Mangrove Lake is a huge inland lake, one third of which is in Xiangtan.
Because of the beautiful scenery and the interdependence of mountains and rivers, many dignitaries regard it as a unique Fengshui treasure land in Xiangtan, and they buy land and build houses by the lake.
That’s why it’s also known as the “rich man’s lake”.


Xia Qiao committed suicide by throwing herself into this lake.


“Don’t be too impatient, it’s not good for your health.”


Daoist Weijing was hurriedly dug out of his sleep by me, and I only had time to put a thick dark green coat over the pajamas, and the bun on the head didn’t know if I couldn’t find the hair temporarily.
The hairpin was fixed with only one chopstick, and most of it slipped out, making it look very messy.


“I didn’t expect them to be able to tie people up in the street…” I held the phone tightly, my knuckles protruding.


It creeps me out to think that they’re so deliberate, just to facilitate a reluctant mark.


Today they can kidnap for the sake of marking, and tomorrow they can kill for other interests.


Daoist Weijing sighed lightly: “Although it’s my own family, I don’t speak for them.
This uncle of mine has a lot of bad ideas.
My dad listened to his slander and made Xia Qiao’s words.
The stupid thing with Luo Qinghe.
It’s pity that my brother died young, and the only son left behind is still treated like this.
It’s also my fault.
I was too addicted to pain when I was young.
If I didn’t go home, many things would not have happened.


When they arrived at the Xia family mansion, a familiar Rolls-Royce was already parked at the door.
Luo Qinghe was not far from here, so he should have arrived early in the morning.


Daoist Weijing rang the doorbell a few times, and an older servant came out of the door.
He was a little surprised when he saw him: “Master Weijing? Why are you here?”


“If I don’t come again, you will go to heaven.” Push him inside.


I followed and squeezed in, and before I walked outside the door, I heard the fierce arguing in the room.


“Our two families can be closer, and the Xia family can give you more support.
Why do you have to be so ugly?”


“It’s not that I want to make it ugly, it’s that you are doing things too much.
Uncle, let go of my son, and pretend nothing happened today.
We may be able to cooperate in other ways in the future.
You should know that we have come this far.
I don’t need the support of the Xia family anymore.”


“You! Cross the river and demolish the bridge! Both of you are the same father and son, addicted to Beta, can’t help it…”


Daoist Wei Jing sighed in the palm of his hand, and slammed the door open, and everyone in the room looked at him at the same time.


The door was facing a huge wooden coffee table.
The two sat opposite each other across the coffee table, and behind each stood a row of black-clothed bodyguards standing in a line of expressionless faces.
I didn’t know how to break in, thinking that I had strayed into the shooting scene of which underworld movie.


“Uncle Tang?” The younger middle-aged man opposite Luo Qinghe saw Daoist Wei Jing, his face full of surprise, and he stood up unconsciously.


“Uncle.” Daoist WeiJing put his hands in his sleeves and bowed at the old man beside the middle-aged man.


The man looked at the old age, but his eyes were not cloudy, but he was still full of light and air, reminding me of Ruan Xiong Hua, who only had a relationship with one side, and they were all old foxes.


“Weijing, it’s so late, why are you here?” Those fox-like eyes looked at Daoist Weijing for a moment, and then turned to me.
In an instant, I felt the pressure, and my palms were sweating.


“If I don’t come again, I’m afraid you think I’m dead.” Daoist WeiJing was deferential and his words were piercing.


The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment, and said anxiously, “Uncle Tang, what are you talking about?”


“Although our sons are unhappy, they are indeed not dead.
Uncle, if you still remember my father, you still remember me.
Your nephew, you are still thinking about my brother, your dead nephew, just stop it, you don’t do anything wrong.” He pulled me by the arm and took me a few steps forward, “This is my fucking son, his child.
Even my grandson is the Xia family, and the family of four is happy, so don’t fix those things that don’t exist.”


“Nonsense!” Old man Xia raised his eyebrows and slammed his cane on the ground.


Although I didn’t introduce myself, but judging from his appearance, he should know who I am.


“Uncle Tang, why are you turning your elbows out!” The middle-aged man came over and glanced at me, his eyes seemed to be looking at a bedbug, “Back then, the Luo family begged Bai Lao to marry our family, Song Mo It was the child that Yanchi exchanged his life for, and he was the only one who agreed, but now he has let a Beta who doesn’t know where he came from get pregnant and give birth to a child, and use our Xia family as a monkey?”


They even have the face to mention Xia Yanchi and Song Mo?


I held back my anger and said, “My child won’t ask your Xia family for a penny.
If you don’t believe me, I can swear and sign the guarantee.”


He sneered at me: “Who can tell this clearly? Wait for us old people.
The guy is dead.
It’s not what you said.
I heard that Song Mo fell off the mountain for no reason a while ago.
There’s nothing tricky about it.
Who would believe it?


