When you go in later, tell the tattoo artist that you want to cover the scar on your stomach.” Ning Shi sat in the car, half lowered the window to talk to me, her face was so dark that it covered her face, and even acquaintances didn’t dare to see it at first sight.


“I don’t want tattoos…” I reiterated my wishes for the last time, and countless times along the way.


Ning Shi didn’t look at me: “Come on, I’ll come to you after I park the car.”


I pursed my lips, turned and walked towards the tattoo parlor behind me.


When I pushed open the glass door, my other hand just happened to be on the metal handle.
When I looked up, I saw a beautiful Omega, about my age, with short hair dyed to purple-pink at the end, and a pair of smiling almond eyes.


“Are you here to get a tattoo too?” he asked me proactively.


I used some strength to push the door into the store.
In the face of his enthusiasm, I was just vigilant and made a light “um” sound less enthusiastically.


“I’m almost done, this is the last time.” The Omega lifted his right sleeve and showed me the tattoo on his arm.


It was a nearly finished unicorn, cartoonish and brightly colored, and the unicorn’s mane was still iridescent.
Exaggerated, but unexpected…it just feels right for him.


“Beauty, I’m here again!” He walked to the front desk, greeted him familiarly, and went straight into the studio of the single room inside.


Before leaving, he turned around and waved at me with a smile.


The front desk asked me to fill in my personal information, and then asked me if I had a favorite tattoo artist.
I said no, and she took me into a spare single room.


The tattoo artist arranging the tools half turned, a young female Beta.


After the front desk left, she asked me to sit down and asked, “Which part do you want to get tattooed on?”


I put my hands on my legs and gradually clenched them into fists.
I lowered my head and didn’t say anything for a long time.


“Excuse ,me?”


I started to move slowly, lifted up my clothes, and exposed my waist and abdomen.


“I want to get tattooed here…” The fingertips touched the lower abdomen and landed exactly on the scar.


Since it appeared on me, I have always paid attention to it, and now I can describe its hideous shape in my heart without looking at it.


It is like an ugly centipede, clinging to my skin, slowly eroding my body and even my soul with venom.


The tattoo artist was silent, and after a while he asked me, “Do you want to cover the scar?”


I put down my clothes and whispered, “Yes…”


The tattoo artist fiddled with the computer on the table, and after a while, pointed the screen at me: “These are some cases of tattoos by previous guests.
Have a look at them”


The pictures are full of pictures, the scars are not the same, and the tattoos are even more strange.
Some cleverly turn the scar into a part of the tattoo, which is quite creative; some are much simpler and cruder, directly covering the scar with a strong color, so that people can’t see what it is at a glance, and they don’t care about the beauty and ugliness of the tattoo.



What Ning Shi wanted should be the latter effect.


But for me, no matter what shape it takes, or how brightly it is covered, the scar is still the scar.


“Others don’t know what it is” is such a self-delusional and sad idea.


I never resisted Ning Shi or anything, but it was the first time I didn’t do what she said.
She wanted me to pretend that nothing had happened, to hide the scars and forget the pain, but I didn’t want to.


I want everyone to know that I’m in pain, I’m hurt, and I have a bloody scar on my stomach that will never go away.


“Please tattoo a wound for me.”


After I made my request, the tattoo artist confirmed to me again and again.
After drawing the draft, she asked me if I should not be so realistic, and suggested that I use other colors to express flesh and blood.


“No, that’s it.” I looked at the terrifying sketch and lay down on the tattoo chair.


Three hours later, the tattoo artist took the tools and told me that the tattoo was done.


I sat up, looked down at the red and swollen tattoo on my abdomen, and looked at my lower back in the mirror.
The two tattoos run through the front and back, just like a draft, exactly the same.


Now, this will be a wound that will never heal, both for me and for others.


The tattoo artist walked out of the single room with me.
Ning Shi sat in the waiting area, flipping through a magazine impatiently.
When she saw me coming out, she threw away the magazine and stood up.


“How’s it going?” She tugged at my clothes directly.


I raised my hand to block it, and felt it was unnecessary, so I simply let her lift my clothes.


When she saw the tattoo on my abdomen, her whole body stopped abruptly, and two seconds later, her chest heaved violently, and she glared at me angrily.


She raised her hand and gave me a slap, knocking my face away.


“Ning Yu, what are you doing?”


I covered my face and said nothing.


Everyone else in the tattoo parlor looked at us, everyone seemed to have been hit the pause button, and even breathed lightly.
Ning Shi got angry, it was really scary.


“You don’t want to be aggressive and you want to be a waste.
Don’t implicate me.” She pointed at my nose and scolded, “From now on, You’re not my son!”


After she finished speaking, she stepped on high heels and was cold turned away.


“Son…” I looked at her back, followed two steps forward and tried to chase, but was grabbed by the tattoo artist behind me.


“Guest, you haven’t paid yet.”


I was stunned, embarrassed.
What’s even more embarrassing is that I dug out my pocket and only found less than a hundred dollars in cash.


The tattoo artist stared at the pile of money in my hand, his face darkened: “Guest, we are embarrassed like this…”


My cheeks were hot, and I stammered: “Yes, why don’t you go home with me and get the money? ?”


For my proposal, the tattoo parlor did not accept it, thinking that it was not the way it was done, and almost called the police to deal with it.


