Although I know that various parades are prevalent now, I did not expect that there would be conflicts between parades in places like Xiangtan.


The piercing siren pierced the sky, and halfway through the examination, I was about to return to the ward, when a large number of injured patients suddenly came to the emergency room.


Judging from the slogans and clothes on his body, one side is Beta who wants equal rights, while the other side is Alpha and Omega who want the government to strictly control “pheromone”.


These two groups of people have different demands and different starting points, so there should be no disputes.
But they just fought, and the fight was quite fierce, and there were not a few people who broke their heads.


Ning, it’s too messy here, shall I take you back to the ward first?” The nurse who accompanied me for the examination took my arm and tried her best to block the flow of people for me.


This is the first time I have seen such a battle.
I was warned by Luo Qinghe two days ago not to cause trouble.
This is a very “troublesome” thing.
I also thought that it would be better not to stay for a long time.


“Movee!!” A marcher hurriedly walked through the consultation hall with his blood-covered companion in his arms.
Seeing that he was about to bump into the nurse in front of him, I hurriedly pulled her, and the injured person’s toes almost rubbed her.


After following the man for a moment, I lowered my head and asked the nurse, “Are you alright?”


She covered her chest and shook her head: “It’s alright, thank you.”


Suddenly, a child’s howl penetrated the noisy crowd and spread.
I looked around and saw a little boy crying out of breath not far ahead.


The other party’s clothes were stained with blood, his hair was messy, and the word “Beta” was painted brightly on his round cheeks.
He was a marcher at such a young age.


“Oh, is this child lost? Why is he crying here alone?” The nurse on the side apparently also found him.


“It should have been sent with the parents, but it’s too messy here, so they didn’t care about him.”


The nurse said: “What kind of children are you bringing in the parade? It’s too irresponsible for minors.”


Maybe she wanted to grow up Develop their sense of equality.


While we were talking, we came to the little boy, I squatted down and asked him, “Don’t cry, little kid, where’s your mother?”


The little boy rubbed his eyes and cried so hard, “I, I don’t know… Mommy is hurt.
… carried away on a stretcher woo woo woo…”


Just as I guessed.


I asked him again, “Then do you remember the contact information of your father or other elders?”


After coaxing him for a long time, the nurse sighed, “Why don’t you send him to the service desk? You can find his family through the radio.”


Facing the crying little boy, I had no better idea, so I just nodded.


At this time, a voice came from a distance: “Xiao Tian!”


I looked in the direction of the voice, and unexpectedly saw a familiar figure.

“Han…Sister Han!” The little boy stopped crying as soon as he heard this voice.

Wearing the same blue T-shirt as the marchers, Han Yin ran from far to near sweating profusely, and hugged him excitedly.


“It’s great, I finally found you.” She hugged the little boy tightly, and said with lingering fears, “You scared me to death.
Are you injured?”


“No, no.” The little boy replied choked up.


Han Yin breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the words, touched her head lovingly, and then looked at us beside.


She seemed to have just recognized me, and her eyes widened in surprise: “Ning Yu?”


In the previous conversation, she expressed some concerns about the status quo of Beta and her desire for “equality”, but I didn’t expect her to participate in the parade, and I didn’t expect to meet again in such a scene.


It’s really not a good place to catch up.


“What a coincidence.” I smiled at her, “Is this your child?”


Han Yin waved his hands again and again: “No, Xiao Tian is my friend’s child.
My friend…was injured during the parade and was just sent away to the emergency room.” There was concern in her eyes.


“Why does a good parade fight?” I asked her.


“I don’t know, we collided with another team, and when we reacted, the two groups had already fought.
The marchers over there thought we were also one of the culprits of the abuse of aphrodisiac information, and the words were ugly, completely treat us as extremists.” Her eyes were reddish, “We just want equality, not the same as those groups that advocate Beta supremacy.”


“Those groups” I have seen when I attended charity dinners before.
Betas who march to fight for the rights of their own kind are warriors, and extreme Betas who care about the lives of others in order to show their “excellence” are just a group of hot-headed neuroses.
The two cannot be compared at all.


The election of the parliamentarians is about to heat up, and such a conflict happened between A, O and Beta, I don’t know if it will have any impact.


“Are there many people injured?”


“There may be hundreds of people.
There are hundreds of people in our parade this time, and there are many people on the other side.
In fact, in the end, many people were not injured, but were pushed down and trampled.
It’s a mess.
Fortunately, the parade was held near the hospital, otherwise so many people would be injured and they wouldn’t know what to do.” At the end, she was happy and scared.


I was still thinking about how so many wounded were pouring in all of a sudden.
It turned out that the parade site was nearby.


