When Luo Xiang came back, he saw another familiar bullock cart parked at the door, so he couldn't help frowning.

In the past month, he has seen this bullock cart three times, and the gatekeeper came to report and handed over the greeting card.
It was indeed Tian Yan.
The wooden tablet was made of clean and flawless fir wood, with the Tian family emblem printed on it.
It was written——[Shanren Tian Yi pays homage to Yingying Gong], the characters are beautiful, elegant and free like flowing clouds, which made him sigh inwardly that he is worthy of being from a noble family.

Luo Xiang was born as a military general, and he didn't know any characters when he was in war.
After Gaozu was unified, he was made a marquis because of his meritorious service in fighting and saving his family.
Then he started to recognize characters.
Today, his handwriting is still like a dog crawling, and he feels a little bit of yearning about these scholars, but after thinking about it, he still shook his head, and said to the door: “Tell him to go back.
You don't want anything.
Go back.”

Entering the yard, Chang Min, the Ying Gou princess, came up to him and asked, “You told him to go back again.

Luo Xiang nodded: “Ah, why, do you want to see?”

Chang Min glared at him: “Why do I see him, but he is also Her Majesty's uncle, why don't you see him?”

Luo Xiang took off his coat and handed it over.
To the servants at the side, he waved his hand to tell them to retreat, and he said after the door was closed, “It's because of this that I can't see you, do you know how many palaces of ministers in the court Fu Lingxian has gone to since he went south?”

Chang Min frowned: “Indeed, he was too anxious.
It's not like Fu Lingxian won't come back.”

Luo Xiang said: “But it's hard to say, he might have done it for others to see.”

Chang Min: “Do it for someone else.
Who? Your Majesty?”

Luo Xiang smiled: “Your Majesty can't see it, but speaking of it, I did see Your Majesty today.
After the New Year, Your Majesty has grown up a lot.
Last year, I was still a child.
This year her eyebrows and eyes are wide open, and she can reach the table when she sits on a chair.”

Chang Min also laughed when he heard the words: “How can you say that about Your Majesty.”

After talking and laughing, his expression turned back to worry: “Your Majesty finally went to court today?”

Luo Xiang thought for a moment, and said: “Everyone in the court said that Fu Lingxian's trip to the south; she must be powerful when she comes back.
I think the Queen Mother should also believe it.
Before going out, she wanted to make her nephew a deputy general.
It's not that Fu Lingxian is tough, how can she not let her succeed, but that toughness must have made her afraid, not to mention that under the lobbying of Na Tian, ​​the courtiers have written letters asking Her Majesty to listen to the government, saying that political affairs should be seen by Her Majesty in order to be in accordance with the law …”

Chang Min understood: “So she moved out Her Majesty?

“Come to the morning court nine days ago, and have classes at other times.” Luo Xiang lowered his voice, “When I came today, I sealed Liang Nan's land to Bo Wei, and a family of ten princes couldn't satisfy her anymore.”

He sighed He took a breath, and said: “Tian Bin's lobbying may also take two points of the credit.
After all, if Her Majesty is in charge, he will definitely seal the birth mother.
Once the emperor and the courtiers, the Bo family's today is not the Tian family's tomorrow, right? As long as our Majesty can be healthy and safe…Luo Qionghua! What are you doing here?”

His tone changed suddenly, Luo Xiang strode to the back of the screen, and pulled out a little girl from there.
She has peach cheeks, almond eyes and upturned nose, wearing a green skirt, her hair is tied into two braids on her head, but now she looks dirty all over her body, and her hair is also loose.
Luo Xiang told her to stand up straight and saw her feet he also lost one of his wooden clogs, and immediately said with anger: “Where have you been? Did you go to farm?”

Luo Qionghua blinked her eyes: “Tie Zhu lost Erya's newly bought hairpin, I went to help Er Ya get it back?”

Luo Xiang was at a loss: “Who are they?”

