Chapter 1.

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Yan Xi was digging the ice cream in the cup while listening to the aunt at the next table complaining about his son’s ex-girlfriend on the phone.

She wears a lot of jewelry and cosmetics, she looks like a person who does not live in peace, and her body definitely will collapse when the wind blows.
I’m sure it’s not easy to have children.

She put down the spoon, wiped her mouth clean with a tissue, and took out the mirror from her bag to put on lipstick.

“My son also said that he would bring her back for the Chinese New Year.
I said that there is nothing good about bringing this kind of woman back.
I can save two red envelopes for a meeting at home…”

Speaking of interest, this aunt’s voice grew louder and louder, causing the young people nearby to turn their heads frequently.
Yan Xi even saw the contempt of those young people’s faces toward the loud-mouthed aunt.

Closing the mirror, Yan Xi put the mirror and lipstick back in her handbag, got up and walked to the door, and met a familiar man.

“Xiaoxi…” The man still wanted to talk, his handsome face showing a bit of sadness and surprise.

“I’m still a Mighty river, a small stream” Yan Xi raised his wrist to check the time, then turned and walked out.
It was not a bitter idol drama, why would he show this look to people.

(What Yan Xi says here is a play on words, her name ‘Xiao Xi’ means small stream, and she says “I’m still a Mighty river” I think it means she can move on from him, let’s split up and let her go)

The man stopped in front of her.

During the airport broadcast, the voice of the ground crew was gentle, reminding which flight was delayed due to the weather.
Yan Xi looked at the person standing in front of her, her hand holding the bag was a little itchy.

“Mingdong,” The aunt who was still talking loudly on the phone just now came over, and she glanced at Yan Xi, “What’s the matter?” ”

“It’s okay” Chen Mingdong shook his head, “Mom, you go sit and rest first.”

“It turns out that you are mother and child,” Yan Xi thought of what this aunt said when she was on her mobile phone, raised her eyebrows, and turned to Mother Chen and said, “Then you are quite similar.

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After speaking, no matter what Chen Mingdong thought, she bypassed him and prepared to go to the boarding gate.

“Xiaoxi.” Chen Mingdong reached out to grab Yan Xi’s wrist in a hurry.

Seeing that Chen Mingdong dared to reach out to her, Yan Xi smashed it with her handbag.
After smashing it, she felt a little distressed.
She just bought this bag two days ago.
It was her favorite.
What if it is broken?

“Your family didn’t tell you that the man would do anything to the girl without consent, is calling nasty and no tutor?” Yan Xi rolled her eyes, “Go away, don’t block the way of this old mother.”

(Old mother is a dialect used by harridan to refer to herself)

Mother Chen didn’t expect this girl with a soft and weak face to be bullied.
She said that she would do it.
She was so angry that she wanted to scold her, but she was stopped by Chen Mingdong before she said anything unpleasant.

“Mingdong, who is this girl, so temperamental…”

Chen Mingdong ignored Chen’s mother’s complaint.
He looked at Yan Xi’s departure and whispered: “Okay, Mom, stop making trouble, everyone around is watching.”

Yan Xi walked to the waiting area at the boarding gate, found a seat and stopped, took out her phone, and sent a post to a circle of friends.

The Mighty river, I am a stream: I encounter a fool, pure me! [With a picture of an ugly crying Shar-Pei dong]

The enmity between her and Chen Mingdong can be roughly classified as the most old-fashioned and best-selling last-ditch dog-blood novel.
Chen Mingdong was regarded as a popular figure in the school back then, the secretary of the Youth League branch of the Student Union.
He was white and handsome.
Her girly heart was unable to hold it for a while under Chen Mingdong’s pursuit, so she agreed.

It’s a pity that the man in this style of the hero also has a love debt, during the summer vacation, this one cheated on her, and the object of the cheating was her classmate.
Given that she was born with a pitiful appearance, she hadn’t said anything, and others automatically sympathized with her.

(fēng liú zhài means love debt / moral obligation in consequence of a love affair / karmic consequences of a love affair)

This pair of dog men and women was spurned by many people later, so that when she graduated from university, she was scolded by Xiao Sanr as Bai Lianhua.
What’s wrong with the white lotus, the white lotus is also a delicate flower, better than the shameless mistress.

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(Xiao Sanr is Yan Xi’s close friend, Bái Lián huā means White lotus flower.
1) Kind, innocent, lovable, good people.
2) People who pretend to be kind, innocent, and lovable.)

I haven’t seen him in two or three years, but the cheating man’s leg hasn’t been broken yet, so she counts him as having a strong leg.

(Tried looking for the proverb ‘the cheating man’s leg hasn’t been broken yet’, but couldn’t find it.
Actually I’m also a bit confused whether the ‘leg’ that Yan Xi is referring to here is purely ‘leg’ or the one between a man’s thigh.

I used my mobile phone to scan the game for a while and click on the circle of friends.
The friends she usually contacted gave her a thumbs-up and asked her what the dog did wrong and asked her to take the pot back.

(Take the pot back same with take back her words)

At this time, the plane began to check the ticket.
She stuffed her mobile phone into her bag and got up to line up to check the ticket.

It took about two hours to fly from Haicheng to the Imperial Capital.
After Yan Xi turned off her mobile phone, she slept the whole time.
When she got off the plane and went to the carousel to pick up her suitcase, her mind was still a little confused.

People come and go to the Imperial Capital Airport.
She hasn’t been to the Imperial Capital for many years, and she feels a little bit timid about the homesickness in her heart.

Walking along with the flow of people, she accidentally stepped on the foot of a person next to her, and s

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