Chapter 20 – It’s that simple

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“Do you have a grudge against your mobile phones?” Yuan Bo came back from getting off work and saw Yuan Yi holding his mobile phone in a daze, “It’s half-past eight, aren’t you going to wash and sleep?”

Bending over to pick up the remote control, Yuan Bo didn’t watch what was on the TV.
He took off his suit jacket, threw it aside, and sat down on the sofa.

Yuan Yi heard a familiar voice from the TV.
He looked up at the TV screen and said nothing.
On TV, Yan Xi introduced one by one which donations the welfare Home had received and where these donations were about to be used.
Later, she also filmed the canteen and accommodation environment of the welfare home, which were all cleaned up very cleanly.
However, it may be to protect the safety of these children.
There is not a child’s face in the camera.
Occasionally, if they are accidentally in the scene, they have been mosaic processed, and even the children’s voices have changed in the later stages.

Today, on Saturday, there is no new content.
They just replay the previous programs.
Yuan Yi stared at the TV blankly and didn’t make up his mind until the show was over.

For the sake of this woman’s love life, he might as well remind her.

Boss Zhou’s party was held very successfully.
Coupled with the fact that the Song Dynasty came to give him a face, he received many praises.
He couldn’t help but drink two more, and he became even more proud when he spoke.

Song Hai dealt with his colleagues, worried that her daughter was tired from walking around with him, so she asked her to find a place to rest by herself without accompanying him.
Yan Xi knew that businessmen had their way of communicating on this occasion, so she obediently hid in the corner.
The chefs at this party were all invited by Boss Zhou at a high price, the food, both in appearance and taste.
They were all commendable.

Yan Xi took some food and put it on a plate, and sat down in the corner.
This kind of party sometimes pays attention to madam diplomacy.
Still, it is a pity that Yan Xi is too young and does not belong to the category of madam, so many people just greet her but will not talk to her about business matters.

“Miss Song,” Song Dynasty walked over with a wine glass and sat down opposite Yan Xi.
He glanced at the dinner plate on the table.
The food had already been eaten, and the lipstick on the opponent’s mouth was a little light.
She hadn’t had time to touch it up, “Excuse me.”

Yan Xi beckoned for someone to take away the empty dinner plate and smiled politely at Song Dynasty: “Mr.
Song, do you mind if I go to the bathroom to retouch my makeup?”

“There is no one else here, Miss Song doesn’t need to be burdened to go so far.” Song Dynasty raised his head and made a gesture of invitation, “Or does Miss Song mind my existence?” After speaking, he turned aside.

Yan Xi didn’t know how many people weren’t paying attention to the Song Dynasty and whether the other party’s actions would cause others to misunderstand.
Still, this kind, beautiful man took the initiative to be standing in front of her.
As for what others think, just let it go as long as it is not harmful to her.

In life, who doesn’t think about something like this and that a few times?

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When the Song Dynasty observed the woman in front of him, he couldn’t help but recall nine years ago.
At that time, he was under a lot of pressure to study, and somehow he had a few hazy thoughts about a high school girl.
Nine years ago, he was too sentimental and learned from other classmates’ methods of pursuing girls and wrote her a love letter.

Later, the girl did not reply to him, nor did she go to the meeting place he wrote in the letter.
He waited there like a fool for a long time.
Later, when he went to find the girl again, he heard that she had gone through the transfer procedures that morning.

After a lapse of nine years, that girl’s appearance had been blurred in his memory, and he vaguely remembered that she was a very well-behaved, weak, and clean little girl. 

But he waited for her in the sun for a long time, and he remembered clearly the mood from hope to loss.
This was the only frustration and stupid thing he didn’t want to recall when he was young, so he didn’t like to recall this memory very much.

He thought he had almost forgotten about it, but he remembered her appearance almost instantly when he saw the girl again.
She seemed to be so pure and delicate, and even those moist eyes still looked like a bullied bunny.

But that’s all.

She is just an ordinary woman who spends a lot of time on makeup and will be accompanied by a smiling face in front of him.

Yan Xi is not a fool.
She had long noticed that Song Dynasty had been looking at her since she took her seat.
She turned her attention from the small mirror and looked into Song Dynasty’s eyes, “Mr.
Song, can I help you?” She pointed to the corner of her lip, “Being stared at by an excellent man like you, I am worried that I will draw lipstick on my teeth because of shaking my hands.”

“Sorry, because Miss Song looks a bit like my first love, I can’t help but take a second look,” Song Dynasty took off his glasses and put them on the table, smiling at Yan Xi, “I haven’t seen her in nine years, and I don’t know how she is doing now.”

“The girl who can be liked by Mr.
Song must be very good, so don’t worry, she must be doing well.” Yan Xi closed the mirror and put the lipstick and mirror in her bag.

This is not an idol drama.
It’s like a first love.
What if you haven’t seen each other for nine years.
This kind of trick to attract women is too embarrassing.
Do you need to write a third-rate novel? Does he think she hasn’t seen a man before? She couldn’t tell that this Song Dynasty looked like a normal person, but he thought a lot.

You can’t just come and lie to her because her face is so deceptive, right.