Chang Min approached and whispered: “It should be the child of someone in the front yard.”

Luo Xiang was shocked: “You ran out?”

Luo Xiang himself is a rough person, so he hopes that the next generation will be a scholar, and specially invites a nanny from the palace to raise his daughter Luo Qionghua, but he is an old man, and he has always doted on his only daughter.
As a result, she was over-spoiled and raised a child who was even tougher than when he was a child.

Luo Qionghua knows how to read his face best.
Seeing that her father is about to get angry, she quickly hugged her father's arm and wrapped it around him, changing the subject: “Ah Weng, did you see Your Majesty today? What kind of person is Your Majesty? Your Majesty is the same age as me, is that as tall as me? How does she look?”

She asked a bunch of questions like a cannonball, which confused Luo Xiang, who was already a little tired, so he didn't care about getting angry, and subconsciously said: “Your Majesty doesn't seem to be as tall as you are, is very beautiful…
Wait a minute; you don't think I will let you go like this, do you?”

Luo Qionghua knelt on the ground, looked at Luo Xiang timidly, and said, “Ah, daughter knows it's wrong.”

Now Luo Xiang's heart softened all of a sudden, and he said firmly: “Go back to the room; I'll deal with you later.”

Luo Qionghua hurriedly got up and ran outside, pushed open the door and went outside, but she poked her head half way in and asked, “Did Your Majesty talk to you today?”

Luo Xiang made a gesture to take off his shoes and hit people: “It's none of your business, okay, have you been eavesdropping on me and your mother talking?”

Luo Qionghua ran away in a hurry.

But Luo Xiang thought for a while, and said to Chang Min beside him for a while: “Don't you really say it, you just said something, what you said is…
So, is this the result of hard work?”

Chang Min: “What do you mean?”

Luo Xiang : “I don't know.”

Fu Ping’An was also regretting blurting out this sentence at this time.

“Why didn't you hold back? At that time, it was just…
just seeing that you guys were chatting so passionately.” Moreover, what was said was very interesting, and Fu Ping’An was fascinated.

This started when [want to see the moon] joined the live broadcast room.
As soon as the other party came in, he said that it was an opportunity for her for the Regent to leave, but asked the specific reason, but he didn't say anything.
He didn't show up either.

The other party seems to have a personality that doesn't like comments very much, and he rarely speaks after that.

But only half a month after the Regent left, Fu Ping’An was suddenly called to the Qianqiu Palace by the Queen Mother late at night one day.
: “The emperor's body is almost taken care of, and it's time to go to court.
In the next ten days, every three or six or nine; she will go to Chaoyang Palace to listen to politics.”

Fu Ping’An was overjoyed, but said on his mouth: “My son is not studying hard, now I don’t know a few big characters, and I don’t understand what those ministers are talking about.”

The Queen Mother touched her face and said angrily: “Now I know that I regret it? I usually tell you to study hard, but you are born to fish for three days and spend two days in the sun.
Fan Yilai has told me many times that you are smart, but you just don’t want to learn.”

Every time the Queen Mother persuades her to learn, she seems to be completely sincere, although the barrage always says that the Queen Mother is deliberately supporting her, but sometimes Fu Ping’An still gets confused, is the Queen Mother sincere?

She nodded and said: “Okay, I will study hard in the future.”

The Queen Mother looked at her with a loving smile, and said dotingly: “But if the emperor is tired, it's okay to take a rest.
Why do you have to work hard on your own, don’t those ministers have nothing to do with food?”

 [Mars is the first step: the Queen Mother is split enough, she persuades you to learn and then persuades you not to learn, does she know what she is talking about?]

 [Yue Yueke: But, what you said is also true.
Why do you still have to do it yourself when you are an emperor?]

 [I love learning: learning is for myself! Learning is lifelong!]

Fu Ping’An put her face on the Queen Mother's arm.
The scent of the powder was a little choking.
She resisted the urge to cough and said, “It's enough to have the Queen Mother and the Emperor's Aunt here.”

