do these netizens really don’t know or pretend not to know and continue to maintain their status as righteous people?

Seeing that Yan Xi was unhappy, Chen Pei sighed: “I know you respect Teacher Zhang, but now that the public opinion on the Internet has not stopped, and our station is on the cusp of the storm, you must not make any comments, or you will be punished too.”

Yan Xi’s image is just right, and the satellite channel plans to introduce “Those Things Around Us” to broadcast at 11 o’clock at night, so this good thing can’t be messed up.

“Originally, the station was looking forward to the revelation of the Yuan Family scandal and love affair, which would suppress the news about Teacher Zhang.
Who knew that Yuan’s move was too fast, and all the news was dealt with coldly in less than one night,” Chen Pei said.
It’s a pity, “Why don’t we have more explosive materials?”

Yan Xi thought that if the explosion continued, netizens would know she was the “mysterious girlfriend.” She will be buried to death by public opinion.

“Forget it, we won’t mention these things in the future, anyway, the station has its own plans.
I’m here to talk to you about work arrangements so that you can prepare.” Chen Pei glanced at Yan Xi, “The station decided that in the future, you will host “Noon News” alone, and Teacher Zhang will be the deputy leader of our channel’s news group.”

From the front of the stage to behind the scenes, at any rate, it is better to keep your job than to dismiss the ending.
Still, Yan Xi is worried that Teacher Zhang’s mentality will not be able to adjust.
He has conscientiously been a host for so many years, not to mention suffering grievances.
His work has also been affected.
He is the one who has been most wronged.

“With your ability, I don’t believe there will be any major problems in hosting the “Noon News” alone.” Chen Pei saw that Yan Xi’s face was not full of joy, and instead of persuading her, she said, “There is another thing I’d like to talk about.
I didn’t tell you, from next week, every Monday to Friday, the program “Those Things around us” will be broadcast at eleven o’clock on the satellite channel.
Xiao Yan, our program is on satellite tv.”

At eleven o’clock at night, those who usually love to watch TV have gone to bed.
Those who haven’t slept are playing with computers or mobile phones and have no habit of watching TV.
Just like the programs at six or seven in the morning, it is the time to fill up the program list.

But for them, this is simply a mortal ascending to the sky.
It is still a fairy, even if it is just an ordinary fairy.


Being on the satellite means that more and more people will watch their shows, not to mention eleven o’clock in the night, even three or four o’clock in the middle of the night, they are happy.

When the director first brought Yan Xi in, she only thought that she was a young lady who came in through the back door.
Still, she herself didn’t have much hope for the show, so she didn’t have the slightest opinion of her.
However, what she didn’t expect was that this young lady not only has good hosting skills but also is very dedicated.
“Those Things Around us” has firmly established itself in the hearts of local audiences.

One can not judge by appearances.
Who knew that this seemingly weak and deceitful little girl would do things so well?

Yan Xi’s work was settled in this way.
After her work rhythm returned to the track, she began to think about a problem.
Yuan Xiaoer will be moving this weekend.
Should she buy a red envelope and stuff cash in it, or is it better to buy a gift?

On Saturday, after finishing the live broadcast of “Noon News,” she left the TV station.
She found a famous carving shop to see some auspicious ornaments.

The carvings in this store are produced by masters, and most of the carvings are above five figures, and there is no upper limit.
Yan Xi bought two cheesy mahogany carvings, and after packing them up to look tall, she rushed home.

Yan Xi ate dishes without soy sauce and chili at the dinner table and said to Song Hai: “Dad, I won’t be eating at home tomorrow.
Second young master of the Yuan family moved to a new home and invited me to join in the fun.”

Song Hai : “When you were in the hospital, he helped you arrange it so carefully, you really should go when he moves.
Tomorrow I will make a red envelope, and you can take it with you.”

“Oh,” Yan Xi responded smoothly.
Seeing that Song Hai didn’t ask anything else, she couldn’t help but say, “Dad, you’re not curious.
How did I know him?”

“I can’t wait to find out the origins of all your friends around you and drive all the brats away.
But you have grown up.” Song Hai smiled, his chubby face looking very kind, “I don’t want to be an autocratic parent.
I believe you can handle the relationship around you well.
But there is one thing you must remember: if you have suffered any grievances, you must tell me, don’t bury it in your heart.
Your mother and I raised you so much, not to make you wrong yourself, but to make you happy for the rest of your life.”

Yan Xi felt warm in her heart.
She blinked her eyes, which were a little sour: “Dad, thank you.”

“What kind of thanks do father and daughter say,” Song Hai patted the top of her hair, feeling a little melancholy.

Not long ago, Yan Yan was still a small meat dumpling, and she grew so big in the blink of an eye.

In the morning on the weekend, Zhang Wang was forced to get up and accompany Yuan Yi.
It was not until after ten o’clock that he had time to see Yuan Yi’s new home.


“Yuan Xiaoer, you live alone in such a big house.
Don’t you feel empty?” He walked around the villa, “Did you spend a lot of money on this villa?” Regarding the service attitude of the property, he doesn’t know how much it will cost.
Still, it seems that Yuan Xiaoer is determined to live here.

“I think it’s pretty good.
There’s a garage, a garden, and a swimming pool,” Yuan Yi glanced at the Boys, who were having fun outside the window, “After all, it’s a place to live for a while.”

Zhang Wang was silent.
This villa was decorated according to the family style.
In Yuan Xiaoer’s heart, did he yearn for a warm and happy family?

Although he has prejudices against love and marriage.
Subconsciously, he wants to make up for the lack of his childhood, so he gives himself a swimming pool, lawn, garden, and even a game room.

But no matter how perfectly decorated the house is, how can a house where only one person lives give him what he wants?

When he returned to his senses, Zhang Wang concealed his thoughts with a smile: “Why did you bring Aunt Li here? Isn’t she working with your parents?”

“Maybe it’s because my salary is higher?” Yuan Yi answered casually, looking down at the time.
It’s almost half past ten.
Why hasn’t that woman Yan Xi come yet?

“Don’t look, it’s only past ten o’clock, and it’s not lunch time,” Zhang Wang said angrily when he saw his absent-minded look.
“Don’t look at your watch anymore.
If you look at it again, I’m afraid it will have multiple holes in it.
How many times have you looked at it in the morning?”

Yuan Yi ignored him, got up, and went to the door to look out.

Strangely, he had already greeted the property owner.
Yan Xi would not be unable to come in.
Could it be that there was something wrong on the road? He took out his cell phone, dialed Yan Xi’s number, and then pressed it off, forgetting it in case she was driving.


It is dangerous to talk on the phone while driving.

Yan Xi parked the car outside the gate of Yuan Yi’s villa and dialed Yuan Yi’s phone: “Yuan Xiaoer, open the door for me quickly.”


The gate opened quickly, and as soon as her car stopped, she saw many global limited-edition luxury cars parked in the yard.
These luxury cars were shining brightly in the sun, almost blinding her eyes.

“Yan Xiaoxi, you’re finally here,” Yuan Yi knocked on the car window outside, “It’s almost noon, and your speed is really fast enough.”

Yan Xi got out of the car with the gift box in her arms, slammed the door, and said to Yuan Yi: “I have dedicated all the benefits of sleeping late on weekends to you, so you can be content.”


Yuan Yi touched his nose and didn’t say anything.
The words “dedicated to you” really make people blush.

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