er you have, which is clear at a glance.
While you are observing them, they are also observing you with cold eyes.

Especially the promises that have been made must not be unfulfilled.

 [Wake up and sleep or not: what is Ping An thinking?]

 [Geng Wu: I should be thinking about how to have a banquet with Qin He and who else is coming, and how to talk to these people.]

 [seek: Let's just say it, it should be understandable.]

 [Okay, that's it: yes, after all, there is still the regent, everyone should know.]

 [Arrods looks at you: That's hard to say, the leader knows but what about the people below, what about the soldiers?]

Fu Ping'An finally reacted, she said: “I can transfer the soldiers' rewards from the internal treasury, and I can still get the money.”]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: I thought you were disheartened.]

 [Insomnia every day: What happened, did I get up too late?]

Fu Ping’An frowned and said, “It's just, what should I do next? I'm a little…at a loss.”

Bo Mengshang didn't come to court today, and she also took sick leave for the afternoon teaching.

This is understandable; after all, Empress Dowager Bo is the one who seemingly single-handedly promoted her, so her situation will appear embarrassing.

Fu Ping’An is also happy to let the other party be temporarily neutral on the surface, which may have an unexpected effect.

But this means that she doesn't have to go to class in the afternoon and she can't discuss the situation with Bo Mengshang, so what else can she do?

 [Lone Star Wanderer: You need more information and more divergent imagination.]

Fu Ping’An was stunned for a moment: “Huh?”

 [Doctor Royal Envoy.
It's very simple to reward the person you want to reward.
Do you think it's a normal process for the queen mother to promote her uncle? Just makeup one.

 [Lone Star Wanderer: The information is for you to distinguish who you need to win over and who you need to suppress in the DPRK.
The game of power is simply divided and conquered.
Know who can be pulled and who can be beaten.

 [Lone Star Wanderer: As for what you have to do now, it is to read the documents.
You need to know first-hand information, oh, is this called a memorial or an edict or something? ]

Fu Ping’An nodded ignorantly, sparks seemed to flicker in her mind, and she felt that what she said was something that she had thought of before but could not describe.

Although she didn't understand it, she decided to do it first.

She finally acted, called Qin He in first, and explained the actual content of the reward.
She thought Qin He would be lost, but in fact, the other party looked happy, and didn't show any disappointment and even comforted: “Your Majesty has been wronged.”

Apparently, her subordinates are better at currying favor with her than she imagined.

She called Chen Yan and Tian Ping again, and when she saw them, she let out a long sigh and said,” I have no right, nor can I do much.”

Once again she realized that her weak and young appearance had unexpected consequences, Chen Yan and Tian Ping felt very sympathetic to her and thought she had done her best.

Tian Ping said bluntly: “I went back to see Mr.
Tian also said that your majesty acted too hastily, and then warned me that you must never complain about your majesty—how could you complain about your majesty? If you can do things for your majesty, I am already grateful and have nothing to repay.
How can I return it? How about expecting something in return from Her Majesty?”

Chen Yan looked at Tian Ping in shock, she probably didn't expect Tian Ping to be so good at talking, and so she was a little flustered when it was her turn, calmed down, and said: “I only know how to give to Your Majesty.
Loyalty is a matter of course, and those who are disobedient will kill themselves sooner or later.”

If Fu Ping’An had heard these words yesterday, she would have been elated, but at the moment she is very calm, no matter who is standing in the position of Chen Yan and Tian Ping at the moment, they will all be happy.
Such words must be said.

That doesn't mean they think so in reality.

After accepting their words of allegiance, Fu Ping’An hurriedly said: “But all the strong men took risks for me.
If there is no reward, I feel ashamed.
How about this? After you go back, write a book and tell me what you have done so far.
As for the soldier's reward, I will allocate it from the inner treasury, so you don't have to worry about it.”

The two bowed down and accepted the order.

At this moment, Fu Ping’An realized that she was hungry and her eyes were dark, so she hurried to eat first, then came to the study, summoned the Minister, and asked him to bring over all the imperial edicts from the past five years.

She spoke like this, but she saw that Shang Shu was trembling, lying on the ground, and couldn't get up.
When she looked closely, she found that it was He Fang who was sent by the Queen Mother to monitor her.

Now the other party is covered in a cold sweat, shaking like a sieve, and looks like she is going to pass away.

Only then did Fu Ping’An remember that there were too many things, and she forgot to deal with this person.

 [Ze who doesn't want to work hard: Isn't this the one who keeps rolling her eyes at the anchor?]

 [Bei Ji: He's terrified now.]

 [What should I be called: So why were you so crazy at the time, took chicken feathers as arrows, this person is a bit stupid.]

Fu Ping’An stared at him with interest for a while, and suddenly felt that she was not interested, and what's the point of showing off in front of her servants, so she even said kindly: “The Queen Mother is ill, would you like to serve her?”

He Fang limp on the ground.

Behind the other party was a female official who was holding paperwork.
Seeing this, Fu Ping’An's eyes widened.
Fu Ping’An waved her hand: “Come here, He Shangshu is worried about the Queen Mother's condition.
Let her serve the Queen Mother.”

Lang Wei came in and dragged her away.
After leaving He Fang, Fu Ping’An smiled and looked at the accompanying female officer: “What's your name?”

The other party buried her head on the ground: “The minister's name is Wang Ji.”

“You are from the Wang family of Yuezhou?”

“It's just a side branch.”

“Oh, then from today onwards, you can accompany me here to sort out the documents.”

“I obey the order.”

She didn't raise her head the whole time, and Fu Ping’An didn't see what she looked like, only that she was shaking very badly, and looked like a very timid person.

After that day, Fu Ping’An spent a very busy month, going to court in the morning, attending class in the afternoon, reading old articles, and replying to newly sent memorials in the evening.
Finally fall asleep.

Finally one day, the barrage couldn't help but warn—

 [Insomnia day by day: You'd better not continue like this, this is a kind of overdraft to the body.]

 [What should I be called: Although you have insomnia, don't you stay up late every day?]

 [Insomnia every day: I am an adult! Minors will not grow taller like this! ]

Fu Ping’An finally raised her head from the copybook, and said vigilantly, “Really, isn't the president tall?”

Fu Ping’An humbly asks for advice: “Then how can I grow taller?”


 [Chang'an Hua: Sleep more, drink more milk, spend more time in the sun and do outdoor sports?]


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