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Yuan Yi accepted an interview for more than ten minutes, but there were only about three minutes left in the program.
Besides him, only Yan Xi held the microphone with half of her arm in the camera during these three minutes.

“Second Young Master, you are really on tv,” Aunt Li was quite proud.
“You look better than those male actors.
Tomorrow I will brag to our neighbors and say that this young man on TV is my Second Young Master.”

Aunt Li refers to some old ladies and housekeeping aunts in this villa area.
Recently, many old ladies like to watch this show.
When everyone has nothing to do, they will chat about what is on the show.
The female host is so beautiful.
They don’t know if she has a boyfriend and so on.

In the eyes of a group of old ladies, “Those Things Around Us” is the most existential TV show in their hearts.
They can even stop watching family ethics dramas for this show.

Yuan Yi put on his slippers, looked up, and watched TV again.
The scene was already switched at Yan Xi interviewing a firefighter.
The remarks about the identity of this firefighter were much more detailed than him.
The age, name, and district of the fire brigade belong clearly marked.

Is this differential treatment too obvious?

Yan Xi was drawing a comic, and when she heard the WeChat prompt sound on her mobile phone, she didn’t go to read it.
It wasn’t until the comic was finished and uploaded to Weibo that she remembered that there was a WeChat message that she hadn’t read.

Yuan Second:
 I watched this episode of Firefighters, and it was pretty good.

Praised by the second young master, Yan Xi smiled and replied to the other party’s message.

Yan Single Dog: Thank you for your compliment.
It’s all up to you that this episode passes the review.
I am worried that exposing all of your identity will have an impact on you, so you don’t mind if your identity is not written in the show, right?

Yuan Yi waited for nearly an hour and finally got Yan Xi’s reply.
After reading the other party’s reply, he was ready to ridicule the other party and erase it from his heart.
He knew very well in his heart that if he was identified as Changfeng’s vice director, it would be more beneficial for Yan Xi’s status. 

If she used him to stir up the news.
In that case, she might even go to a better platform as a host and no longer needed Staying in such a small TV station with few prospects, driving in the van with colleagues, running around in hot weather, obviously being the host, but doing two jobs as reporter and host.

Yuan Second:
 You are very thoughtful, thank you.

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Yan Single Dog: I should say thank you to you.
Without you, I would not be able to do this show successfully.


Yuan Yi clicked on Yan Xi’s Moments, and there was still no new content in it, but the avatar was changed from egg to mutton skewers.
Yuan Yi didn’t know what he was thinking, looking at this delicious-looking photo of mutton skewers, then suddenly he thought Yan Xi was a bit cute.

He clicked on the other party’s profile and wanted to change Yan Xi’s remark name.
However, after changing it, he still felt that Yan’s single dog was more interesting, so he could not give it up.

Although this show doesn’t have a very touching story, it does a lot of work in the later stage.
It begins with smiling faces and the background sound of firefighters introducing themselves.

“My name is Wang Hai.
I am nineteen years old this year, a member of the first team of the fire brigade…”

“My name is Peng Xiong.
I am twenty-two years old this year, the captain of the second team of the fire brigade…”

Their smiles are hearty and honest in the color photos, like a small sun.


After the color photo disappeared, the background music suddenly became low.
The background image was a cluster of white chrysanthemums.
The picture also turned black and white, and a soft female voice sounded.

“His name is Yuan Yang…”

“His name is Zhen Hang…”

“His name is Yang Guang…”

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This is a list of all firefighters’ that sacrifices themself, and every time a name is pronounced, it makes one’s heart tremble.
These people are so young, that thinking about their sacrifice makes one’s nose sour.

Cui Zhengyang is a well-known technical nerd on the Internet.
He doesn’t like the old-fashioned plots of TV shows, and he doesn’t like watching the hypocrisy and routines of TV shows, so he rarely watches TV.

On this day, his grandmother came and asked to watch a program on the Eighth Channel of the Imperial Capital.
He silently felt a little funny in his heart.
It turned out that there was a channel in the Imperial Capital named the Eighth Channel, and he was really ignorant.
But his grandmother who has always loved him wants to watch it.
Even if he doesn’t take it seriously, he obediently found the Imperial Capital channel Eight.

Look at the name of this show, “Those Things Around Us”?

It must be another trivial program.
The content is nothing more than a conflict between the owner of the East Community and the developer, and the sewer of West Street is blocked, and no one is repaired.
He turned his head to see his grandmother staring at the TV without blinking, not even daring to complain.

Forget it.
It’s just to make the old lady happy.

He didn’t expect to watch this show seriously.
The quality is outstanding.
First of all, the host’s lines are solid, and she is very flexible when doing interviews.
The videographer is also professional.
He shot the lovely and respectable places of the firefighters very well.
The editing and touching points in the later stage are just right but not deliberately provocative.
When those firefighters introduced themselves and the black-and-white photos of the sacrificed firefighters, Cui Zhengyang’s eyes were a little watery.

