case, Bo Changshi brought Fu Ping’An with him.


She didn't know what to say at first, but fortunately someone taught her——

 [Insomnia day by day: Just say, thank you for hitting the rabbit.]

Fu Ping’An said: “Bo Changshi, thank you for the rabbit…”


Bo Changshi is much taller than her.
Usually standing on the ground, she can only touch Bo Changshi's waist.
Now on the horse, Bo Changshi is like a mountain looming over her, blocking even the sun.

So her voice was not much different from the meowing of a kitten, and it quickly dissipated in the wind blowing across her cheeks.

She had no choice but to raise her voice: “Bo Changshi! Thank you for hitting the rabbit!”

Bo Changshi only said “um”.

Fu Ping’An pouted, thinking, “Insomnia day by day” really was a bad idea.

Insomnia was also a little embarrassing, and sent a message—— [Insomnia: What the hell? Does this person have any superiority or inferiority? Are you not going to be the emperor, she is too rude to you, if you become the emperor, you must teach her a lesson.]

Fu Ping’An said softly: “I don't care anyway.”

But at this time Bo Changshi seemed to suddenly remember the matter of superiority and inferiority, and suddenly said: “This is a matter within the rank of the ministers, His Highness thanked the ministers and made the ministers panic.”

Fu Ping’An murmured: “I still don't know what to say.”

 [Insomnia day by day: I don't know either; I'm off the assembly line.]

Fu Ping’An: “…”

This person is not as reliable as “Ping’An baby is cute”!

But what is “Ping An baby is so cute” doing? Why is there no movement now?

Is it really not coming?

But then again, what is love?

In Fu Ping's head, since the emergence of this live broadcast system, there have been a lot of questions.
The more and more these questions are piled up, they seem to overflow from the basket, so that Fu Ping’An can't even remember them.

At this time, she felt that the best way to solve this problem was to study.

Thinking of this, she mustered up her courage again, raised her voice and said, “Is Bo Changshi good at hunting?”

Bo Changshi didn't speak right away, the road was uneven, Bo Changshi controlled the horse to go around a bit, and then he went around the bend.
: “Do you still want to eat?”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

This is not the reply she wanted.

“If Your Highness still wants to eat it, I'll fight another one.”

Fu Ping’An was a little confused.

Rabbits are very cute, but”…It's not that I don't want to eat them.”

 [Insomnia: Pfft]

 [Chang'an Flower: I'm dying of laughter; rabbits are so cute but really fragrant, right?]

Fu Ping’An snorted and said, “Aren't you gone, liar.”

Naturally, she said this to “insomnia day by day”, but Bo Changshi responded to her: “Huh? What did Your Highness say?”

Fu Ping’An raised his voice in a guilty conscience: “I want to eat it!”

But it's not like you can catch a rabbit.
Fu Ping’An got a snack the next day, but it wasn't a rabbit, but a grilled fish, a thin red scale fish.
It is only the size of a palm, the thorns are removed, brushed with ginger juice and sprinkled with salt, and a plum is added to remove the fishy smell.

When Ah Ying brought it over, she said enviously, “This plum must be Bo Changshi's private collection.
It smells delicious.”

Fu Ping’An only found the plum to be salty and sour.
A bowl of yellow rice, she became sleepy when she was full.
She didn't ride a horse in the afternoon, and was carried to the car to sleep.

However, when he woke up from a full sleep, Fu Ping’An regretted it.
Isn't the plan to get close to Bo Changshi terminated?

She raised her head with a remorseful expression; saw Azhi sitting up looking at her, and when she looked over, she said, “Does Your Highness want to drink water?”

Fu Ping’An lifted the window curtain, and saw that there was no longer a wilderness outside the pane.
, curiously asked: “Where have we been?”

“We have arrived in Anyi, which is the largest city we have passed by.”