Daoist Weijing reached out his hand to stop him: “So you are going to send your son to Song Bai Lao’s bed?”


The middle-aged man choked and said, “However, I am a family, I know my son, he must treat Momo well.”


Daoist Weijing nodded, raised his hand and gave him a slap, with a “slapp” that called everyone to be stunned on the spot.


“Xia Weijing!” Father Xia stood up excitedly.


“Whether you want to get your hands on Xia Sheng, hug the leg of a prospective member of the House of Representatives, or really fight for our family, only you know it in your own heart.” Daoist WeiJing said to the old man Xia with a stern face, “Uncle, stop it, at this age, are you not afraid of going to hell and being tortured a lot after death? I, a serious elder, didn’t say anything, what are you worried about?”


Xia hasn’t been scolded like this for a long time, and his face turned red, trembling with anger.



This Daoist Weijing is worthy of being a real person and does not show his appearance.
He usually doesn’t look straight.
He didn’t expect to be so powerful.


Just when the situation was stalemate, a loud noise accompanied by the sound of glass shattering suddenly came from upstairs.


I was stunned, and I rushed upstairs without thinking.
The bodyguards of the Xia family stopped me, and Luo Qinghe’s bodyguards stopped them again.


The middle-aged man laughed: “It’s too late, hahaha, can’t you smell such a strong pheromone aura? They must have already completed the marking, so don’t waste your time.”


I smelled it, and with the loud noise, the air gradually filled the air.
The suffocating scent of sweet-scented osmanthus permeates the air, which is thicker than any of Song Bai Lao’s estruses, like a pool of fog that cannot be dissolved.


The sweet aroma enveloped my whole body, and every breath seemed to draw out the few courage in my body.


I had a bit of luck before, and now, that luck has dissipated.


A siren suddenly sounded outside the house, and the middle-aged man was startled: “Who called the police?”


I reported it, and it was illegal detention.


Before everyone came back to their senses, I shortened my body and ran upstairs through the armpit of the bodyguard in front of me.


I felt that someone was chasing me, but soon, Luo Qinghe’s voice sounded behind me: “Stop them!”


The stairs trembled slightly, and ran up the corner, I glanced down, Luo Qinghe’s bodyguard folded the bodyguard of the Xia family.
Press on the stairs to prevent anyone from catching up with me.


No lights were turned on on the second floor, in the darkness, as long as the rich aroma guided me.


Searching from room to room, my mind became a mess.


Song Bai Lao was still asking me what would happen to me if he tagged someone else.
I didn’t expect this day to come so quickly.


But to be honest, I don’t think what will happen to me now, I only worry about what will happen to him.


I took a step and found the end of the aroma.
The wooden door in front of me was tightly closed and inconspicuous, and the room was unusually quiet, with no sound coming out.


There was a key in the keyhole, and the door was locked.


I turned the key and unscrewed the handle, ready to witness everything.


I gritted my teeth and resolutely opened the door, the scene in front of me was beyond my imagination.


There was a motionless human body lying beside Song Bai Lao’s feet.
He pressed down on the opponent’s neck with one hand and raised the other hand high, his bloody fingertips holding a sharp piece of glass, which was about to stab coldly.


“No!” I hurriedly stopped him, my heart jumping out of my throat nervously.


Hearing my voice, he stopped the offensive in an instant, and the glass piece stopped abruptly in the air.


He seemed to realize that someone was coming.
He raised his head and looked at me in confusion, squinting: “Ning Yu?”


Only then did I notice that his clothes were covered in blood, and his neck was also bright red.


A bad premonition struck me, and I asked him in a trembling voice, “You, what have you done?”


He threw away the glass and greeted me with open arms, as if to hug me or seek comfort.


“I said that death will not make them wishful.” He breathed slightly, “I cut my own glands, and I want to cut his, so here you come.
Ning Yu, it hurts.”


So the strong fragrance of flowers in the house is not because of the “mark” at all…


He actually cut his own glands, and my eyes were black, and my knees softened and I knelt down in front of him.


“You might… die.” I was so terrified that I couldn’t make a sound.


Two long lines of blood flowed slowly along his neck, and a large area of ​​bright red appeared on his chest.


At this moment, I suddenly understood Song Xiao’s choice back then.
Compared to him and Xia Huainan marking each other, the way he looks now makes me a hundred times more painful and frightened.


“Hurry up stop the bleeding…” I tried a few times before I took out the handkerchief in my pocket.


“It’s alright, I avoided the aorta.” He held my trembling hand, calmly compared to my panic.


The tight strings suddenly snapped, and I raised my hand and gave him a slap.


He stared at me blankly, looking a little aggrieved.


My anger only lasted for one second, and the next second it collapsed.


“Yes, I’m sorry…” I covered his wound with a handkerchief and repeated regularly, “I’m sorry…”

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