In this world, there are only a handful of people who care about me.
Master counts as one, but unfortunately my life is not good, and I have only five years of mentoring and apprenticeship with him.

Now that I am getting married, I have a few invitations in my hand that I have nowhere to post.
After thinking about it, I brought a bottle of Erguotou (a variety of baijiu[Chinese liquor] that is distilled from fermented sorghum) to the cemetery.

According to my memory, I found the tablet of Master and Mistress.
I placed the opened Erguotou in front of Master’s tomb, and took out a packet of cookies made yesterday from my coat pocket and placed it on Mistress’s side.

Shi Niang was only in her twenties when she died.
In order to make it appear that the two were still on the same page, the master specially instructed before his death that the photo on the tombstone should be taken when he was 20 years old.

It’s really a pair, like a young couple.

When Master passed away, Xiang Ping and I were in France, and it was very unpleasant.
After returning to China, Xiang Ping refused to let me attend Master’s funeral, saying that I was not worthy.
When Master was buried, I could only watch from a distance, and then come forward to pay homage when everyone left.

The weather was fine and sunny that day, but I felt cold for no reason.
It seems that the sun can no longer shine on me, and the rest of my life is only cloudy.

After thinking about it, it may be a relationship that God will give me back the “warmth” that I have given to me.

I knelt down in front of the tombstone and kowtowed to Master three times.
The last blow was so hard that a double image appeared in front of me.
It was as if an invisible force was pressing against me, breaking my spine, pressing me into the mud, and preventing me from getting up again.

I knelt there with my forehead pressed to the ground, and said, “Master, I’m sorry, but I won’t regret it…I don’t regret it.”

Then I said, “Master, I promised you to bring the trophy back, but I’m talking big, I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t have time to see you for the last time, I’m sorry.”

“I made you feel uncomfortable, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry…”

At the end, there were only empty and heavy words “I’m sorry”.

I forgot how many times I said it, I just remember that when I looked up again, the original bright sunshine was only the afterglow of the sunset.

“Master, I’m getting married.” I lit the invitation card in my hand and slowly watched the flames devour the festive red a little bit, “I will burn an invitation card for you and your wife, come or not.
I have more here.
I will also burn them for you, and see if there are any friends coming.”

Burning four pieces in a row, the graves were filled with smoke.
I fanned my hands in front of my eyes, and I was so fascinated by the smoke that I couldn’t help but cry.

In the still cold air in early spring, the grayish-white mist fluttered, like a ribbon of life, suddenly condensed and then dissipated.

I coughed twice, and in the hazy eyes of tears, I saw a figure approaching from a distance, my eyes narrowed, and I immediately took a deep breath.

The enemy’s road is narrow, I burned a wedding invitation, and I was able to meet Xiang Ping on the narrow road.

I saw the other party, and the other party naturally saw me.

Xiang Xiang came towards me with a flat face, holding a bag of things in his hand, and half a bunch of incense sticks out of the bag.

I hurriedly got up, not wanting to confront him head-on, and planned to leave from the other side.

“Ning Yu!”

I paused and looked back at Xiang Ping.

Xiang Ping has a serious character face, like Master, but unfortunately his personality is completely different from that of Master.

“Please don’t come here in the future.”

He looked down at the wine and cookies in front of the tombstone, and swept them aside with a bag mercilessly.

The wine bottle smashed and the cookies shattered.

He said “They are my parents, not yours.
I don’t want to see you here again.”

He didn’t know where he hated me so much.

The fingers in the pockets of the coat tightened, and I tried to reason with him: “I just…want to see Master occasionally.”

“No need.” Xiang Ping’s face was impatient, “I don’t welcome you.”

I looked at him and nodded for a while.


I turned around and left, giving up reasoning with him.
Anyway, the door of the cemetery is open to anyone, unless he is crazy enough to prevent me from sweeping the grave for master and his wife to move the grave, otherwise I don’t believe that I can meet him every time I come.

Time passed quickly, and the day before the ceremony with Song Bai Lao, Ning Shi sent a car to take me back to Zhu’s house.

From the moment I got in the car, I was very uncomfortable, and when I arrived in front of the familiar luxury mansion of the Zhu family, this discomfort reached its peak.

I even felt like I could vomit on the spot with just a little stimulation.