The audience can see whether the program is done with care.
The collection of these materials and the editing and dubbing in the later stage will waste a lot of energy from the program team.
Be they so attentive doing this content about firefighters.

Before his feeling stabilized from the touching content of this episode, Cui Zhengyang heard his grandmother sobbing, so frightened that he persuaded the old lady for half an hour before the old lady came out of her sad mood.

“It’s not easy for these children,” the old lady turned her head to teach her grandson, “if you lose your keys in the future, don’t bother the firefighters.
Just find a lockpicker yourself and don’t trouble others with everything.
These kids are younger than you.
Woolen cloth!”

“No, definitely not,” Cui Zhengyang breathed a sigh of relief.
How often can an otaku like him go out, and it is not easy for him to lose his keys.

Coaxing the old lady to sleep, Cui Zhengyang found that he had not yet recovered from his sadness.
He tried to get the video resources of this show and uploaded this to his Weibo.


I watched a program with my grandma today, “Those Things Around Us,” on the Eighth Channel of the Imperial Capital, a channel I have never followed, a program I have never heard of, but the content is very touching.
I feel the intention of the program team.

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Cui Zhengyang, an internet celebrity, usually likes to post funny jokes and spoof videos.
He has millions of enthusiastic fans.
Now that everyone sees him introducing a specific program in such a profound way, some black fans can’t wait to jump out and criticize him for playing too hard on this advertisement.
Degrading his level.

When true fans and passers-by fans clicked on the video, they knew that the blogger was not advertising but felt it.

Fan 1: I didn’t expect that I would end up watching this hour-long video and cry like a dog.
The firefighters have worked hard.

Fan 2: My younger brother is working as a firefighter.
They work really hard in ordinary times.
Thank you to this program team for reporting them so seriously.
Bow and thank you.

Fan 3: We can run away without scruples when we encounter a crisis because they bravely face it.
Although they are still young, they are heroes worthy of respect.

This video has become one of the top three popular videos on Weibo in just a few hours.
There are countless people in the comment area below telling touching stories of firefighters, police officers, medical staff, etc., which has touched countless netizens.

Everyone on station eight of Imperial Capital, who knew nothing about their own program on Weibo, went to work the next day.
Then the two hotlines were blown up, and countless compliments came to them as if someone was giving them money to do this.

The staff in charge of wiring dazedly knocked on Director Jin’s office: “Director, have you paid someone to call to praise us?”

Director Jin looked at the operator inexplicably: “Do you see me as someone who has that much money and nowhere to spend it?”

The operator shook his head.
It must be different.
He knows how poor their station is.
To earn advertising fees, even infertility advertisements have been accepted.

“Director!” Chen Pei squeezed into the office from the operator’s left.
“You paid for the marketing team to buy a navy army? Why did we suddenly have more than 1,000 retweets and 2,000 comments on Weibo?”


Director Jin looked inexplicable.
What happened today?

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“Sister Chen,” Yan Xi squeezed in from the operator’s right, “someone put our show on the Internet last night.”

“This episode of firefighters?” Chen Pei was stunned.
This episode was what Yan Xi insisted on doing.
She originally disagreed.
Yan Xi had some backstage and interviewed the senior management of Changfeng, plus director Jintai already signed it.
Honestly, she reluctantly agreed.
She has done similar shows before, which takes more effort than other content.
It is not popular with the audience, so now she will not do such thankless things except for the strict rules of her superiors.

Because she was a little unhappy in her heart, she directly handed over the full responsibility of this episode to Yan Xi, and she didn’t interfere much at all.

Hearing what Yan Xi said, she turned around and walked out of the director’s office and went to the computer to adjust the video of last night’s program.
Director Jin listened to the non-stop ringing of the hotline outside.
He was excited to see the comments of netizens.

Yan Xi went back to her office and opened Weibo.
Her Weibo account, Host Yan Xi, has gained thousands of followers.
The only Weibo page is full of praises from netizens, and thanks from family members of some firefighters.

On the popular comments, one comment said: Thank you, thank the show team for remembering my brother many times.
I feel that my brother is not dead.
He just slept and then went to heaven to be a hero.

Yan Xi’s fingertips trembled, and she was silent for a long time before replying to the other party’s comment.


[Some people will never forget him, some people will never forget those heroes who have paid for their life.
Although they have fallen asleep, they are still alive in everyone’s hearts.
I wish you and your family well.
Thank you.]

Turning off the computer, Yan Xi sent Yuan Yi a message on WeChat.



At this moment, she was very fortunate that Yuan Yi was willing to help her.
She was extremely grateful and grateful.

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