I have no way of knowing whether the accident in the parade has anything to do with Luo Qinghe.
However, the Xia family, who he said “won’t sit by and watch” went to the door first.


Except for Daoist Weijing, I am familiar with the Xia family.
Xia Yanchi had two sides in the early years.
Xia Qiao saw it once in the video, but she didn’t know the others.
When I married Song Bai Lao, the Xia family did not attend.


Therefore, when the nurse said that a “Mr.
Xia” was looking for me, my first reaction was that Daoist Weijing came to see me.
Still wondering why he, as a marked Omega, wants to meet me in the hospital reception room?


With doubts, I pushed open the glass door of the reception room, turned my back to my straight back slowly, revealing an unfamiliar face.
Wearing a bite-proof collar around his neck, he is an Omega.


There is a red, very slender mole under his eye.
Makes a pair of elegant and correct appearance, because of this mole for no reason, it is extravagant and sentimental.
Staring at his mole, for a moment, I seemed to see Xia Qiao alive, still thirty years younger, they were so similar.


But as soon as he spoke, the other party’s self-confidence and calmness completely dispelled the déjà vu: “Hello, I’m Xia Huainan.
Nice to meet you, Mr.


He stretched out his hand to me, I stared at it, hold it in a hurry.




With his appearance, his surname is Xia, even a fool would guess that he must have something to do with Xia Qiao, but he didn’t know why he came to me.


“Do we know each other?” I let go and asked.


He smiled softly and beckoned me to sit down, with ease and grace, as if he had arrived at his home court.


Both ends of the long glass table in the reception room are equipped with an all-wood bench, and I sit with him and talk face to face.


“According to my kinship, I should be Xia Qiao’s cousin, Xia Yanchi’s clan brother.” He said straight to the point, without hiding it, “I’m here this time to say hello to you in advance, Let you be mentally prepared.”


I frowned, not quite understanding: “What kind of mental preparation?”


“I will take your place in the mental preparation of becoming Song Bai Lao’s legal partner.”


Said to be blinded.


For about ten seconds, I looked at him without saying a word, and my mind was blank, unable to produce any emotion.
After ten seconds, I slowly got some “ridiculous” feelings, which were truthfully reflected on my face.




I didn’t know what to say except for an “oh”.


Xia Huainan was a little surprised: “Aren’t you angry?”


If a person suddenly jumped in front of you and said he was going to smash the glass of your house, the first reaction of a normal person should not be anger, but to think about what kind of madness the other person is.


“The doctor said that being angry is not good for the fetus.”


He blinked and smiled: “You are so interesting.”


When he said he was provocative, he seemed very sincere, and when he said he was polite, it was too polite and ironic.


I find him interesting.


I stood up and wanted to leave: “If you have nothing to do, I will go back first…”


“Don’t you believe that I will replace you?”


I sat back again.


Xia Huainan looked at me in a relaxed and leisurely manner, all his gestures and actions were the demeanor of a noble son of a big family.
If Zhu Li is the white lotus in the pond, then he is a scorching purple orchid in the valley.
Integrated into him so naturally, even the smell of pheromones is very refreshing.
It seems to be… the scent of freesia.


I have to say that it matches Song Bai Lao’s sweet-scented osmanthus.


“Did you and Song Bai Lao know each other before?” Thinking of Song Bai Lao’s rich love history from childhood to adulthood, the children were born with his step-brother, and there is no fuss about an old lover surnamed Xia.


However, the other party quickly denied my conjecture.




“Then why do you want to marry him?”


Xia Huainan said quietly, “This is a ‘task’ given to me by the family.
Even if I reject them, they will find someone else to come.
I still have A younger sister, I don’t want this task to fall on her.”


I knew immediately that he was a good brother.



But I don’t have the right to say, once someone takes his weakness, many things are indeed not up to him.


I pursed my lips and asked, “Is it just because I have a child?”


“Do you know the origin of Song Mo?” Xia Huainan asked me suddenly.


I was startled and whispered: “I know.”


“Song Mo is the bottom line.
It is the result of the negotiation between the Luo family and the Xia family.
It is the satisfaction of the two ‘each taking a step back’.
For a long time, in Song Bai Lao’s issue of marriage, everyone has been pretending to be deaf and dumb and not mentioning it.
Later, for the development of Xia Sheng, the Luo family hoped that Song Bai Lao would marry a partner who could bring benefits, so it had to be mentioned.
In order to reassure the Xia family, they took the initiative to promise, after Song Bai Lao gets married, no new child will be born, Song Mo will be the only heir, and the Xia family agrees to the marriage.
Then Song Bai Lao went to the battle and married you…” He paused slightly, “A certain In this sense, you are actually a more suitable candidate.
You can bring benefits without threatening Song Mo’s situation because of the child’s problem.
But you are pregnant, which is not allowed by the Xia family.
You and Song Bai Lao are provocative their authority.”


He put his hands on the table and clasped his fingers together, unconsciously pressing his fingertips.