Fu Ping’An looked out curiously.
They should have entered the city, but there were no pedestrians on the road.
The doors of the houses are also closed, and many of them look dilapidated and do not look like they are inhabited.

“It doesn't look lively.” Fu Ping’An commented.

“When the morning market is over, there will naturally be no more people on the street.
This is normal.” Azhi said.

But Fu Ping’An still found it strange that Lingting was livelier than this place on weekdays.

But this place seems to be much bigger than Lingting Pavilion.
After walking for a while, the appearance of the city changed again.
The road surface became smooth and no longer bumpy.
The houses on both sides were no longer made of loess, but snow-white.
On the outer wall, it was almost dusk and the golden sunset hit the white wall, reflecting the shadows of their group.

The carriage stopped in front of the gate of a house.
At this time, the Zhu Gate was wide open, and a group of people stood in front of the gate.
When Fu Ping’An got off the carriage, they all knelt down and saluted her.

Fu Ping’An was held by Azhi.
At this moment, he unconsciously squeezed Azhi's hand, and Azhi whispered, “This is the official residence of Anyi County.
Let's stay here for a while.”

Fu Ping’An nodded.
Suddenly, a flash of light flashed and said, “Is it right for Bo Changshi to live with us?”

Azhi said, “That's natural.”

Fu Ping’An became happy; when she got to the room, she began to inquire where Bo Changshi lived and found out that it was there next door.
She immediately went to knock on the door, Bo Changshi opened the door, stared down at her, and said, “What's the matter with Your Highness?”

Fu Ping’An's hot head cooled down, she stared at Bo Changshi, and suddenly felt that “Insomnia Day by Day” really came up with a bad idea.
How can she connect with Bo Changshi? She doesn't even know what Bo Changshi's name is now.

She was a little nervous, swallowed her saliva, and said, “Can I go in?”

Bo Changshi let her in.
Fu Ping’An closed the door after entering, and gave a deep bow.
She learned to salute when she was a child, and now she does it again.
The action is a little rusty, but fairly standard.

However, Bo Changshi immediately turned his body to avoid it and said, “What's the meaning of this?”

Fu Ping’An said, “Ask Wang Changshi to teach me to read.”

Bo Changshi was stunned and this time his eyes stayed on Fu Ping’An's face; it hasn't moved away for a long time.

Bo Mengshang can become an official of the third grade at the age of 23.
The reason is simple.
Her mother is the in-law of the Queen Mother.
She often went to the court when she was a child, and the Queen Mother liked her very much.

However, the concept of family status is very important these days.
Most people can become officials through the back door, but Bo Mengshang feels that she is different from other people and is very capable, and even she did not want be an official at all.
It's more like being a censor.
Gein Changshi said that he was in charge of internal affairs in a good way and a steward of the royal family in a bad way.
She felt that she had buried her talents.

She wanted to talk to the queen mother about this, but she was scolded by her mother.
The mother thought she was too troublesome and said, “If you don't want to, you will refute the queen mother's face.
Do you really think that the queen mother is your aunt?”

Bo Mengshang also knew this truth, so she had to start on duty.
When she received the edict to pick up Fu Ping’An, she actually had some flames burning in her heart.

Fu Ping’An is likely to be the future Son of Heaven.
No matter how powerful the Queen Mother and the Prince Regent are now, the world and all the people belong to the Son of Heaven after all.

However, Bo Mengshang was disappointed at the first sight of Fu Ping’An.
The child in front of him was black, thin and dirty, with a dull expression and erratic eyes.
He didn't look like an emperor at all, even a little like the child of her servant.

However, what happened later changed her slightly.
Although the other party was living in the people, he was pure in heart and not cowardly.
He also had a certain understanding of the changes in the environmental situation.
Far away, she thought that the queen mother would be disappointed at the first sight of this child; this child cannot be a prince.

Even now, Bo Mengshang has not changed his cognition, but for Fu Ping’An, Bo Mengshang felt a little pity in his heart.
He was obviously a nobleman of Tianhuang, but he was taken to a remote area when he was about to open his door, and he grew up like a wild child.
Not even literate yet.