If Liang Qiu Yang heard the news and came out to watch the fun, but he rescued me in time and paid for the tattoo for me, I might have become a baker with a criminal record.


I opened my eyes with difficulty, and when I came into contact with the light, I closed my eyes with a tingling pain, and tears were oozing out of the corners of my eyes.


Consciousness gradually returned, all body senses slowly returned to normal, and pain began to become prominent.


I raised my hand, wanting to touch my stomach, but was grabbed by a big hand stretched out beside me.


“You’re finally awake.”


Turning my eyes, I saw Song Bai Lao sitting somewhat haggard by the bed.
He was no longer wearing the hospital gown, and the gauze on the back of his neck seemed to be gone.


“Have I slept for a long time?”


He held my hand and pressed his lips between my fingers: “It’s been several days.
Your fertility sac suddenly burst and hemorrhaged heavily.
Fortunately, you were in the hospital at the time, and the rescue was timely, otherwise the situation will be very dangerous.”


I moved my fingertips and said hoarsely, “Where is the child?”


“I took it out and put it in the incubator.
Luo Meng Bai said it will stay until the end of spring.” Song Bai Lao said, “She’s so ugly, red, like a little mouse.”


I glared at him and tried to withdraw my fingers, but I was not strong enough to pull.


Song Bai Lao continued: “It’s a little girl, her eyes are very similar to you, she should be very beautiful when she grows up.”


Hearing this, I was a little relieved.


“Mom!” At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Song Xiao led Song Mo in.
When Song Mo saw me awake, he flew to the bedside.


“Mom, you’re awake!” He said excitedly, “I just went to see my sister, she’s so cute, small, and pink!”


Look, look, a child’s language skills are better than Song Bai Lao’s ten times.
The same thing, the feeling of hearing from the mouth of the two people is so different.


Song Xiao also came to the bedside: “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up for the past two days and you didn’t wake up.
I didn’t expect you to wake up after walking away for half an hour.
Is there anything uncomfortable?”


“Stomach pain…”


He touched my forehead, he smiled and said, “You have already slept for the most painful two days, and the pain will be gone in two more days.
The doctor completely removed your fertility sac this time.
This is the last time, and you will not have to suffer from it in the future.”


Thank God.


The pain of a ruptured birth sac is simply daunting, I have had this experience once in my life, and I really don’t want to experience it a second time.


After another two days, my incision was really less painful.
During this period, Liang Qiu Yang came to see me and brought a series of baby products he bought for Ning Xi, including pacifiers, feeding bottles, and even more than a dozen baby clothes ranging from one to eighteen months.


“Is this good!” He took out a small pink dress from the bag and showed it to me.


I nodded: “It’s beautiful.”


Song Bai Lao snorted coldly, “Ugly.”


Liang Qiu Yang frowned suddenly, turned over his clothes and took a closer look in front of him, pursed his lips and muttered: “Isn’t it good-looking? ”


Luo Meng Bai and I both sent a “death ray” to Song Bai Lao.


Song Bai Lao looked away casually, and didn’t comment after that.


“Doesn’t it look good?” Liang Qiu Yang showed Luo Meng Bai the dress covered with small flowers and asked her for her opinion.


“Good-looking.” Luo Meng Bai said immediately, “It’s so good-looking that I want to wear it.”


There was a sneer from Song Bai Lao’s throat, but it wasn’t obvious, maybe only I could hear it when I was close.


I glanced at him, and he grinned at me with a somewhat provocative smile, as if to say, “I just laughed, but I also know that you can’t do anything about me.”


I really can’t do anything about him.


After I was able to go down to walk, Song Bai Lao helped me to the nursery to meet the children.


Although I don’t want to admit it, as soon as I see it, it’s small, red, and wrinkled, it’s really…not so…beautiful.


“She’s sleeping.” Song Bai Lao pointed his fingertips on the glass, “Do you think her eyes look a lot like you?”


There are other children in the nursery.
To be honest, I think they all look alike, not to mention Ning Xi at this time.
It’s only been more than 20 weeks, and her facial features have not grown at all.
I don’t know how he can tell that she looks like mine.


Thinking like this, I kept nodding my head.


“Well, like me.”


He held my hand, his eyes were very gentle: “The nose is like me.”


I looked at Ning Xi’s underdeveloped nose, which seemed to be more slumped than other children’s small nose, and my mood was complicated: “…Well, like you.”


The day I was discharged from the hospital, the three-day parliamentary elections began.


As expected, Luo Qinghe leads the way in the number of votes due to his high popularity in the Beta.
If there is no accident, he will become one of the four new members of Xiangtan.


I used to be quite afraid that he would suddenly come to the hospital to see the child and bump into Song Xiao, but later I felt that I was thinking too much.
With such a busy campaign, how could he make a trip to the hospital to see my child.
As a result, the day I was discharged from the hospital, he really came.
After only staying for ten minutes, he looked at Ning Xi through the glass outside the nursery, and quickly left.
Song Xiao was not seen.


When he looked at Ning Xi, I noticed that he was smiling.
It was very light and faint, and it turned and disappeared, as fast as a hallucination.


I can count the chances of this expression appearing on his face with my fingers, or with one hand.
So even if Song Bai Lao told me that Luo Qinghe did this purely to show the importance he attached to Beta “daughter-in-law” in front of the public, and to set up his own character, I still think that he should be somewhat sincere when he came to see Ning Xi.

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