I will call Song Bai Lao.


He looked at me in surprise, looked at the phone again, and took it.


“Yes, I’m Song Bai Lao.” Han Yin on the other end of the phone didn’t know what to say to him.
At first, he was indifferent.
He scratched the remaining sauce in the bowl with his fingers, put it in his mouth and sucked it lightly.
He frowned and his expression changed, “Come here now, let’s meet and talk.”


After a while, he switched off the phone and returned the phone to me.


“Han Yin said that the whole incident of Chen Zhen’s daughter’s attack was a complete conspiracy, and she knew who did it.” Song Bai Lao said.


“Conspiracy?” I was a little shocked.
“Who did she say?”


This matter is not small, if it is a conspiracy, what is it for? For the Chen family, or… I suddenly flashed the picture of Luo Qinghe being smashed with eggs in my mind, and felt that I had caught something.


Could it be aimed at Luo Qinghe?


Song Bai Lao looked at the sky outside the window, and uttered in a deep voice: “The Ruan family.”


Although it was not unexpected, it was still shocking.


The Ruan family’s method is too dirty, and they even start with the innocent little girl.
I know that it is normal for politicians to be ruthless, but this is no longer ruthless, it is an underhand act.


Half an hour later, Han Yin arrived.


As soon as she entered the door and saw me, she first greeted me with a smile, and when she turned to Song Bai Lao, she immediately became a little cautious, and the hand that was firmly grasping the strap looked very nervous.


Song, I brought some evidence to prove what I said…”


Song Bai Lao stopped her words: “Let’s go to the study.”


The two walked upstairs, and Song Bai Lao suddenly stopped without warning halfway through, turned around.


He looked down at me condescendingly, and ordered, “Go back to your room and lie down, don’t think you can ignore the doctor’s orders if you are better.”


I looked away from him and scratched the tip of my nose embarrassedly: “I see.”

After the two disappeared around the corner, I called Aunt Jiu and asked her to put the macaron in the refrigerator after Song Mo got out of class.
Long took it out for him to eat, but told her not to give it too much.
This thing has a lot of sugar, and if you eat too much, you will not be able to eat dinner.


After Aunt Jiu responded, I went upstairs to take a nap.


I don’t know how long it took, and when I was asleep, I felt a slight movement under the bed, and a warm human body came up behind me.


He held me tightly in his arms, buried his face in the back of my neck, and breathed all over my neck.


Although I was still a little confused, I felt like he was going to bite me as soon as he was in this position, and I instantly woke up.


Maybe feeling my tightness, the person behind me breathed lightly, then raised his head, and didn’t continue to be next to me.


“Are you awake?”


I didn’t look back: “Yeah.”


“Han Yin has already left.” Song Bai Lao said, “She gave me a hard disk, which contains a lot of evidence that Zhu Li was responsible for the attack on Chen Zhen’s daughter.
He planned it with one hand.
For the Ruan family, he has exhausted his means.”


As soon as I heard it, I turned around and faced him face to face: “How could Han Yin have this?”


Outside lightly stroked a piece of my waist, lingering and rubbing.


“One of the Betas who committed the crime was her friend’s son.
Her friend always felt that his son was not that aggressive, so he did his own research and found a large amount of cash and a mobile hard drive buried in his yard.
Maybe he also wants to keep his hand, or wait until he is released from prison in the future.”


“What should you do next?”


“What should I do?” The hand on my waist stopped, and a smile appeared on my face, “It’s hard to catch the poisonous snake.
Of course, I want to pull him up and smash him to the ground, killing him.”


I shuddered, this battle between the snake and the shrike may soon come to an end.


“Afraid?” Song Bai Lao brushed my forehead with his fingertips, the smile on the corner of his lips disappeared, and he put on an unhappy expression.


I swallowed: “No.”


“Then why are you shaking?”


I looked at him: “It’s a bit cold.”


The whole house has floor heating, and the temperature is constant throughout the four seasons.
Besides, we are all in bed at the moment.
Song Bai Lao stared at me for a moment, didn’t ask any more questions, pulled the quilt for me, tightened his arms and put me in his arms again.


“Go to sleep a little longer,” he said.


We slept until before dinner, when Aunt Jiu knocked on the door and we woke up from our sleep.


When we got down to the dinning table, Song Xiao had already come back and showed us some of the mountain scenery he took today at the dinner table.


“I also found a Taoist temple on the mountain, there was a Taoist priest in it, and he had to pull me to tell my fortune…”


Song Bai Lao said while eating: “That is Xia Weijing, Xia Qiao’s uncle.”


Song Xiao smiled stiffly: “Oh… No wonder he said that I have a good face, and I have seen it somewhere before.”


No, there is a high possibility that this is his routine, Daoist Weijing seems to be obsessed with fortune-telling, and he says that he is destined to catch anyone.


Seeing that the atmosphere was a little stagnant, I hurriedly said: “Uncle Xiao, you are so good at taking pictures.
I don’t even know this is Weijingshan.
It looks like another mountain.”


“There is always a difference between the human eye and the camera.
The mountains are a bit desolate in winter, but there are still a lot of small animals, look at this shot I took…”


Song Xiao quickly opened the conversation when it came to photography.


Song Mo listened attentively, and suddenly said, “I also want to go with grandpa tomorrow.”


Song Xiao was stunned, then happily said, “Okay, but you can’t run around, you have to follow me firmly, you know? ”


“I see.”


The atmosphere at the dinner table was warm and harmonious.
Song Xiao and I were mostly talking, mixed with Song Mo’s childish words, and Song Bai Lao didn’t speak much.


