um to pick them up.

“Just do it,” Chen Mingtong was kind enough, but she treated him like a donkey’s liver and lungs.
He was almost blown up.
“Yan Xiaoxi, you really wasted the good face from your parents.’

(A donkey’s liver and lungs figuratively mean ill will.
The phrase means taking somebody’s goodwill for ill intent.
It usually connotes a sense of complaint.)

“It’s none of your business.”

This time it was a duet voice, and the other speaker was Yuan Yi, who had a hideous face.

“Why are you here?” Yan Xi was a little surprised, “Didn’t we make an appointment to meet at a place to eat?”

“If I don’t come, how can I see this idiot pestering you,” Yuan Yi walked to Yan Xi’s side, put his hand on Yanxi’s shoulder, and assumed the posture of a carrying big brother, “Who are you?”

“Who are you?” Chen Mingtong saw this man in a brand-name suit, full of evil spirits.
His voice was a little hollow, no matter what he looked like, “We are all civilized people, don’t speak dirty words.”

“Who is a civilized person with you?” Yuan Yi glanced at Chen Mingtong with a critical look, “Xiaoxi looks good, but you look good enough to save your parents.”

Yan Xi almost couldn’t hold back her smile and secretly hid her face on Yuan Yi’s back, covering her face and sneering.

After all, Chen Mingtong was also someone Yan Xi had scolded, so he quickly reacted, “Are you Yan Xi’s current boyfriend?”

“It’s none of your business.” Yuan Yi threw out such a sentence as usual.

Chen Mingtong almost couldn’t help but hit someone.
He didn’t want to hear those words again.

“Yan Xi, I didn’t expect you to become like this now,” Chen Mingtong looked at Yuan Yi carefully and looked at Yan Xi sadly, “You are looking for such a man.”

Yuan Yi:?


What’s wrong with a man like him? He is handsome and doesn’t like to mess with men’s and women’s relationships.
What’s wrong with him?

No, at which point is he not worthy of Yan Xi? Is this idiot blind?!

“Forget it,” Chen Mingtong shook his head in disappointment, “I thought you were still you, but I didn’t expect you to change too.”

“Yan Xi, where did you recruit such a lunatic?” Yuan Yi almost couldn’t hold back his violent temper, “Is his intelligence not high or is there something wrong with his mentality, thinking he is making a romance idol drama?”

“Yuan Xiaoer, you can guess it,” Yan Xi felt that her ex-boyfriend was regarded as mentally retarded, and she would not be too face-saving.
What is she who is mentally retarded, blind?

“Where is your car parked,” she tugged Yuan Yi’s sleeve, “take me there.”

“Tsk,” Yuan Yi was still a little unhappy, “Let’s go.”

“Yan Xi, wait a minute.”

“Waiting for your ball!” Yan Xi couldn’t bear it anymore, turned her head, and said to Chen Mingtong, “Chen Mingtong, you give me a little bit more.
With so much nonsense, believe it or not, I’ll fucking beat you up.
This big guys are screeching.
Is it annoying?!”

“Can you control who I love to be with now? Even if the old lady has a little white face on her left hand and a little beautiful woman on her right hand, that’s what the old lady can afford to do.
If you are so free, just find something to do.
Don’t come to me and talk nonsense.
You fucking cheated on me back then, didn’t you?” Yan Xi snorted coldly, “You have a sick brain!”


Chen Mingtong: …

Yuan Yi: …

Yan Xi raised her chin and said to Yuan Yi, “Go!”

Yuan Yi’s knees trembled slightly, and he followed Yan Xi involuntarily.
When he opened the car door for Yan Xi, he glanced behind him.
The man was still standing in a daze as if he hadn’t recovered.

“What are you looking at?” Yan Xi turned to look at him.

“No.” Yuan Yi shook his head, sat in, and closed the door.