“Miss Song…”

Yan Xi’s cell phone rang.
She took the opportunity to get up, smiled apologetically at Song Dynasty, and went to the corner with her bag.
She took out her mobile phone and found that the caller turned out to be Mr.
She was a little surprised.
She looked back at Song Dynasty, who had put on his glasses, got up and was about to leave, and pressed the answer button.

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“Where are you, why is it so noisy?”

Yan Xi turned her head and glanced at the people behind her.
She was so far away, and this young master could still hear it.
It was really dog ears: “Come with my dad to a party at an uncle’s house.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Can’t I call you if nothing is wrong?”

They are not familiar with each other.
Why do you call if you have nothing important to talk about? Do they take up a communication course? Yan Xi rolled her eyes towards the ceiling, “Of course, you can, a warm welcome.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t bother to look for you if it’s really nothing,” Yuan Yi sneered, “Didn’t I say today to invite you to dinner?” As a host, I need to find out the preferences of my guests.
First, tell me what you like to eat, and I can arrange a place.”

“Just for this?”

Yuan Yi turned to see Yuan Bo, who looked at him too, then turned aside to prevent Yuan Bo from seeing the expression on his face, “The people take food as the sky.
This is a big deal.”

She didn’t see that this second young master was a foodie.

The opponent’s confident tone almost persuaded Yan Xi: “Would you like Sichuan cuisine?”

Thinking of the hot chili peppers and the Sichuan peppercorns that were so numb that their tongues lost consciousness, Yuan Yi turned his mouth three times when he thinking to refused, “Okay, I’ll make arrangements, you can wait in peace.”

“Then…thank you?” Yan Xi hadn’t met someone who invited people to dinner so solemnly and seriously for a long time, so she couldn’t help but smile and say, “I look forward to the place you are looking for.”

“No, you’re welcome,” listening to Yan Xi’s smiling voice, Yuan Yi’s throat and ears were a little numb.
He kept his straight expression, “By the way, drink less alcohol when there are many people, and go further when you encounter a gentle scum.
Some men look good, but their hearts are darker than anything else.”

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Obviously, Yuan Yi didn’t refer to anyone by this, but Yan Xi inexplicably thought of the Song Dynasty, the young master of the Song family, and she touched her nose: “Okay, thank you for reminding me.”

It turned out that Yuan’s second child was not only a foodie but also a caring personality… she really didn’t see it.

Hearing that Yan Xi’s tone was a little superficial, Yuan Yi said in a cold voice: “Don’t do anything improper.
Some time ago, someone had an accident, which made the faces of several family members look bad.

“Okay, I will definitely pay attention,” Yan Xi said to the phone, “Absolutely don’t drink.”

After hanging up the phone, she took a picture of the orange juice in her hand and posted it to Yuan Yi WeChat.

Yuan Yi received Yan Xi’s photo, and his serious expression finally eased.
He randomly threw his phone on the sofa and finally felt that his chest was not so stuffy.

“Who drank and made mistakes, then made several families lose face.
Why haven’t I heard of it?” Yuan Bo frowned and looked at Yuan Yi, “Yuan Xiao-er, don’t talk nonsense to the outside world.
If the news reaches the ears of those entertainment reporters and that I have to make up another grievance, you give me a rest.”

“Just for example… for example, I didn’t say it was true.” Yuan Yi said in the direction of the kitchen, “Aunt Li, squeeze me a glass of orange juice.”

“You made up fake news and you still speak fluently, brother.
You are really capable,” Yuan Bo said helplessly.
“What orange juice do you drink at night? What’s wrong with you.”

“Orange juice can supplement vitamin C, I think it’s very good,” Yuan Yi got up from the sofa, put his mobile phone in his pocket, and went to the kitchen to get orange juice.

Yuan Bo looked at Yuan Yi’s back and was speechless for a while.


Wealthy families have their own small circles, and some descendants of rich and powerful wealthy people also have their own circles of friends.
Since WeChat has become more popular, they have also established a chat group with the trend.
The group name has achieved great heights, but the chat content is messy.

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Luxury cars, watches, yachts, airplanes, beauties, and handsome men are all the content of their chats, but when it comes to business issues, almost all of them tacitly avoid them.
People with identities like them sometimes accidentally leak a piece of information, which involves thousands of people’s jobs.
Their brothers or sisters have to settle the accounts, so they can eat whatever they want, but they can’t talk nonsense.

Just when a few friends were talking about who bought the new plane, Yuan Yi asked in the group.

Yuan: Does anyone know where the Sichuan cuisine is the most authentic?

Zhang Wang: …

Yang Yu: Has your account been hacked?

Xu Qiaosheng: Hacker dog, we will not charge you for the phone bill or borrowing some money.
Thank you!

Yuan Yi instantly saw more than 20 messages in the group, all of them scolding him, and quickly replied with a message.

Yuan: Don’t think that I don’t know that you are taking the opportunity to scold me.
Answer my question first. 

Xu Qiaosheng: Brother Yi, it’s almost half-past ten.
Are you still not sleeping?

Yuan Yi glanced at the empty cup on the table.
He drank too much orange juice and couldn’t sleep.
He did not answer Xu Qiaosheng’s question but asked the question about Sichuan cuisine again.

Zhang Wang: Why are you asking this? Take the girl to dinner?

Yuan: Thinking too much, how would I please a woman like that?

He just agreed to the other party’s things, and he had to do it.

It’s that simple.

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