reveal her real identity, which must mean that she doesn't care about the reward for saving her.
Like Huo Pingmao, she just announced her name before she saw Fu Ping’An's face; for fear that Fu Ping’An would not hear it.

It didn't take long to think about these things, and soon Fu Ping’An started to deal with the next thing.

Xu Weiqing wanted to see her.

After the deer banquet that day, the incident happened urgently, so after taking these people to prison there was no time to deal with it.
Among them, Tian Anzhi was the most wronged.
Under normal circumstances, the other party should be released after questioning.
After all, this matter has nothing to do with her.
It doesn't matter at all.

But so many big things happened later, the subordinate officials couldn't figure out the situation, so they put the four people in prison without releasing them.
Fu Ping’An knew about this matter yesterday, but she didn't have time to deal with it.
I didn't expect that the one who made the request first today was not Tian Anzhi, but Xu Weiqing.

It can be seen from this that Xu Weiqing is quite self-righteous.

Fu Ping’An wrote the names of the four people on a piece of thin paper.
The paper was very soft and the ink was scattered.
Fu Ping’An wrote the words “self-righteous” after Xu Weiqing's name.

The bullet screens all agreed.

 [Guardian of Lone Star: But the note she gave is very interesting, you can also see it.]

Xu Weiqing also asked the jailer to bring out a piece of cloth with the word “divorce” written on it.

Fu Ping’An simply summoned all four of them, and first met Xu Weiqing.
As soon as Xu Weiqing arrived at the hall, Fu Ping’An threw the cloth in front of her and asked, “What do you mean?”

Xu Weiqing Properly salutes, neither humble nor overbearing: “I know in prison that there are major events in the country today.
I came from Hunan and know that the king of Xiang is a person.
She is cowardly and timid.
She looks forward and backward.
She can't rebel.
I am willing to go to Hunan for your majesty.
The king of Xiang gave up raising troops, and if the Three Kingdoms Alliance loses one country, there will be chaos.”

 [I really want to see the moon: If she can do it, it would be a good idea.]

Fu Ping’An was very surprised, but her face was flat, and she even sneered and said: “You can know the important affairs of the country even in prison.
It's amazing.”

When Xu Zhiqing dared not stand up, Fu Ping’An asked: “You are somewhat sure.”

Xu Weiqing said, “Eighty percent.”

But his expression was arrogant and relaxed; it looked like he was 100% sure.

Fu Ping’An was a little bit unconvinced, because Xu Weiqing insisted on exposing Wang Heqin's fraud earlier, and it seemed very brainless.

So Fu Ping’An asked: “If you accomplish this, what reward do you need?”

Xu Weiqing bowed to the ground: “I hope Your Majesty can spare Wang Heqin's life.”

Fu Ping’An really couldn't control her surprised expression: “You wanted to save Wang Heqin, so why didn't you just expose it at that time.”

Xu Weiqing pursed his lips and said, “These are two things.
I don't want to deceive Your Majesty, but I also don't want to deceive you.
I don't want to kill my colleagues.”

Fu Ping’An fell silent.

She didn't know if what Xu Weiqing said was the truth, but it was so refreshing!

A seemingly stubborn and self-righteous person said solemnly that he never wanted to deceive her.
It has to be said that it was very helpful to Fu Ping’An.

She even wanted to appear happy, but luckily the bullet screen reminded her to control her expression, so she only showed a slight smile and said lightly: “If it can be done, it is a great achievement, why can't I promise, but the premise is that you can do it.”

Xu Weiqing said: “I will not disgrace my life.”

Fu Ping’An said: “Whatever you need if I have it, I will provide it.”

Xu Weiqing said: “Nothing else is needed, just a good horse, King Xiang I love horses like crazy, and I need a good horse to approach the King of Xiang.”

Fu Ping’An nodded in agreement and sent someone to take Xu Weiqing to the stable to pick a good horse.

Xu Weiqing is a person who did not appear in the original book, but now it seems that although he is self-righteous, he is at least courageous and resourceful.

As soon as Xu Weiqing left, Fu Ping’An asked someone to bring Wang Lixu.
Since Xu Weiqing could perform like this, Fu Ping’An naturally looked forward to Wang Lixu even more, but Wang Lixu stood in front of the court and didn't say anything unexpected.
He added an explanation about the deer banquet, saying that Wang Heqin threatened him before the banquet that if he didn't do so, his reputation in Beijing would be discredited, and no junior from a good family would dare to marry him.

Fu Ping’An usually didn't think about these things at all, but now that she heard it, she felt a little ridiculous at first, and she didn't understand it.
After a long silence, she said, “…that's it?”

But as soon as the words fell, the barrage began to teach her— —

 [Little pervert: This is serious; you don’t feel back pain when you stand and talk.]

 [Catching fireflies to make a miner's hat: that is to say, for Di Kun, this is a lifelong event, and Di Kun can't be an official.
Marrying a good family and raising children are related to his life.]

Fu Ping’An looked at Wang Lixu and saw that the other party lowered his eyes and pursed his mouth.
She didn't know what he was thinking, but Fu Ping’An guessed that he might be scolding herself in his heart.

Fu Ping’An was a little uncomfortable, so she said, “Do you want to do something other than marry?”

Wang Lixu suddenly raised his eyes, and the light in Fu Ping's eyes fell into Fu Ping's eyes for a moment, and then disappeared because he lowered his head but even without the barrage reminder, Fu Ping’An had already seen the answer hidden in those eyes.

And this answer was also said by Wang Lixu himself: “Why don't you want to, but your majesty, what else can a villain do?”

Fu Ping’An said calmly: “Then don't ask me, I just want to ask, what do you want to do?”

Wang Lixu finally raised his head and said provocatively: “The villain wants to join the army and go out with the army.”

Fu Ping’An smiled: “You two, although you are in prison, you are very well informed.”


Wang Lixu: “…”


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