Listening to Han Yin’s tone, there must be thousands of people on both sides, and the chaos formed is quite spectacular.
I don’t know if it will affect passersby, but at this time…


I unconsciously looked in the direction of the lively gate, and heard Han Yin say in my ear, “Why are you here, Ning Yu?


I was wearing a hospital gown, and I couldn’t even say that I was accompanying a friend to see a doctor, so I had to say it lightly.


“It’s just… a small problem.”


At this time, the voice of a nurse calling a patient’s family came from the direction of the emergency room, and Han Yin’s face flashed in a hurry: “It’s Sister Lin! I’m sorry Ning Yu, I have something to do… We’ll talk next time when we have a chance!” After that, she took Xiao Tian’s hand, and before I could answer, she trotted to the emergency room.


After she left, I was going to leave, but there was a new disturbance in the hall at this time.
A marcher with a red and white turban on his forehead actually fought with the marchers on the other side, and their companions soon joined the chaos.


It was clear that there was not much hatred, but those people seemed to be unwilling to let each other die, forcing the nurse and me into a corner.


“Ning, Mr.
Ning, what should I do?” the nurse asked with a pale face.


I kept her behind me, and I couldn’t do anything in the chaotic consultation hall.


Still hesitating whether to slowly move to the passageway closest to us, three entangled figures hit me in front of me.


Staring at the three people who were blood-soaked and threw their fists, I took a step back.
The nurse grabbed my arm from behind, so nervous that my hands were shaking.


Three people played two against one.
Although “One” suffered a loss in numbers, he was holding a folding chair from nowhere as a weapon, and he was quite handy when swinging.


Like these three door gods, they blocked our way to death.


Soon the folding chair was no match for the four hands, and the “one” was finally unsupported.
Seeing that he was about to lose, he shouted loudly and threw the folding chair out of his hand.
As a result, the two opposite him dodged, and the chair slammed directly at me and the nurse.


Everything happened so fast that I only had time to close my eyes to cover my head, and my ears were filled with the screams of the nurse.
However, after a few seconds, the expected pain did not come, and the chair slammed against the wall beside me with a loud noise.


At the same time, there was a loud police whistle coming from the door.


The three people in front of them didn’t know if they were shocked by the almost smashing of innocent passers-by, or if they heard the whistle, they all stopped and looked at each other.




From my point of view, I could just see the whole process of the marcher being kicked to the ground from behind, rubbing against the smooth floor and falling under my feet.


That kick was really fast and accurate, kicking the opponent’s face full of pain, and moaning, he couldn’t get up.
What was revealed from the position behind him was Song Bai Lao, who was wearing a bite stopper and had a fierce look on his face.


The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to his elbows, and the buttons at the neckline were unbuttoned.
His normally meticulous hair was a little messy, and his smooth and full forehead was covered in sweat.


“Song…” I was overjoyed, and as soon as I shouted a word, Song Bai Lao kicked the stunned marcher to the ground with a ruthless kick, then grabbed the opponent’s hair and pressed his knees against the opponent’s back, mercilessly pressured at the same time, smashed to the ground, and with just one click, the man lost consciousness with blood on his face.


The only remaining “three”, panicked because of this sudden change, he may not understand why the character Song Bai Lao appeared.


Unlike the other two, this time he roared and rushed towards Song Bai Lao.


I involuntarily took a step towards them and was pulled tightly by the nurse behind me.


Ning, don’t go there!”


A large number of security personnel dressed in black rushed into the consultation hall, and threw batons to separate and suppress the crowd, and the scene was quickly brought under control.


After this distraction, when I looked at Song Bai Lao and the others, the whole situation became one-sided.


Song Bai Lao pressed the man under him, grabbed the front of the opponent’s shirt with one hand, and smashed the front of his subordinate with a punch, his knuckles were stained with blood.


The force of the little brat is not worth mentioning in front of the absolute king.
It seems that after so many years, even if he is no longer young and rebellious, the ruthlessness he used to fight back then is still there.


“Song Bai Lao!” I saw that he couldn’t hold back, afraid that he would kill someone, so I hurriedly stopped.


As soon as he heard my voice, he stopped abruptly and lowered his fist.



He got up from the ground panting heavily, and he took the hair that was loose and came towards me.


“Are you injured?” He raised his hand, and halfway through it, he found that the back of his hand was covered in blood, so he had to tut the other one.


His fingertips touched his cheeks, the fierceness on his body had not yet had time to completely retract, and there was even a drop of blood at the end of his eyes, but his movements at this moment were unbelievably gentle.


I shook my head slightly: “No.”


Maybe it was too gentle, and the itch gradually developed from the point where the skin touched, all the way to the apex of the heart.


It’s…a commotion.

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