Walking among the tall and dusty soldiers, Fu Ping’An looked even paler and thinner, like a piece of jade stained with frost and snow, beautiful but fragile, but wherever she passed, the soldiers receded like a tide, and the flames were heavy, dyeing her ears red and the flushed cheeks made her look a little bloody.

The moment Ah Zhi saw Her Majesty, she finally felt relieved.

With tears in her eyes, she stepped forward, wrapped Her Majesty tightly in fox fur, and tried her best to hold back the tears that were about to fall.

She still remembered that an hour ago, Chen Yan stared at her and said sternly: “Don't cry, what's the use of crying, since you have become a palace official and chosen another path, you should calm down when things happen.”

Ah Zhi felt absurd: “Why am I not calm? In the current situation, can’t I even be anxious?”

“There is no definite news that something happened to Her Majesty, but she was so flustered that she left something to talk about.
I believe Her Majesty is absolutely fine.

Chen Yan's face was expressionless but her eyes were firm, so Ah Zhi gradually calmed down.
She thought, as a subordinate of Her Majesty, she must not lose to others.

So after that, she held back her many thoughts, and only had one thought, which was to wait until Her Majesty returned to the palace.
When she saw Her Majesty who looked slender but calm in the crowd, she finally had a sore nose.

After Fu Ping’An was wrapped in fox fur, she realized that it was indeed a bit cold.
She smiled at A Zhi, and said softly, “I'm fine.”

In front of her, he prostrated himself on the ground and said loudly: “Your Majesty is fine; it is a blessing for the world and the people.”

Fu Ping’An helped Tian Yin up: “Uncle, you have worked hard.”

She looked at Fu Lingxian again, nodded, and said: “Auntie has worked hard too; auntie don't blame uncle, I don't think uncle has such intentions.”

Fu Lingxian moved the corner of her mouth, Fu Ping’An thought that the other party probably wanted to laugh, but it seemed that the smile was not so obvious, Fu Ping’An looked directly at Fu Lingxian quietly, and said for a long time: “I heard what you said just now, Bo Wei committed treason.
The crime must be punished but the three kings of Qi, Xiang, and Chu; I don’t know if they were deceived by him, so my aunt will follow me into the palace to discuss it.”

 [Today’s tool man: What is she thinking, it looks weird.]

 [Lone Star Wanderer: I guess she is thinking, whether the anchor still trusts her, whether she will take off her armor and arrest her after entering the palace.]

 [I really want to see the moon: Sometimes people choose not to do that, just because they are not in that situation.
Tonight, she may have realized what kind of choice she would make if she were in that situation.

 [Insomnia day by day: Why are you pretending to be unfathomable and amazing?]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: that is to say when Ping An disappeared tonight, she had other thoughts in her mind, such as becoming an emperor…]

 [Chang'an Hua: But why do you think she must have thought this way?]

 [Lone Star Wanderer: She dares not enter the palace just because she has ghosts in her heart.]

 [Shangguanguanguanguan: Does that mean she can't be sent to suppress the rebellion? Then who else? ]

[Late procrastination: Prince Ying? He seems pretty good.

 [Lion Chewing Park: That's right, Mr.
Ying is not bad, not to mention that he will be that or something in the future, right?]

 [Insomnia day by day: Okay, stop talking.]

Fu Ping’An actually couldn't see what the barrage said very carefully.
She only took a rough look, because she put all her attention on Fu Lingxian at this time, and Fu Ling Xian’s body was tense, like a fully drawn bow.

Fu Ping’An was also very nervous because Fu Lingxian had a sword hanging from her waist.
If she wanted to be disobedient, the distance now was enough for the opponent to draw out the sword and cut her directly.

Before the bullet screen, it was said that Fu Ling Xian’s rebellion in the original work was more like being forced into a desperate situation, but at such a moment, Fu Ping’An couldn't be calm just because the original work was stamped.

Time slowed down in the stagnant atmosphere, but in fact, it was only a few breaths.
Fu Lingxian got off her horse and saluted Fu Ping’An, saying: “Although this matter is urgent, Bo Wei just escaped from the city, and it will take time for them to gather an army.
Go and inform the ministers to come and discuss together in the Xuanshi Hall, to plan carefully.”

Fu Ping’An was a little disappointed; she didn't plan to do anything to Fu Lingxian.

She still nodded and said: “The night is heavy, aunt also take care of your health.”

Fu Lingxian got on the horse and left again.
Fu Ping’An, Tian Yin, and others entered the palace.
On the way, Fu Ping’An asked Tian Bin about his current situation.
One by one, the situation is a little better than imagined.
Although the three counties have said that they want to punish the rebels and insurgents, only the Qi country has started to gather soldiers.
The king of Xiang looks like he was temporarily dragged on board, and Chu and Qixiang are separated by the Qianjiang River, and the exchanges are not close.

“…What's more, if they want to attack Wei Jing, they must first take down Anyi.
Anyi city is as solid as gold, and there are strong soldiers, they will never be able to take it down.”

Fu Ping’An smiled helplessly and said: “But uncle, if they attack when we arrived in Anyi, there was no one from our court, and there were hundreds of cities, large and small, on the way.
Could it be that they were looting all of them? Aren't our subjects going to be displaced again?”