The Queen Mother's voice was a little cold: “My being in the harem, understanding is nothing more than training and teaching palace people, how can it compare to your imperial aunt, if you want to rely on, you still have to rely on your imperial aunt, she is now going to South Vietnam, just to pray for her every day, I hope she returns safely and victorious.”

 [Xiao Jiu 794: Is this the truth? How do I feel that I said it through gritted teeth? ]

 [Baby Ping’An is so cute: Hahahahahahaha]

 [Queen of out-of-tune song Wang Ami: She speaks with a yin and yang strangeness on the same level as insomnia.]

 [Insomnia every day:?]

Under the reminder of the barrage, Fu Ping’An also found out that the Queen Mother's words were insincere.
Rather than praising the Regent, it was more like implying that the Regent was too powerful.
Naturally, Fu Ping’An just pretended not to understand.
The two were filial to their mother and son for a while, and Fu Ping’An went back.

That night she was so excited that she couldn't fall asleep anyway, so she chatted with the barrage all over the place, and didn't fall asleep until it was almost dawn, but she didn't sleep long before she was woken up, dressed neatly and headed to Chaoyang Palace.

She was wearing a blue robe with five-clawed golden dragons embroidered on it, and a heavy crown.
She was sitting on the throne, and the Queen Mother was sitting behind her on the right.
She looked at the ministers standing all over the court, and her heart was pounding.

…and start to feel sleepy.

In fact, she was still listening to what the ministers said at the beginning.
She remembered that the Da Xing Ling came forward to report to the officials who came to Beijing to thank them, and left Beijing to ask for their kindness.
This official supposedly reported it, but Fu Ping’An didn't know it at all, so in fact they came to see the Queen Mother.

After seeing these people in turn, they reported to the frontier customs, especially the report from South Vietnam, saying that the intrusion was serious and the people were deeply disturbed.

At this point, Fu Ping’An has begun to half understand.

What's more, in fact, the official's main conversation partner was the Queen Mother, and the answer was also the Queen Mother.
Fu Ping’An inevitably started to lose her mind.

 [What should I be called: Is this what it feels like to be on the cloud?]

 [Romance mixed with corruption and retreat: Wow, it feels like being an emperor.]

 [Shoushou: It's actually not very interesting after watching it for a long time.]

 [No matter Wei Jin: The main reason is that I don't understand.]

 [Layla: I was sneaking in to watch the live broadcast in class, but I didn't expect the live broadcast to be more boring than class.]

 [Want to see the moon: You will find it interesting if you listen carefully.]

 [Insomnia day by day: You guys have appeared again.]

 [Taro Bobo Milk Tea: I was hit by what you said, it really became an opportunity, why on earth did it happen?]

 [Want to watch the moon: It’s very simple.
It’s not the anchor, but the Empress Dowager who is most afraid of the Regent’s achievements.
The Queen Mother wants to check and balance the Regent.
It has existed since ancient times.]

 [I really want to see the moon: Didn’t the man surnamed Tian say that he would look for an opportunity? Such a good opportunity, he still doesn’t take any action.
Days, for this good day, they should also work hard.]

 [Bobo milk tea with taro paste: In ancient times, you should be very careful about your relatives.]

 [Want to see the moon: The feudal dynasty was very long, and naturally thought of many ways to suppress foreign relatives, but analyzing specific issues, judging from the current situation of the Empress Dowager Bo's family, the current system is not very good at suppressing foreign relatives.]

“So, is this the result of hard work?”

Fu Ping’An blurted out such a sentence at this moment.

The hall was suddenly quiet for a moment, and after a long while, the Queen Mother asked softly: “What did the emperor say?”

Fu Ping’An woke up like a dream, and in this emergency situation, she was quick-witted, pretending to be talking in her sleep and said with a confused face: “What, have you spoken?”