“That’s why they sent you to play a beauty trick?”


I found it absurd and funny.
For a moment, I felt as if I was not in modern times, but in some old feudal society.


Song Bai Lao said that I can’t imagine the sacrifice he made.
Is this what he meant? In this marriage, I always thought that I could not help myself and was controlled by others.
It turned out that he did not let it go.


Xia Huainan slowly shook his head: “The Luo family didn’t keep their original promise, and my parents were very angry, calling them villains who went back on their word.
Beauty tricks? You think ‘we’ is too upright.
Since Song Bai Lao is disobedient, why don’t you use an Omega from the Xia family to tie him up? When the estrus comes, you will be locked in a room, anyway, this is not the first time that this kind of thing has been done.”


Before he finished speaking, I suddenly got up and the seat under the buttocks fell, and the sturdy wooden chair fell to the ground with a loud noise.


I couldn’t believe it and glared at him angrily: “How can you say something so terrifying, disgusting, and completely contrary to human nature? One tragedy is not enough, do you still want to create the second and third?”


Xia Huainan calmed down, he looked up at me, smiled at me and said, “You are Song Xiao of the past.” There was no malicious intent in his words, but it still made me feel indescribably terrifying, like being struck by a giant hand from the abyss.
Choked his neck, unable to break free, “You can’t escape.
Not to mention you, even Song Bai Lao can’t escape.
We can’t get rid of it, we can’t resist.”


I couldn’t listen anymore, I opened the door and was about to leave, the other party’s voice was unhurried pick up.


“I’m not here to demonstrate today.
I just want you to know that I’m not a villain.
If what I said comes true one day, I hope you understand my difficulties.”


Holding the doorknob tightly for a moment, I felt in my heart.
The dark fire burned even hotter because of his words, and I gritted my teeth.
In the end, I slammed the door and left the reception room without saying a word.


When Song Bai Lao returned to the hospital at night, he already knew that Xia Huainan had come to find me.


At that time, I just poured a glass of water and was about to go back to the bed when he happened to push the door and came in, his face was very bad.


I held the glass to my lips and stared at him suspiciously: “What’s wrong?”


“The Xia family sent someone to look for you? What did he say?” His tone was as cold as the sky outside.


As soon as I heard this, I took a sip of water, held the water glass, and said, “It’s nothing.
It probably means that if he replaces me one day, I hope I can understand his difficulties.”


I haven’t committed a crime on this kind of prediction.
When I gave a speech about my behavior, I heard Song Bai Lao ask me, “Do you understand?”


I looked at him and stopped talking for a while.


He asked again, “Do you want to give me over to him?”


His question was more shocking than Xia Huainan’s words, and it made me more confused.


I seem to be standing in the position of Song Xiao back then.
Could it be that as a Beta, my partner and other Omegas have marked each other, can we have other choices?


And the point of this matter is that I don’t understand?


I hesitated to answer.


“You’ll give me to him.” He took my silence as an answer, and his face suddenly turned pale, “Because you don’t care at all, do you? You don’t care about me, and you don’t want ours marriage.
After all, you have already signed the divorce agreement and returned the ring to me.
From beginning to end, it was just me pestering you unilaterally.”




He suddenly took a few steps forward, grabbed my wrist, the water poured out and spilled all over the back of my hand.


The water was warm, but I felt like I was scalded, and my heart jumped in shock.


“What do you think of me? Can you give away a pair of shoes, a pen, and a pot? Song Xiao was like this back then, and so are you.” He held me tightly, with amazing strength, making me feel a little bit of pain.
“Do you still want to imitate him to leave without saying goodbye and leave me forever after giving birth?”


“No.” I earned it, I don’t know how he came to this conclusion, “Let go first, and talk about it if you have something to say.”


I don’t know if I can live to give birth to a child, how can I think so far?




With a trembling hand, the water glass slipped off accidentally, and fell to the ground and shattered instantly.


He didn’t even look at it, and continued: “I won’t let you have a chance to leave me.
If the Xia family thinks I’m the second Luo Qinghe, then it’s a big mistake, even if I die, I will never give in Instinct.
Don’t even want to leave me!”


His domineering nature, which he had endured for a long time, was undoubtedly revealed.


Since the afternoon, I have been holding a fire in my heart, and now he has really poured a handful of oil.


“Can you stop being a liar and a liar all the time?” I waved hard and broke free from his shackles, “If you can’t speak well, then don’t talk about it.
If you don’t believe me, then you won’t want to talk about it in the future.”


As soon as I got angry, Song Bai Lao was stunned.


I rubbed my wrists and walked to the hospital bed.
When I turned around, I saw a flash of confusion on his face.
He was tall, and even looked pitifully clumsy at first glance.


Don’t open your eyes, I will do what I say, I will not speak, nor make eye contact with him, I lift the quilt and plan to sleep.


Out of the corner of his eye, he stood there for a while, then squatted down silently.


I took a peek and saw that he was picking up broken glass.


The moment he looked up, I hurriedly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

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