r is with you.”

“I have long known what kind of people they are, and how I could take them to heart,” Song Hai smiled.
“I am worried that you will be sad after hearing their words.”

“What they said doesn’t count,” Yan Xi said and then smiled, “I know you love me the most, Dad, so I don’t care what they say.

“This mentality is just like me,” Song Hai nibbled on the fruit Yan Xi cut for him.
“When others intend to provoke you, the better you laugh and the more easy-going you are, the more angry others will be.”

A smile is sometimes tolerance, sometimes it is also a weapon.

Yan Xi had only one idea after being instilled in a black-bellied learning trick by Song’s father.

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Dad, I didn’t expect you to be such a dad.

When she returned to her room after dinner, Yan Xi turned on her computer and logged in to the chat software, and the avatar of the publishing house editor kept flashing.
She opened the chatbox and her eyes were irritated by the big red bold font.

Ming Ming: Ah ah ah ah! Miss, your book has exploded and sold out!!

Ming Ming: Hello!

Ming Ming: Are you here? Are you here?!!!

Through these blood-red exclamation marks, Yan Xi felt the editor’s excitement.
Sitting cross-legged on the large and soft chair, she casually typed the next word: “Yes.”

As soon as the message was sent, there was a reply there.

Ming Ming: Sister, you are finally willing to show up! I’m going to kneel down for you, do you still have the self-consciousness of being a popular artist on the Internet?!

Xiao Xi: No.

(Kinda confused here, either Yan Xi Weibo’s name is Xiao Xi or Small Stream but it’s same meaning anyway)

The editor seemed to taste coldness and calmness from her two words.
At the moment, he told her about the book sales situation, and specifically emphasized her achievement as the top ten bestsellers.

Yan Xi felt that the editor must be an energetic young man, but these exclamation marks caused her cardiac arrest and her blood pressure to rise.

Xiao Xi: My beauty, the exclamation is no longer popular, can we change the punctuation mark and use it?

Ming Ming: Only this exclamation mark can perfectly express my emotions, Miss, let’s start the signing.

Yan Xi’s typing hand paused, she never considered appearing in front of netizens.

Xiao Xi: If I can rely on my talent to eat, why will I rely on my face?

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This was a tactful refusal.
The editor probably understood her concerns, and after persuading her to disagree, he did not mention the matter again.

After the chat, Yan Xi went to take a bath, dried her hair, and lay on the bed.
She turned on her mobile phone to open the circle of friends and found that her application for the second young master of Changfeng group had been approved.

The other party’s name is very simple, it’s called “Yuan”, and the avatar is a landscape picture, which looks like a picture that comes with the mobile phone system.
She remarked the other party’s name as “Bachelor Reserve”, and after thinking about it, changed it to “Mr.

This one ranks second in the Yuan family, and there is nothing wrong with changing to the Yuan junior.

Turning over and lying on the bed, Yan Xi clicked on her circle of friends and liked a few friends’ moments.
When she saw someone take a picture of a book and the cover of the book looked familiar, she was stunned.

It turns out that her book has been so popular that even her circle of friends has bought it?

Yuan Xiao Er: Okay.

Yaan Xi read this message several times and after making sure that she was not dazzled, she secretly clicked like on it.

She is not praising Yuan Xiao Er, but praising herself.

Yuan Home.

Yuan Yi put the bookmark on the page of the book, turned around, and put the book on the shelf.
He doesn’t know who sent these books.
He flipped through them casually.
Most of them were nonsense, but one book was interesting.

This is a comic book.
The protagonist is a strange-looking animal, but it is very cute, drawn by the author.
Every story in it is very warm and moving.
It is very suitable for people who are busy at work or have a stressful life.
Take a look and relax in your spare time.

“Second young master,” Auntie knocked on the door of the study and walked in with a glass of milk, “It’s almost ten o’clock.
Would you like to drink some milk before going to bed?”

“Thank you,” after taking a sip of the milk, Yuan Yi turned to look at the book called “Little Monster” on the bookshelf.
He didn’t expect him to see it so late.
He rubbed his temples, “Aunt Li, go and rest, and I will go to bed right away.”

Aunt Li took more than half of the milk he drank and walked out of the study with a smile.

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When Yuan Yi returned to the room, there were already a lot of likes and comments in his circle of friends.

Some people said good things about the face of the Changfeng group, some joked that he could even read comic books, and the others joked and said they will buy them to read too.
Among the pile of likes, Yuan Yi saw Yan Xi figure.

It’s not that He doesn’t play WeChat often.
How did this come from? It can’t be hand swiping, right?

Yuan Yi stared at the red avatar of Mao Xue Wang for a long time before clicking in.

(Mao Xue Wang food is made of duck blood curd, tripe, chicken gizzard, and  other organ parts simmered in a broth that is made of peppercorn and chillies.
It is popular because of the different textures featured in the dish – from silky (via the blood curd) to chewy (gizzard and heart) and even crunchy (tripe))

The last update was eight days ago.

Yan Single Dog: Daddy’s cooking.

The nine pictures are all full of various home-cooked dishes.

The last one was two or three months ago.

Yan Single Dog: I met an idiot, pure.
[With a picture of an ugly crying Shar-Pei dog]

Not to mention anything else, this Shar Pei dog is really ugly, and He doesn’t know where this woman found it.

The time between the third to last bar and the second to last bar is not long, and the accompanying picture is a rising sun.

Yan Single Dog: The sun today is so beautiful, like a poached egg.

Yuan Yi stared at the picture for a long time, and felt that… it was indeed a bit like a poached egg.

Thinking of this, he quickly logged out of WeChat and turned off his phone.

This woman is simply spiritual contamination, and her aesthetics crooked.

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