nd out by observing the people around him.
If the people around her are capable and if they is loyal, people will think she is wise…will you be my servant in the future?”

Yunping County Master said: “I think so, but I am Di Kun, and I will marry and have children in the future…”

Fu Ping’An said: “Ah? Why?”

 [Chang'an Flower: Pfft…]

 [Nagi: Really Child.]

Yunping County Lord glared at her and said, “Don't look for ministers first; you don't even have trusted servants, who is the closest palace servant beside you now?”

Fu Ping’An thought about it, she wanted to say Mammy, she suddenly found out that she hadn't seen Mammy for three days, and now the one serving by her side is Qin He, followed by a palace maid named Wanfeng.

They were all given by the Queen Mother.

Fu Ping’An's face changed slightly: “It's Qin He and Wanfeng.”

Yunping County Lord glared at her: “Why do you always use them, is it easy to use?”

Fu Ping’An blushed.

Qin He really served her well.
She licked her lips when she was thirsty, and then handed a cup of sweet water with honey to her mouth.
The temperature was just right; if she was tired, she just frowned a little and Qin He stepped forward He came to bring tea and poured water, advised the teacher to rest, helped her to the collapse, helped her to press her arms and shoulders, and told her to relax immediately.

Qin He can braid beautiful hair, speak witty and playful, and knows simple words.
Beside Qin He, she has experienced a kind of happiness she has never experienced before, that is, all her thoughts and actions are reasonable.
All the troublesome things, all she has to do is to move her thoughts.

Compared with her, Mammy is too long-winded, Azhi is too dull, Aqing is too stupid, and Aying is too cunning.

Fu Ping’An whispered: “I didn't pay attention before, what should I do now, should I let them do the yard work and transfer Azhi and the others to my side.”

Yunping County Lord suddenly sneered: “And not to mention whether Your Majesty can do it or not, who is Azhi? Does Your Majesty know?”

Fu Ping’An leaned closer, almost whispering, “Is Azhi the Prince Regent's person?”

Yunping County Lord frowned and pushed her away: “I don't know, don't get so close to me.”

Fu Ping’An didn't leave, but looked at her for a while, as if talking to himself: “But I don't think so…

 [Ping An Bao is the best cub: why not?]

 [I'm going for a ride: wait for the big guy to answer.]

 [There are two or three cat houses in the house: Is there no one today?]

 [Reborn as a Pharaoh next door: It's dinner time now.]

 [Ping An Babyis the best cub: I like to watch it while eating.]

In the past two months, Fu Ping’An has grown a lot.

The first is that the audience has increased a lot, and the second is that she knew a lot of words, and one day she was bored and dug out the user agreement, only to realize that she did not need to live broadcast all the time.

When she bound the system, she signed a contract.
The contract stated that she needed to broadcast at least 40 hours a week (if there is no screen for a long time, the time will not be counted), and it will be settled every week.
The points are deducted, and the live broadcast system will be destroyed when the points are deducted to the point where it is difficult for her to repay.

Previously, she was really overcompleted, so much so that she even got on a list of 24-hour non-stop challenges, which made her a lot more popular.

This week, her live broadcast time has reached the standard, and she can close the live broadcast at any time.

But she doesn't feel that she needs to turn off the live broadcast at the moment, and it doesn't seem to be a problem to keep it on, so she still hasn't turned it off.

Not all the words in the barrage are useful, but after reading more, she began to have a certain degree of understanding of people.
The person who thinks that Azhi is not the regent’s is not so much a judgment, but an expectation and intuition of Azhi.
The branch gave her a different feeling from that of the Regent.

She was thinking about this when she heard Yunping County Master say: “You can't change the Qin He, do you believe it?”

Before Fu Ping’An could speak, the other party said to herself: “You said that you want to replace the Qin He, the Queen Mother will come over immediately and ask you what is wrong with what she did, did she offend you, if not If you like it, why don't you kill her…”

“…How do you choose, do you want to kill her? But after killing her, she will immediately replace her with another person.”

Fu Ping’An: “You have experienced it.”

Princess Yunping glared at her again.

Fu Pingan hurriedly said, “No, no, I have also experienced it before, Bo Changshi…”

Halfway through the sentence, the sound of gold and stone falling to the ground suddenly came from the empty hall, and the hearts of the two were almost instantly tightened.
Now, Fu Ping’An looked at the place where the sound came from, only to feel her heart beating like a drum, as if it was about to jump out of her throat.

She didn't dare to make a louder voice, because the palace maid was at the door, but she couldn't help but make a voice, because the voice they spoke just now was not too soft.

Fu Ping’An lowered his voice and pretended to be calm: “Who is there?”

As far as he could see, a red agate bead was rolling on the smooth slate floor.

The bead rolled into the sunlight, reflecting a dazzling colorful light, and it was a valuable thing at first glance, and behind the pane leading to the bedroom, a small person slowly walked out.

Bo Jiao'er put her hands behind her back and rolled her eyes, pouted, “You guys always play together secretly, why don't you bring me?”

Fu Ping’An and Yunping County Master looked at each other.

After a few seconds of silence, Yunping County Master squeezed out a smile and asked, “Jiaoer, when did you come in, are you the only one?”

 [Pig Pig Mouse: Who is this, looks so small, I Just got into the live room this morning.]

 [Hebie Qingshan: Empress Dowager Bo's niece, I remember her at seven years old.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Don't say anything, just bury it.]


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