The Queen Mother smiled and said, “The emperor is tired, do you want to go back first?”

Fu Ping’An knew that this was a good opportunity to show off her dandyism, but she was somewhat reluctant, so she said: “The Queen Mother is not tired, and neither is I.
Tired, I will go back with my mother.”

The Queen Mother showed a gratified smile, Fan Yi stood out of the queue, and praised: “Your Majesty's pure filial piety is an example for the country.”

At the end of the early dynasty, several auxiliary ministers went to the Xuanshi Hall to discuss government affairs with the Queen Mother.
Fu Ping’An was sent back first because she was “sleepy”.

Fu Ping’An felt very regretful for blurting out this sentence in the morning, and the barrage comforted her –

 [Insomnia day by day: Maybe there will be more times in the future, this is also hard to bear.]

 [Whether Wei Jin: I seem to have seen some palace people discussing the fact that you like to talk to yourself, it seems that many people know about it now.]

Fu Ping’An's mood suddenly became even more depressed.

But this downturn didn't last long, and she adjusted her mood when she went to the court for the second time.
After experiencing more times, she gradually understood what the ministers said.

She discovered that not all of them talked about major national affairs, some people would also talk about trivial matters, as if they were just here to complete the task, and some people would say a lot of impassioned things, but in fact they didn't say anything, just said some empty words.

Back in the palace, she imitated the appearance of those ministers and showed Princess Yunping, Princess Yunping couldn't help laughing, Bo Jiaoer ran over when she heard Yunping's laughter, Fu Ping’An quickly pretended to be seriously looking at it, she picked up the letter and began to read it.

She borrowed the book from Shiqu Pavilion.
When she went to borrow the book, she realized that many books in the palace were still made of bamboo slips, because the paper was easily eaten by moths.
Therefore, in this era, although some people use paper, but those who really pay attention to it Bamboo slips are still used to preserve books.

 [Insomnia day by day: Yes, I am alive again, study papermaking more, otherwise it will not be easy to spread knowledge.]

 [Argos of Vignes: Improve papermaking, promote cotton, cut down feudal clans, the anchor has already started to have things to do.]

Fu Ping’An knows what kind of paper the barrage is talking about.
She saw it in an open class.
It is a white and tough thing.
It is definitely not the same as the paper she sees now.
The current paper is too fragile; soft and thin, accidentally broke.

Before seeing the paper in the video, she must also feel that the paper is not as good as the bamboo and wooden slips.

But paper seems to be inferior to the system.

The system instills information directly into her brain, which is obviously superior to paper.

At this moment, Fu Ping’An began to realize what an amazing thing she possessed.

She also now knows what the brain is – after reading “Simple Physiology”, but this book is not the same as the world she knows, such as the classification of gender.

After reading this book, she pondered for a long time, and asked Princess Yunping: “Sister, have you ever wondered why flowers, birds, fish and insects are only divided into male and female, but people have three genders?”

Princess Yunping answered as a matter of course: “Of course it is because human beings are the spirit of all things, so they are different from those inanimate things.”

Fu Ping’An said “Oh”, and Princess Yunping looked at her strangely: “You will arrive in one day! What are you thinking lately?”

A few days later, Fu Ping’An read the book “Insect World” and learned that bees and ants are similar to them.
The queen bee and the drone bee are responsible for giving birth in the bee society, the worker bees work, and the queen ant breeds ants in the ant world, responsible for breeding the next generation, worker ants and soldier ants work.

She suddenly felt that these bugs became much closer.
Seeing that the palace servant was about to destroy the beehive, she dissuaded her, “Stop hitting them, these bees are so similar to us.”

Palace servant: “…?”

But after a while one day, Fu Ping’An watched two more episodes of “Animal World”.
When she saw the queen bee's plump and wriggling body, she suddenly refused to admit that she was similar to the queen bee.

After all, she was still a teenager at heart, and she forgot about it after a while, because her birthday was about to be celebrated.


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