But even so, the other party actually had the idea of​​​​recognition.

She remembered that the children in the family were most afraid of getting up early to study at this age.
The other party had no exposure to this kind of environment at all, and they would have this kind of cognition.
It can be seen that the noble character may still be in the blood.

She then returned the salute and said, “I have poor knowledge, so many people can't teach His Highness, but I only know how to read, so I should be able to do it.”

It happened to be in the county governor's mansion, so in addition to buying food for the past two days, Bo Mengshang also asked the county governor to ask for it.
I came here with two books, one is “Poems” and the other is “On”.

But on the first day, only writing was taught.
Bo Mengshang wrote “one, two, three” on a piece of paper, and then asked Fu Ping’An to watch the drawing.

 [Insomnia day by day: She actually knows how to teach, I thought she would let you memorize the text directly.]

Bo Mengshang really knows how.
She studied in ethnic studies when she was a child.
The Bo family is a big family, and there is a complete set of methods for educating Meng children.
Bo Mengshang taught step by step, but Fu Ping’An was in a hurry.

Starting from “one two three”, when will she know how to write “settings” and “mall”?

At this time, she didn't know that Bo Mengshang would not teach her “settings” and “mall”.

After leaving Anyi, the conditions were limited and there was no pen and ink.
Bo Mengshang made a sand table so that Fu Ping’An could practice every day.
Fu Ping’An wanted to sleep with the sand table, but she could only learn writing step by step, starting from Anyi to the next small town, Fu Ping’An also only learned the word “millet”, Bo Mengshang told her that this is the yellow rice she eats every day, and taught her a “poetry” – ” “The millet is heavy, and the hemp is the wheat ” meaning: “This country and the grains of the mountains are among the five grains of this land.”

After she said this, she saw Fu Ping’An being thoughtful and very satisfied, and she actually felt a little sense of pride in being a teacher, so she said: “In addition to practicing these few words today, I will teach you a poem.”

“This poem is called “July”.”

Bo Mengshang originally thought that Fu Ping’An would find it difficult, because this is the longest song in “Poems”, but he didn't expect the other party to be excited and nodded repeatedly: “Thank you Bo Changshi for teaching me.”

Bo Mengshang nodded secretly; the impression of Fu Ping’An has improved a lot.

At least the other party is motivated and studious.

But in fact, Fu Ping's “thoughtful” is not because of what she said.

Bo Mengshang didn't explain the meaning of the poem at all.
How could Fu Ping’An know what she was talking about, but there were always words in front of her eyes? In order to hide her distracted reading of the words, she pretended to be “thoughtful”.
It is a skill acquired for “ditching”.

But in fact, she was also talking to her in the barrage.
The “Chang'an Flower” that appeared last time seems to have stayed.
The other party is a person with extensive knowledge (in Fu Ping’An's opinion).
The obscure meaning of Bo Mengshang’s poem is explained by Chang'an Flower.
A more detailed explanation came out immediately.
Combining the two, Fu Ping’An learned quickly.

 [Insomnia day by day: So what do you do? You are not a teacher, are you?]

 [Chang'an Flower: Haha yes, I am a primary school Chinese teacher.]

 [Insomnia day by day: It can be said to be a professional counterpart.]

Fu Ping’An naturally didn't know what the professional counterpart meant.
She only vaguely felt that “Chang'an Flower” was easier to understand than Bo Changshi.
Three days later, at lunch, she recited the poem fluently.
Bo Changshi was a little surprised and said.
: “You haven't come to ask me these days, but you have memorized it word for word.
Did you memorize it the first time?”

Of course that's impossible, but it is difficult to explain.
So Fu Ping’An had no choice but to nod his head.

 [Insomnia day by day: …Little liar.]

 [Chang'an Flower: Ahahahaha]

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