Tearing the photo apart, Song Dynasty turned his chair, looked at the sunlight outside the window, and dialed the assistant’s phone: “Miss Yan doesn’t seem to like the blue enchantress very much.
Starting tomorrow, change to another flower.”

“what does she like?”

“I don’t need to know what she likes,” he smiled slightly, “I just need to know a woman’s weaknesses.”

After hanging up the phone, Song Dynasty slowly organized his bow tie like the most perfect elegant gentleman in the world.

After many years of separation, the secret lover’s mind remained unchanged until the encounter finally mustered the courage to pursue her.
What a beautiful love story this is.

“Look at the yellow calendar, I think it will be a good day in two days, and it is advisable to move.” Yuan Yi threw the yellow calendar that Zhang Wang had stuffed into his hands on the table and looked at the single apartment, “Will you live in this house? Is it a little small?”

“I think it’s pretty good,” Zhang Wang took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet.
“It’s just right to live alone.”

Yuan Yi frowned, “There is no garden and no swimming pool.
Where is it suitable?”

“I’m a bachelor apartment, not a high-end villa,” Zhang Wang poured a glass of wine and handed it to him, “Isn’t it too empty to live in such a big room by myself?”

“I’ll drive later, don’t drink,” Yuan Yi didn’t take the glass, “I like big houses.”

“If you don’t drink, don’t drink,” Zhang Wang saw that Yuan Yi didn’t mean to leave immediately, so he turned on the TV, “Why don’t you stay with me tonight and don’t go back.”

“I choose the bed.” Yuan Yi took the remote control and skillfully adjusted it to a certain station.

“At a young age, there are a lot of problems,” Zhang Wang got up and went to the kitchen to wash a plate of fruit and bring it out.
“Tell me, what is the character of the woman who often makes you angry?”

“What are you asking her for?” Yuan Yi stared at the TV without turning his head.
On TV, the food delivery man was talking to the hostess about his future plans.
The hostess’s voice was gentle and respectful, as if the other party’s ideal was to save the world instead of going back to his hometown to buy a house and open a shop to do a small business.

“Just ask,” Zhang Wang glanced at the TV, “What kind of messy program is this, so good?”


Yuan Yi did not answer this question but said: “You are an unmarried man, don’t inquire about the opposite sex if you have nothing to do.”

Zhang Wang:  …

We are play buddies from childhood to adulthood, not angry, not angry.

Zhou, you are amazing.
I wish you all the best,” the female host with long hair and shawl stood outside the old unpainted security door with a gentle smile, “Good night.”

“Good night.”

The food delivery man closed the door of the room.
On this unsightly door, there was a big blessing word, and the camera gave a big close-up of the blessing word.

“Blessing is the most simple and beautiful meaning of our nation.
We wish this food delivery man, and we also wish everyone a lot of blessings and happiness.” The female host curled her eyebrows with a smile, and her upturned eyebrows actually made Zhang Wang feel the smell of clear lotus after the rain.
Zhang Wang hit Yuan Yi beside him with his elbow, “This girl looks a bit delicious, I don’t know…”

Yuan Yi took a piece of fruit, stuffed it into his mouth, used the remote control to quickly change the station, turned to a kidney treasure advertisement, and stopped.

“Take good care of your health and pay attention to your body.
He stood up, “I’m leaving.”

Zhang Wang spat the fruit out of his mouth, “Go, go.”


“Remember to bring a red envelope gift to my new home in two days, “Yuan Yi didn’t even look at the disgust in Zhang Wang’s eyes.
He picked a bunch of fresh grapes from the fruit bowl and put them in his hand.
“Don’t come empty-handed.”

“Let’s go,” Zhang Wang pushed Yuan Yi outside the door, “Yuan Xiaoer, if you are so cheap, you should be single for the rest of your life.”

Yuan Yi stood outside the door holding the grapes, squinting, and looking around.
The other party’s verbal attack was completely ineffective for him.

Yan Xi drew several comics, and Song Hai’s number was dialed as soon as she was about to wash and sleep.
Although the number belonged to Song Hai, the person who spoke was not Song Hai but a man who claimed to be Song Hai’s business partner.
The other party said her father was drunk and asked her to come and pick him up.

“Thank you uncle, I’ll be right over.”

Yan Xi hung up the phone and noticed something was wrong as soon as she put on a shoe.
Her father was drunk, and the driver was there.
Even if the driver wasn’t there, the hotel would arrange for the person to be sent back at a professional price.
How could she be asked to pick him up?

She used her mobile phone to redial Song Hai’s number, but no one answered.

Check the address provided by the other party.
It is a high-end hotel with excellent reviews.
This hotel is an industry owned by Changfeng Group and does not look like an illegal place.
She was determined in her heart that whether there was a conspiracy or she had too much brainstorming, there would definitely be no dangerous things in this kind of hotel with good security conditions.

Thinking of the big golden leg she had recently met, Yan Xi hesitated for a while.
Still, his father’s safety had the upper hand, so she chose to call Yuan Yi.

After the phone rang several times, Yuan Yi picked it up.
Yuan Yi’s first words were: “If you have something to say, I can only stop here temporarily for two minutes.”

Is he answering the phone after pulling over? Really a good law-abiding citizen.

Yan Xi quickly repeated the matter, and the other end of the phone was silent for a moment, “I’ll wait for you downstairs in the hotel, and I’ll accompany you later.”

“Thank you, Yuan Xiaoer.
You are the most handsome and righteous wealthy man in the entire imperial capital!”

“Tsk, flatter like this is so exaggerated, it’s better not to do it.” Yuan Yi, who was praised, didn’t feel that he was praised at all.

“It’s not exaggerated, how can I show the surging gratitude in my heart.” Yan Xi put on another shoe, grabbed the car keys, and rushed out the door.

The night breeze was slightly cooler.
Yuan Yi got out of the car, said a few polite words to the hotel manager who came to receive him in person, and stood at the gate and did not leave.

Several senior managers of the hotel were all confused, and the second young director ran to the hotel door to stand on purpose, just to see the scenery?

” Yuan…” Yan Xi ran over, panting, and seeing a lot of hotel managers in suits and leather shoes standing behind Yuan Yi, she abruptly swallowed the words “Yuan Xiaoer” that she almost blurted out, “Yuan Yi.”

In front of so many subordinates and managers, calling him “Yuan Xiaoer” seemed to lose a bit of face.


“Came here so soon? Yuan Yi frowned, “Are you speeding?”

“No, I was lucky, I didn’t encounter a few red lights.” Yan Xi panted evenly, “Shall we go up now?”

“Well,” Yuan Yi turned to look at the hotel manager, “Where is the rich flower room?”

The manager was stunned for a moment: “Mr.
Yuan, what happened?”

“It’s nothing, my friend’s father is drunk, so I’ll accompany her to pick him up.” Yuan Yi turned around and hooked his finger at Yan Xi, “Go, keep up.”

“Okay, big brother!” Yan Xi followed Yuan Yi with a smile.

Yuan Yi lowered his head and whispered in Yan Xi’s ear, “So dog-legged?”

“No, this is my respect and admiration from the bottom of my heart.” It is Yan Xi’s virtue to be able to bend and stretch.
“Look at my sincere eyes.” She blinked at Yuan Yi, trying to let Yuan Yi see her sincerity through the window of her heart.

However, in response to her, Yuan Yi turned his head away quickly.

“Your eye makeup is messed up.”

Yan Xi:  …


What a shame!

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