Ning Shi said that my room was still reserved for me.
I opened the door and saw that the room was still the same room, but the furniture inside was completely changed.
It was only then that I realized that when Ning Shi said the room was reserved, he really meant it literally, and he reserved a guest room for me.

But that’s fine too, so that I don’t have to bring back bad old memories because of a familiar environment.

I said I wanted to rest, I slept in the house in the afternoon, and when I woke up, the uncomfortable feeling subsided a lot.

During dinner, the servant knocked on the door and asked me to go downstairs, and said that Zhu Yun Sheng and Zhu Li were back.

After seven years, I saw the Zhu family again.

As if I had never left, Zhu Yun Sheng greeted me kindly and let me sit on his left, Ning Shi sat beside me, and Zhu Li, who always dined quietly, sat opposite me.

As always, he is beautiful and graceful, a presence that both Beta and Alpha would consider a dream lover.
He was wearing a crisp white shirt and a bite-proof collar inlaid with red diamond-shaped gems around his neck, which made his skin paler.

If it is true that he has been marked as Ning Shi said, then this collar has no effect other than a decorative effect.


During the meal, Zhu Li didn’t make eye contact with me from beginning to end, and didn’t even say a word.
He didn’t seem to see me at all, and he seemed to treat himself as an invisible man at the dinner table.

Although Ning Shi has been with Zhu Yun Sheng for more than ten years and became the official “Mrs.
Zhu”, it has only been a month.
At this time, it is the newly married family.
I can’t stop her from being diligent to Zhu Yun Sheng and making good news.
I can’t wait.
I was embarrassed to share every bite with my husband.

“I’m done.” After Zhu Li finished eating the half-bowl of rice in his bowl, he put down the bowls and chopsticks.

Zhu Yun Sheng looked at him lightly: “Then you can go back to your room to rest.”

Zhu Li nodded, didn’t say anything to the others, and turned upstairs.

In the battle with Ning Shi, he was completely defeated, and even his relationship with Zhu Yun Sheng was left out in the cold.
Now that he can sit and eat together in such a calm manner, I still admire him.

After tormentingly finished the meal, Zhu Yun Sheng still wanted to leave me to drink tea, but I declined because I felt unwell, and fled back to the room.

The wedding ceremony is going to be held tomorrow, and I don’t know how busy I will be.
The live broadcast will definitely not be possible in the past two days.
I brought Ben the Little Prince from home and wanted to be a children’s book anchor again.

I turned on the mobile phone software and logged into my live broadcast room.
There were already more than 50 people waiting online.

“Sorry, I have some things to do these two days.
I will read “The Little Prince” to everyone today, take a day off tomorrow, and try to resume the live broadcast the day after tomorrow.”

After saying this, the number of online users dropped to the 30s, and some complained.
Comment, saying that I have taken too much leave recently, do I have to find another way out?

“No, it’s just that I have to be present for this matter, so I can only ask for leave.”

Some people began to ask me what I was going to do.

“Just… getting married.”

The comment section seemed to be stuck for a moment, and then exploded quickly.

Everyone was congratulating me, wishing me a happy wedding, and some even said that I was bored and that I didn’t even ask about such a big thing as marriage.

How could they have thought that I didn’t know I was going to get married two months ago…

The next morning at five o’clock in the morning, the maid knocked on my door and came to dress me up.

In front of the full-length mirror, three people with six hands are busy and orderly doing the work of putting on shoes, tying ties, and taking care of my hair.

Yesterday, I tossed and turned all night and didn’t fall asleep.
When I closed my eyes, many images of the past flashed through my mind, which was disturbing.
I was drowsy in front of the full-length mirror and a little sick to my stomach when they were messing with me.
Unlike yesterday, this time it was a physiological nausea.

The maid put hairspray on me and pushed up the bangs that covered my eyes, revealing my pale face.
The other party frowned, walked away for a while, and came back with a box of rouge in his hand, which he would wipe on my face without a word.

I avoided it and blocked it with my hand: “Don’t…”

At this moment, Ning Shi’s voice came from the door: “Go out.”

The servants immediately stopped their movements and flied out silently.


Ning Shi came to my side and behind, put her hands on my shoulders, and exposed half of her body in the mirror.

