direct conversations, she can also guess.
That A Zhi was adopted by the Sun family, probably not.
Of course, she knew about her family.

But thinking that the other party was almost starving to death in this shabby little room on these cold days, Wang Ji was so sour that she couldn't help but blurt out: “You can live with me, I can help take care of you next time.”

A Zhi was stunned, and looked up at her, Wang Ji hurriedly said: “I have no other intentions; you also know that I am Chang Yong, if you trust me, it has nothing to do with that…
Sigh, be different.
Tell Your Majesty, if you tell Your Majesty, Her Majesty will allow you to live in the palace forever.”

Azhi said: “Don't tell Your Majesty, Your Majesty is still young…I don't want to live in the palace forever.”

Although the palace is very nice, it is like a gorgeous cage.

She thought for a while and whispered: “Does your family mind, I'll live with you.”

Wang Ji said: “I rent a house on the outskirts of Dongfang and live with my mother.
She likes to talk but doesn’t like to go out and walk around, and I think she’s too bored alone at home.”

Azhi said: “Then you should ask your mother.”

Forgot it, as long as Azhi agrees, this matter will be done, so she didn’t continue.
After arguing, she turned around and said: “You can't hide this matter from Your Majesty.
We came out to find you today, as Her Majesty ordered.”

A Zhi was startled: “Your Majesty? Did Your Majesty ask me?”

Wang Ji spread her hands: “Your Majesty misses you so much, she would call me you by mistake every day.”

The powerlessness was mostly healed, and she wished to go back to the palace to see Her Majesty immediately, half of a smile appeared on her face, and she suddenly came back to her senses, and said: “Us? Who else came with you?”

Wang Ji said: “Chen Yan.”

Azhi's eyes widened: “Ah? She's here too?”

At this moment, Chen Yan said loudly outside: “Are you awake? Don't mutter inside, you don't even know what to say to the people outside.”

Azhi started to feel awkward again, that is to say, more than one person knew about her future.

Then she soon found out that there was also Doctor Fei outside.

Now that she was awake, Fei Ming suggested that A Zhi pack up her things and live in her house because she felt that the living conditions here were too bad.
At this time, a servant of the Sun family sneaked in from outside, and Chen Yan frowned and carried him away.
When he came in, he rubbed his hands together and said, “My lord, the master's house has cleared out a master bedroom in the south courtyard, and Mrs.
Sun can live in it at any time.”

“Also, I heard that the concierge often made things difficult for Mrs.
Sun, and the master beat him up and threw him out.
Sun, you don't remember this villains, but don't bear any grudge against us—it's not that you can't, I'm just worried that you'll get angry.”

Azhi frowned slightly, but she was even more disappointed when she heard the words, she used to think that her adoptive parents didn't know that the servants were ignorant of her, but now she understands, they all see, they just don't care.

She didn't know what to say, so she turned cold for a moment, Chen Yan said: “No need, she has a place to live, your Sun family can't accommodate her, but there are many places that can accommodate her.”

She turned to look at A Zhi's weak appearance, Then she said again: “If you are still interested, call us a car.”

The servant was in a dilemma, but seeing Chen Yan holding down the knife again, he ran out in a hurry.
After a while, a more gorgeously dressed man came, some women smiled and were about to speak when Chen Yan pulled out her knife and sighed, “Don't tell me, I have to listen to some nonsense again.”

She chopped off a beard stool in the house with a knife, and the woman and the man took a deep breath, and said in a trembling voice for a long time: “…the car is ready.”

Everyone was sent to the gate again.
Just as Ah Zhi was about to get in the car, a thin man ran over and knelt on the ground, crying: “Lady… Lady, help me, I used to be blind, if I am kicked out like this, I will die.”

It was the porter.

Ah Zhi couldn't bear it, and was about to speak, Chen Yan picked her up and stuffed her into the carriage, then kicked the porter to the side, and looked back at the head of the Sun family coldly: “Is there no servant in your family? Can such a person not be tied up for dinner, or is the family too poor to afford a rope, so that he can come to us?”

The Patriarch of the Sun Family said with a pale face, “Come here, come here, tie him up, Throw it into the woodshed.”

She was indeed frightened because the girl in front of her eyes gave her chills just by looking at her.
It was a look of a person that had killed people.

Chen Yan got into the car, handed Fei Ming the rope that led the cattle, asked her to drive, and got into the car by himself.
Wang Ji was startled, and said, “Why did you come in?

Chen Yan raised her eyebrows: “Why do you say I can't come in?”

“This, this…” She glanced at Azhi, thinking, isn't it because Azhi is a Dikun and Chen Yan is a Heavenly Stem?

But after thinking about it, they usually work together in the palace, and she doesn't seem to have paid attention to this matter.

Chen Yan snorted coldly: “I'm afraid I'll fall in love with her, no, I hate this kind of weak fool the most.”

Wang Ji refused to accept: “How do you say it!”

Chen Yan said: “I said something wrong? Did you just say that? Your heart has softness, I think the Sun family saw this, and put this person in front of you to plead with you.”

Azhi lowered his head: “He didn't do anything…they didn't do anything, I am now alone.
Earning a salary, I could support myself.
The Sun family provided me with a place to live.
I am already satisfied.
This time it was just an accident…”

Her voice became lower and lower, and after a while, she saw that Chen Yan did not continue to talk about her.
She looked up and saw Chen Yan looking out the window with a stern expression, not knowing what she was thinking.

Wang Ji also noticed that Chen Yan's reaction was a little too aggressive, maybe she had encountered something before, and wanted to ask, but felt a little impolite, so the three of them remained silent on the way to Fei Ming's house.

They rested at Fei Ming's house for a while, had dinner, and seeing that A Zhi was much better, they prepared to return to the palace to return to complete their orders.

Originally, Azhi was going to stay at Fei Ming's house to rest for one night, but Azhi was unwilling, saying that she would go to the palace to plead guilty to Her Majesty no matter what, so she changed her clothes, and the three of them went back to the palace together.

The sky was getting dark, Fu Ping’An looked at the last ray of purple in the sky and questioned—

“Why haven't any of them come back?”

Looking at her, she seemed to be talking to herself, but of course, she was talking to the live broadcast room.
The people in the live chat are chatting, and the people in the live broadcast room are chattering——

[He Yi is my wife: Is there something that has delayed you?]

[My Yu Xiaoyu and I: Isn't this nonsense, the problem is what was delayed.]

[Lala people: Sure enough, the ancient times were still bad, if you make a call in the modern age, you will know.]

[What time to sleep tonight: But what I hate the most is that I get frantic phone calls from my boss after finally taking a rest.]

[Dong Xing Zancha: Actually, Wang Ji's words…
Maybe she just wants to touch fish for a while.]

Fu Ping’An was amused by the barrage, but she was still a little uneasy.
She was about to send someone to find them when Qin He reported that they had returned.

Fu Ping’An unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief and quickly summoned the three of them.
At a glance, she could see that A Zhi looked a little haggard.
She was about to ask A Zhi out loud, but Chen Yan suddenly stepped forward and saluted: “Your Majesty, I have something to report.”

Fu Ping’An was stunned: “Say.”

“The minister wants to go up, the unreasonable Sun's mutilated their adopted daughter, neglected the court officials, were unkind to their children, and unfavorable to the people.”


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