When it was almost finished, Aunt Jiu ordered people to remove the dishes in front of them and serve sweet soup.


Song Bai Lao didn’t want to, he just wiped his mouth and finished the meal: “By the way, Luo Qinghe may come later.”


Song Xiao and I stopped at the same time and looked at him.
Song Xiao was a little helpless, but I was surprised.


Will his announcement be too random? Fortunately, he said it after eating, otherwise I think Song Xiao would not be able to eat.


“Then I, I’ll avoid it.
You eat slowly…” He clearly said “wait a minute” to come, but Song Xiao seemed to be in front of the door at this moment, stood up and walked quickly to his room.


It was not until the sound of his door closing that I retracted my gaze and looked at Song Bai Lao angrily.


He looked at me for a moment, then innocently said: “Why are you looking at me like that? He’s just here to get the hard drive, he won’t stay for long.”


“Why didn’t you send it to him?”


“He said he wanted to stop by and have a lookat Momo.”


Oh, watching the child, what a high-sounding reason.


I believe he is a ghost.


After about half an hour, Luo Qinghe’s car arrived at the gate.


Which formal occasion should he come directly from, wearing a three-piece tuxedo, and his hairstyle is also carefully groomed.
It’s just that he probably drank some wine, the end of his eyes was red, and the bow tie around his neck was taken off when he was in the car.
He directly loosened the front two buttons of his shirt.


He glanced at me when he entered the door, held Momo and talked for a while, and then went into the study with Song Bai Lao to have a secret conversation, which lasted for two hours.


“Look, I’ll win if I make five in a row.” I put the black piece on the chessboard and said to Song Mo, “It’s easier than flying chess, right?”


Song Mo nodded and seemed to know: “Let’s do it all over again.”


Put the pieces into their respective boxes, I hold the black piece, Song Mo holds the white piece, and play backgammon on the four-sided chessboard.


Song Mo is worthy of being Song Bai Lao’s son.
He inherited his excellent learning ability.
At first, he lost to me in two games.
Later, he has mastered the trick.


I was having a good time with him, and out of the corner of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of Song Bai Lao walking down the stairs slowly.


Stopping my movement, I looked behind him for a while, but I didn’t see Luo Qinghe, and asked him in a low voice, “Where’s the person?”


Song Bai Lao pointed to the ceiling: “He said he had something to tell to my mother, and now both of them are there Rooftop.”


I knew that Song Mo was just an excuse, his real goal was Song Xiao.


Song Bai Lao walked over to us and glanced at the chessboard, and said disdainfully, “Backgammon?”


Song Mo obediently held up the chess piece: “Dad, do you want to play?”


“I’ll take a look.”


Under his gaze, Song Mo and I played two more chess games, both of which Song Mo won.


Song Bai Lao couldn’t stand it anymore: “Ning Yu, you can’t even win against a six-year-old child, can you still do it?”


I threw the chess piece back into the chess box, stood up and gave up my seat: “You come, you come.”


At this moment, a sound similar to broken porcelain suddenly sounded outside the house.


I hurriedly ran to the window to check, and found that it was a ceramic flower pot that smashed on the ground.
Moreover, the position of this device can only be smashed from the rooftop.


I turned to Song Bai Lao and said, “I’ll go up and have a look.
You can play with Mo Mo here for a while.”


Without waiting for his response, I went upstairs.



“What are you doing? Are you crazy?”


“I just wanted to catch it…”


They probably didn’t close the door, and it was so close to the passage that I stood under the stairs and could hear the amplified sound straight through the narrow passage.


I just heard Luo Qinghe sarcastically said: “Since it’s something you don’t want, why can’t I throw it away? I threw it away, so why did you pick it up?”


Song Xiao’s voice sounded: “I kept the ring before because you gave it to me.
I’m giving the ring back to you as a ‘lover,’ because you’ve decided to end the relationship.
I already… don’t want to mess with you anymore, and I can’t forgive you for what you did to Bai Lao.”


There’s a long section of time, no sound came from the rooftop.
Luo Qinghe is very similar to Song Bai Lao in some places.
I was afraid that he would not be serious about going crazy with Song Xiao, so I pricked up his ears and listened more and more carefully.


“What did I do to Bai Lao?” Luo Qinghe finally spoke up and sneered, “You abandoned us, you sent me back to the place where I gave everything I wanted to escape, and you haven’t even dared to come back to see us for more than ten years.
At a glance, you are blaming me for not being a perfect father now? Why do you blame me? What qualifications do you have?”


The last words were gnashing of teeth.


“You hate me, so are you going to torture my child to get revenge on me? You forced him and Xia Qiao’s son…” Song Xiao seemed to be hard to say, “Do you know what you did?”


“Don’t you want to see it?” Will he not be freed from the mark of being controlled by AO like me? I have also made sacrifices for the family.
This is what must be paid in the big family.
You want him to live well but you don’t want him to pay, how can there be such a good thing? Since you left him to me, you should think about this!”


“…How did you become like this?”


“I could have been better, but you pushed me back.” Luo Qinghe said, “You still love me even if you leave a ring? Your love is too cheap.”



The next moment, the door slammed shut, and I hurriedly found a place to hide.


Luo Qinghe stepped down from the rooftop aggressively, and I saw him walking out from behind and suddenly stopped, then lowered his head and covered his face with his hands, and stood silently for a while.


I didn’t even dare to breathe, for fear of being discovered by him.
Fortunately, he quickly put down his hands, took a deep breath, and strode downstairs.

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