Tian Yan hurriedly said: “What I said is the worst case; I believe that such unjust teachers will fall apart if they fail to cross the Qianjiang River.”

Fu Ping’An said: “I don't want to listen to flattery, in your opinion, who can lead the battle.”

Fu Ping’An and Tian Jin looked at each other, the two of them didn't speak for a moment, but they all saw a sentence from the swollen eyes of the other party – anyway, it's better not to be the regent.

Before dawn the next morning, Fu Ping’An announced Duke Ying into the palace.

At the same time, another small group of people took the imperial decree and headed toward the western part of the city.

Before Luo Qionghua entered the door, she knew that she would not be able to please her mother today.
At best, she would be beaten up and at worst, she would be sent to her grandmother's house, and she would simply be asked to leave Wei Jing.

In short, she was going to stay at home sullenly.

If you leave Wei Jing, you really won't have the chance to meet Her Majesty.
Her Majesty even calls herself “I” in front of her.
She must see her differently.
How can she leave at this time?

She took a deep breath and sneaked up the wall, but just as she was riding on the wall, the flames lit up.
Chang Min stared at her from under the wall and stretched out her hand to grab her leg.

“Hey, mother, let go, let go, my leg is going to break.”

Luo Qionghua was dragged to the ground, staggered a few times, and then her ears were picked up: “You run around like this, sooner or later you will get into trouble, or if someone beats you to death outside, why don't I beat you to death first!”

Luo Qionghua said: “Mother, I didn't cause any trouble, I was very careful, there was no one outside.”

Chang Min was impatient, and hugged Luo Qionghua patting her back hard on the shoulder, and said: “Do you know what happened today? Do you know that even if you were killed outside today, we might not know about it?”

Luo Qionghua thought to herself: I know, of course, I know.

But she also knew that if she told her mother what she had experienced, her mother would only be more worried, so she could only look at her mother flatteringly, and said with a guilty conscience: “I dare not, I really dare not.”

Chang Min said: “You have counted how many times you have said this? Do you still have credibility?”

Luo Qionghua hugged Chang Min's arm, and was about to beg for mercy, when suddenly someone came in a hurry, ran to Chang Min's side, out of breath, and said: “Madam…the imperial edict…the imperial edict is here.”

Luo Qionghua heard this the words also changed slightly, and she knew that something serious must have happened.

Huo Zhengmao didn't fall asleep all night, staring at the beams on the roof in a daze all night.

After a while, the exquisite face like a jade carving appeared in his mind again, and he couldn't help sighing again: “How could I have said that kind of thing? If I knew that she was Your Majesty, I wouldn't be able to make fun of her even if I was killed.”

Huo Pingsheng lay on the side, and finally straightened up unbearably, and said: “You are enough.
I will talk about this for one night, so I have already asked you to keep your mouth shut, don't talk nonsense, is it hard?”

Huo Zhengmao said: “I won't do it in the future, but…
But is my life just like this, has I lost hope?”

“It's really sick.”

Huo Pingsheng impatiently picked up her coat and straightened up.
Anyway, seeing that it was dawn, she got up directly and went out the door but saw that the old Taoist nun hadn't left yet, squatting at the door and staring at the sky in a daze.

Huo Pingsheng listened to her conversation with Her Majesty yesterday and felt that the other party seemed to have something, so she walked over and said, “Mrs.
Zhang, you got up so early.”

Zhang Qixing said with a smile: “I'm old and feel less, not to mention the redness in the sky soaring to the sky, I think something big happened, maybe it was a bloodbath.”

Huo Pingsheng frowned: “It's so scary, is it also said in the “Shangshu”?”

Zhang Qixing said: “No, it's “The Five Elements of Heaven and Earth”, do you want to learn it?

Huo Pingsheng's eyes lit up when she heard the words: “Are you willing to teach me?”

She hesitated again: “But…but I don't have much money.”

Zhang Qixing said: “I look at you, you should be rich soon.”

“What? Is it also said in “The Five Elements of Heaven and Earth”?”

“No, it's “The Classic of the Great Face.”

Huo Pingsheng admired: “You are well-read.”

Zhang Qixing nodded with a smile, and suddenly looked to the south, Huo Pingsheng also squinted her eyes.
Looking in that direction, she saw dust and smoke rising, and a couple of people were coming on horseback.

That's not an ordinary person.
Anyone with a horse these days is not an ordinary person.

Huo Pingsheng went to the yard, looked around curiously, but saw three fine horses parked at the gate of their yard, and the neighbor was just boiling water, looking out of the window curiously.

Huo Pingsheng was a little nervous.
The person who came was a tall and fit woman.
She sat on the horse and smiled and asked, “You are Huo Pingsheng?”

Laughing, she got off her horse and said, “I am Chen Yan.
Your Majesty has a decree for Huo Pingsheng and Huo Zhengmao.
Is Huo Zhengmao there?”

As soon as the words fell, Huo Pingsheng saw her elder brother running out of the house, knelt, and said: “Xiaomin is Huo Zhengmao.”

Huo Pingsheng: “…”

Her brother really wants to be an official.

But it is good to be an official.
When my grandfather was an official, there were still servants in the family.

Chen Yan looked at her: “Child, accept the order.”


Huo Pingsheng fell to her knees in a daze, and she vaguely felt that her life was about to undergo earth-shaking changes.

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