What is the Great Confession? What is repentance?


I can understand every word clearly, but it makes people very confused when combined.




Song Bai Lao untied the bite stopper, threw it to the ground casually, and walked towards me.


“A practice of repenting of one’s sinful karma.” He kept shortening the distance between us, so close that our bodies would bump into each other.
I couldn’t help but step back and was hugged by him on the lower back.
“Normally, I chant the scriptures in the morning and evening, but I thought it wasn’t deep enough, so I tattooed it on my body.”


His body temperature pierced through the fabric, as if it was about to burn into the bones.


The meaning of his words is not my first thought, I just want to push him away now.
We’re too close, he’s too close to me.


This can’t be done…


“I will repent for the things I have done all my life.” Song Bai Lao raised his hand to caress my cheek, and gently rubbed my eyes with his thumb, “Ning Yu, I know I’m wrong, forgive me, don’t push me out.”


My breath was stagnant, there was plenty of air around me, but I felt like I was drowning in water.


Staring at him blankly, I couldn’t believe what I just heard.
If he hadn’t smelled of alcohol at all, I would have wondered if he was drunk.


Song Bai Lao, Song Bai Lao confessed his wrong?


“You…you say it again?”


Maybe the problem wasn’t with him, or maybe it was me in a dream.


The palm of my hand rested on his chest, and the fingertips were slightly curled.
I could clearly feel the strong heartbeat under my flesh, along the palm of my hand, blending with mine.


If you were really dreaming, would it feel so realistic?


Song Bai Lao became uncharacteristically obedient.
I asked him to say it again, and he really said it again.


“I know I was wrong, forgive me.
Don’t leave me…” He held my face and slowly pressed his lips.


The lower lip was carefully bitten, and the soft tongue gently squeezed into the mouth, meticulously seduce me and him to entangle each other.


I let him kiss him, just staring blankly, unable to return to God in astonishment.


I closed my eyes slightly, my eyelashes trembled slightly, like a flower branch that was suddenly beaten by a thunderstorm, shocked and painful.


I thought he would never say it for the rest of his life, but he did, not only did he say it, but also in such a pleading tone.


This is so shocking.


The deeper he kissed, the more I couldn’t hold my thoughts, and the hand that wanted to push him away gradually became weaker.


The body fluid that was too late to swallow overflowed from the gap between the lips and fell into the neck along the lower jaw, the breath was burning, and the body seemed to be unable to control spontaneous combustion.


The head is like stuffed with paste, confused, I don’t know what is going on.
When I came back to my senses, he had already picked me up with my hips and came to the bedside.


“Ugh…” I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and supported his shoulders and straightened up.


As if reluctant to hold back, he licked from the base of my tongue to the tip of my tongue, a numbness rose up in my spine in an instant, and my body trembled uncontrollably.


I finally broke free from his entanglement.
I took a deep breath of fresh air, and there was even a piece of kinky saliva stuck between the separated lips and teeth, which lasted for two seconds before it suddenly snapped.


“Don’t look at me like that…” He laid me down on the bed, looked at me for a moment with his body propped up, and suddenly covered my eyes with his hands, “I can’t help it.”


In the clouds, there was a rustling sound of clothes in my ears, and the next second, the hand in front of me moved away, I saw the light again for a moment, and a shirt was covered on my face.


Vision and hearing are separated by a layer of cloth, which makes it seem a little hazy.


I don’t know why he is doing this, and I don’t know what his expression is.


“Actually, about Xia Huainan…” I wanted to lift the clothes off my face in a hoarse voice, but Song Bai Lao grabbed my wrist and pulled it away.


“Don’t move.” He pressed my chest and told me to lie back.


My unspoken explanation was interrupted by him, and I had to swallow it again.
Then, I felt his hand come up my waist, up my sweater.


When I felt something squishy and soft touch my stomach, I jumped up violently, and subconsciously reached out to stop it, only to touch the thick hair in one hand.


I weakly refused: “Song Bai Lao, don’t touch there…”


Through the white fabric, I saw a vague figure crouching under me, as if not hearing my words, continuing to kiss the tattoo there.


He even unbuttoned my pants…


“What are you doing?”


I sat up in a panic, and almost fell back with my trembling arms as the hot tip of his tongue licked the scar on my abdomen.


“Luo Meng Bai said it was too much, but there is no problem with this stimulation.”


The breath spit on the skin, as if a small electric current rushed into the body.
I shrank back and was held in place by his trousers.
The loose waist of my trousers fell directly under my crotch.


Where is the problem? There is too much problem.
If you admit your mistakes, you will admit your mistakes.
Why do you suddenly do such a thing?