After driving for ten minutes, Yuan Yi didn’t say a word.
He paddled around on the screen of his mobile phone.
He didn’t have the mind to read the content on his mobile phone.
In the end, he couldn’t help it, “Yan Xiaoxi, what is the relationship between that man and you?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Yan Xi brushed Weibo calmly.

The dryness in Yuan Yi’s heart was slightly reduced.

“He used to have something to do with me.”

“What’s the matter?” Yuan Yi turned to look at her.

“Ex-boyfriend,” Yan Xi met his eyes and smiled casually, “I didn’t tell you before, I was also pursued by many people back then.”


A boulder hit Yuan Yi’s heart, stuffy and painful, with an indescribable grievance.
Yuan Yi looked away, not looking at Yan Xi, “Then your eyes are not very good.”

“Well, my ex-boyfriend said the same just now.” Yan Xi nodded with a smile.

Misunderstood as Yan Xi’s current boyfriend, Yuan Yi, that made his ex-boyfriend think that Yan Xi was stooping down: …

“You tell me clearly, what’s wrong with me, and what’s not good enough for you?” Yuan Yi felt that his whole body’s anger was drawn out, “What kind of boyfriend are you looking for, his eyes are even worse than yours!”

“To be clear, that’s an ex-boyfriend, not a boyfriend.
I’m a diamond bachelor now,” Yan Xi took out a can of drink from the small refrigerator, opened it, and took a sip.
“How can I find true love without experiencing dog blood? My intuition tells me that my future man is already looking for me on the road to true love.”

Yuan Yi took the carbonated drink in her hand and replaced it with a bottle of juice for her: “Maybe that person thinks the road is too far and doesn’t want to come.”

“You mouth, let me beat it up,” Yan Xi stretched out her fist towards Yuan Yi, “My future true love is handsome and gentle, and he must be reluctant to meet the cute me.”

Yuan Yi: This woman is shameless.
She can really make a man’s heart impatient and his breath unstable.


After the two finished their dinner, Yan Xi checked out the set of lipsticks that Yuan Xiaoer had given her as a gift.
She still had to invite him for a meal.

“Oh, I’m going, is that Yuan Xiaoer?” Zhang Wang, who had just come out of the private room, suddenly took a step and said to Xu Qiaosheng, who was wearing a peaked cap behind him, “He came to eat out, and he even asked a woman to pay for it?”

Xu Qiaosheng pulled down the sunglasses on his face.
The one walking with a young woman at the door seemed to be Yuan Yi.

“Wait, let’s not go out,” Zhang Wang grabbed Xu Qiaosheng, who was about to step forward.
They waited for Yuan Yi to take the strange woman away in the car before lowering his voice and saying, “Have you heard Yuan Xiaoer mention any woman?”

In silence, Xu Qiaosheng shook his head, “Brother Yi never mentioned it to me.”

Although they are cousins, Yuan Yi has a better relationship with Zhang Wang.
If he didn’t even tell Zhang Wang, it would be even more impossible for others to know.

“But the silhouette of that woman looks a little familiar.
I seem to have seen it somewhere,” Xu Qiaosheng thought carefully.
“Although it’s a bit far away, I didn’t get a good look at this woman, but I can be sure that she must be someone I have come into contact with.”

Xu Qiaosheng is a popular artist.
How many women has he come into contact with?!


“It’s just like you didn’t say it,” Zhang Wang waved his hand, “Don’t mind things that’s not your own business.
Since Yuan Xiaoer hasn’t mentioned it to us, maybe it’s not that kind of relationship, but ordinary business contacts.”

How tired Yuan Xiaoer is of things like love, he, a good buddy, can’t know better.

Zhang Wang returned home, and just after talking on the phone with his new girlfriend for a while, he received a message from Yuan Yi.

Yuan Xiaoer: Wangzi, something may be wrong with my body.

The moment he saw this message, countless incurable diseases instantly appeared in Zhang Wang’s mind.
He was so scared that he almost couldn’t even hold his mobile phone.

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