Looking at it this way, we still look alike, especially the eyes, the folds are not obvious, the ends of the eyes are long and narrow, and they look a little indifferent, not so “simple”.

Ning Shi smiled and asked me, “Are you nervous?”

I looked at her in the mirror and asked cautiously, “Can you… let me see his picture?”

She frowned slightly and moved her hand away, took out the phone from the pocket and handed it to me.

I took it nervously, and for the first time saw the child’s appearance completely and clearly.

He stood there ignorantly, staring blankly at the camera, his face was very delicate, and his eyes had the characteristics of the Ning family, all slender and long.

He doesn’t look like that person at all… I rubbed the child’s facial features with my fingertips across the screen, and my voice trembled: “What’s his name? What’s his blood type?”

Pull back her phone.

“It’s a Beta,” she said.
“Take your time, you have to lose your chips a little bit, don’t be too greedy.”

In order to use her child to control me, she even used his name as a chip.

I really feel angry and sad, but also helpless.

“How long?”

Ning Shi reached out and brushed my bangs down: “Look at your performance, my dear son.”

This was originally a business marriage, so it was impossible for Song Bai Lao to come to welcome in person.
But fortunately, he also sent a car, so as not to make the scene too ugly.

The ceremony took place in Song Bai Lao’s villa on the Victoria King Hill in Xiangtan.
The whole mountain was bought by him a few years ago.
He has only one house on the mountain, hidden among the pinnacles.
There is a large lawn in front of the house and behind the house, and you can play golf directly.

The gate is located at the foot of the mountain, and every unmarked omega has to undergo a rigorous inspection, confirmed by a professional sniffer dog that it is not in heat, and wearing an anti-bite collar before entering.
As a result, the alpha can no longer wear a bite stop that gets in the way.

Zhu Yun Sheng and Ning Shi arrived at the top of the mountain with the wedding car.
Zhu Li didn’t show up.
I don’t know if Zhu Yun Sheng felt ashamed and didn’t let him come, or he didn’t want to come.

I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car.
In front of the arched flower door, Song Bai Lao in a black dress was there.
He stretched out his hand to me, and even had a relaxed smile on his face.
His acting skills were beyond others.

I saw Liang Qiu Yang in the crowd, he waved to me desperately, trying to get my attention, I couldn’t help showing him a sincere smile.

The crowds on both sides cheered and fired the salute, and the orchestra played the wedding march.
I smiled reluctantly, and walked towards Song Bai Lao stiffly, almost on the same foot in the last few steps.

Just a few steps away, he grabbed my hand and pulled me firmly beside him.
Then he took me up the red carpet and walked to the ceremony pavilion decorated with flowers and white gauze.

My palms were sweating uncontrollably, Song Bai Lao felt it, and turned his head to look at me.

“Very nervous?”

I quickly glanced at him, looked ahead and said, “It’s okay.”

He leaned closer to my ear and chuckled, “Yes, it’s all fake anyway.”

My smile froze, and the discomfort in my stomach became more obvious.

We went through many tedious steps, signed each other’s names on the marriage certificate, and finally came to the link of exchanging rings.
Song Bailao’s son Song Mo carefully walked towards us with a velvet cushion in his arms, his expressionless face extremely serious.
In the center of the cushion lay two plain rings, so ordinary that they were unremarkable.

I put the ring on Song Bai Lao and then him.
When the silver plain ring passed through my knuckles and was about to reach the root, he suddenly paused and took about two seconds to complete the action.
Unabashedly, his struggles are fully demonstrated.

After the ceremony, the cold meal will begin, and the guests will gather in groups of three or five, chatting in and out of the house.

Song Bai Lao put his arms around my waist and greeted the guests and the media one by one.
The smile on his face did not diminish at all, and he showed me what real acting skills are with his actions.

I’m a little fortunate that I didn’t sleep all night, so that the physical discomfort surpassed my psychology, and I didn’t have time to take into account the fear of facing the crowd.


I felt my hands on my waist stiffen for a moment, and together with Song Bai Lao, I looked at the timid voice.

Wearing a collar around his neck, his long black straight hair tied into a ponytail, his eyes moist and his lips miserable, he is a male omega that I feel pity for.
I think he looks familiar, but I don’t remember where I met him.