It’s just… just like a little boy who is afraid of being abandoned, because he is too afraid, so he is eager to please me by all means.
Make me soft-hearted, let me not bear to push him away.


The light and shadow in front of me were dim, I screamed in surprise, and quickly covered my mouth.


He just said…”Is this a little exciting”? I’m afraid he has misunderstood my body.


A seasoned expert like him may not understand that for us rookies, there is no level of excitement, only the beginning and the end.


I once did the same thing to Song Bai Lao.
At that time, I thought he was really hot, and my head was full of this thought.
Now I finally understand why he is so hot.
It was as if lava was boiling inside me, clamoring to burst forth.
He bit the back of my hand through my shirt, but I couldn’t stop the groan that came out of his mouth.


The volcano was brewing, and it was hard to resist the urge to erupt.
In three minutes, or less, everything was over.


I loosened my teeth and fell into the bed, my chest heaving violently, and I was short of breath.
The clothes covering my face made me feel a little suffocated, and I pulled it apart gently.
As soon as my vision recovered, Song Bai Lao bullied me and kissed me.


The mouth is full of strange tastes.


My face was burning and I couldn’t tell if it was the event itself or the sudden end.


“Are you comfortable?” He loosened my lips and kissed my earlobe instead.


I didn’t want to move one of my lazy fingers, and when he rubbed my side face, I felt like I was being attacked by a huge beast.


You know he’s coquettish, but you’re still creepy.


“You left without even looking at me that day, and said I was disgusting…” I closed my eyes, “I came home in the rain, thinking all the way, I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I endure all this? Not only do I have to be toyed by Zhu Li, but I will also be cast aside by you, why? Because I am a humble Beta, do I deserve it?”


Song Bailao froze, and after a while, he became more gentle and more gentle.
A lingering kiss fell on the corners of my eyes, on my cheeks, and on the side of my neck.


“I’m sorry…”



“I told Ning Shi that I was pregnant, and she took me to a private clinic.
They have a kindergarten at the back door, those children are so cute, I regret it and want to have a child, but Ning Shi won’t allow it…” I opened my eyes, and there was a layer of water mist in front of my eyes, “They pressed me on the bed and opened my body… My wound hurts so much… Ning Shi even used him to deceive me and deceive me well.
Suffering… I said so much, why don’t you believe me?”


I said all the heartfelt thoughts that I had never spoken to or confided to anyone.


I don’t even know if I have explained the ins and outs clearly, and I don’t know if Song Bai Lao has understood it.
It’s more of a backlog of catharsis, exposing the rotting sores and culling out the bad bit by bit in the hope that it will heal faster.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Song Bai Lao said these words in my ear over and over again, slowly tightening his arms and hugging me into his arms.


I put my hand on his back, my fingertips slightly hard.


“I never thought of hurting you, but you tortured me for so long… You tortured me for seven years… You made me hurt for seven years…”


He kissed my temple and the end of my eyes, Somewhat at a loss: “It’s all my fault, I’m a bastard, don’t cry.”


Just as I was about to refute that I didn’t cry, a drop of liquid slipped from the end of my eye and quickly fell into my temples.


“You are indeed a bastard…” My forehead rested on his shoulder, and although he said so, my body leaned more tightly into his arms.


Physically and mentally, I had plenty of vent this night.


Maybe it was really comfortable, but somehow I fell asleep in a daze, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, Song Bai Lao was still holding me.


I gently broke free from his embrace and sat up.
He slept soundly, his eyebrows stretched, his lips slightly parted.


Maybe I was alarmed, he moved his body and didn’t wake up, but the sleeping position changed from lying on his side to prone.


I hesitated a bit, then pulled the quilt down on his body until it fell to his hips, revealing the full tattoo.


I took the phone by the bedside and put the entire back into the mirror.
Then I sent the photo to Daoist Weijing and asked him if he knew what these two Sanskrit words meant.


I didn’t expect that it was so late that the other party didn’t sleep and came back quickly.


[Little friend, can you give a notice before you wear something with a color? The elderly are not in good health when they are old, and it is easy to get excited.
And I’m a Taoist, Taoist, you know? We do not learn Sanskrit as a foreign language!]


This was my negligence.
I was a little hot, and I hurriedly apologized to him and asked him to rest early.
Just as I put my phone back, the information came again.


[However, I personally have a little research on this aspect, and you are also asking the right person.
I took a closer look and found that these two lines are a sentence in the Buddhist “Eighty-Eight Buddhas’ Confession”.]


[The evil deeds I have done in the past are all born from the beginningless greed, hatred and delusion, and from the body, speech, and mind.
I now repent of everything.]

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