Song Bai Lao obviously knew him, but he just didn’t like this kind of encounter: “I don’t remember inviting you.”

The man bit his lip, showing a look of tears.

“I want to see you for the last time.”

The hand on my waist was released, Song Bai Lao walked towards the other party and stayed beside him for a moment: “Come with me.” He walked past him and walked into the room.

The omega had a happy face and hurriedly followed him away.

I was left alone, a little stunned.

“Ah Yu!” I was in a daze when someone slapped my shoulder from behind, and I staggered forward.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Liang Qiu Yang held me and stuck out his tongue at me.

He approached me mysteriously: “Was that Chen Shu just now?”

I didn’t understand: “Huh?”

“It’s the person who was talking to you just now.”

I remembered why the omega just now looked familiar, he was Chen Shu, a little-known movie star in the past two years, I also accompanied Liang Qiu Yang to watch a youth love movie that he was starring.

Unexpectedly, he still has entanglements with Song Bai Lao.

“It should be.”

Liang Qiu Yang didn’t pay much attention to my answer, and happily continued to share with me the various celebrities he recognized on the court.

“Is it Song Bai Lao’s father who is talking to your mother and the others?” He suddenly raised his chin behind me, “It’s good for rich people to take good care of them, they look so young, I believe they are brothers with Song Bai Lao.”

I turned around Looking behind him, Ning Shi and Zhu Yun Sheng were talking to the same tall Alpha.
Although the face of the other was still young and handsome, the white hair on the sideburns still revealed his true age.

The eyebrows and eyes are somewhat similar to Song Bai Lao, but the other party’s whole personality is more cold and noble, and he is taller than the average Alpha.

“It is said that Song Bai Lao and his father have a bad relationship,” Liang Qiu Yang shared with me the gossip he had inquired about, “The property over the Luo family may be handed over to Song Bai Lao’s son, that is, your stepson, to inherit.
I don’t know about him.
There is still no shortage of sons, in fact, I can.”

When Luo Qinghe divorced and remarried, Song Bai Lao was already quite old, and no one would be happy when his family encountered such a thing.

Today, Song Bai Lao dragged me around in front of the media, but did not speak to a Luo family member.
Their relationship might be worse than rumored.

“You are so unmanner.” I was amused by Liang Qiu Yang’s words, “How have you been training recently? When will you debut?”

Liang Qiu Yang smiled: “It is expected that next month, my first original single will also be launch.
Then you will give me a big red envelope!”

“How much did you pack today? I’ll pay you back with an extra 100 yuan.”

Liang Qiuyang widened his almond eyes: “You are already married into a wealthy family, why are you so arrogant!”

Because I have no money.

Ning Shi gave me a check for 20 million, but I wasn’t going to cash it.

Liang Qiu Yang and I were chatting while standing in front of the glass guardrail, with green grass beside me, and a modern city made of reinforced concrete as far as I could see from the foot of the mountain.
The scenery was excellent.

The sky turned dark little by little, and the lanterns gradually lit up on the field, illuminating the grass as if it were daytime.

Maybe it was because of the champagne, my stomach became more and more uncomfortable, and I twitched to express my desire to vomit.

“I’m going to the toilet.” I said to Liang Qiu Yang and walked quickly into the room, and in the end sprinted into the bathroom.

I threw up and flushed my face with cold water.
I felt better before I went out.
I didn’t expect to meet Luo Qinghe halfway through.

I saw that he was at a loss for a moment and was hesitating what to call him, so he spoke first.

“Have you seen Bai Lao?”

I couldn’t say that he and his little lover were gone, so I shook my head: “No…”

He frowned: “Find him and let him come to see me.”

In the form of an order, he did not give me the opportunity to refuse, and when he finished, he turned around and left.

Really father and son.
I sighed helplessly at Luo Qinghe’s back.

I searched inside and outside the house, and finally found Li Xun who was guarding there in front of the stairs leading to the roof, thus confirming that Song Bai Lao should be in the roof garden.

I said that I was looking for Song Bai Lao, but Li Xun hesitated for a while and moved out of the way.

Slowly stepping up the steps, all the way up, when the exit was close to my eyes, I heard a faint cry.

I stopped there for a moment, not sure if I should keep going.

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