To get to the bottom of it, the source of all misunderstandings is Zhu Li’s love letter.
If it weren’t for it, Song Bai Lao and I wouldn’t be where we are today.


It made him feel confident, thinking that he had caught my flaws, and gave up my favor to him, all in the name of “like”.


It has successfully shaped me into a “rapist” who can wantonly hurt others because of “likes”.


The rapist joined hands with his step-brother many years later, and finally got what he wanted to marry the “victim” of the year.


If everything is based on “likes”, it makes sense.
But once there is no foundation and no support, all the preconceptions will collapse and become unreasonable.


It is normal for Song Bai Lao to be confused.
How could he have thought that in order to make this “castle in the air” continue, Ning Shi told a big lie to deceive me.


The entanglement between me and Song Bai Lao started with Zhu Li, and Ning Shi broke the tail.
From beginning to end, we could only be like two puppets who couldn’t help themselves, foolishly being manipulated by others.


If you don’t like it, why marry him?


This question is not sharp, but every word seems to be poking at the most painful part of my wound.


For the past seven years, he didn’t know anything, only I was struggling, and I was the only one who couldn’t heal.
He turned around and went on with his life, leaving me behind like garbage.


He didn’t even know my “resentment”.


I sighed inwardly and said, “You didn’t marry me because you liked it, didn’t you? Back then Ning Shi lied to me that the child was still alive and that I have to marry you if I wanted the child back, and news of Zhu Li’s engagement came out.
Later, she admitted that the child is long gone.
You are for the cause, I am for the child, let’s each get what we need.” After thinking about it, I added, “Even if it wasn’t you, I would agree.”


He suddenly turned black face, I thought he was going to get angry, but after waiting for a while, he refrained from saying a word.


Perhaps seeing me as a dying person is pitiful, or perhaps he is ashamed of me, his bad temper has not been shown in front of me for a long time.
Almost made me forget what a bad temper he used to be.


“So, it’s just because of the child.” He may have endured hard, and his voice was hoarse.


I said lightly: “Yes, it’s just because of the child.”


He nodded, lowered his eyes and wondered what to do, and after a while he raised his head and asked me, “Do you have any other wishes?” He continued, “I mean besides the child, do you have any other wishes?”


He asked suddenly, and I didn’t expect it.
After a while, I said, “Re…get the baker’s certificate.”


“What else?”


“No more.”


“Bakery certificate…” He spoke these words softly, thoughtfully.


I don’t know why he asked this, is he trying to help me realize my dream before I die?


I think he should have no questions to ask, so he lowered his head and continued to read the newspaper.


After five or six minutes, the sound of keyboard tapping sounded again in the quiet ward.


After I became pregnant, I suddenly became sensitive to the smell of pheromones.
Song Xiao said that this is a normal phenomenon.
He also had the same situation at the beginning.
This may be one of the manifestations of “strong reaction” like morning sickness.


All kinds of pheromone scents are mixed together.
As a Beta, I can’t adapt to it, and I don’t know how to cover these scents.
When the state is not good, I feel uncomfortable and want to vomit.
But as long as Song Bai Lao was by my side, his pheromone aura would absolutely dominate, covering all the messy smells, allowing me to breathe for a moment.


Maybe Luo Meng Bai or Song Xiao told him about my situation.
Recently, he spends more and more time with me, and even sleeps in the ward at night.


When I went to bed, he was still fiddling with the computer and had no intention of going to sleep.


When I woke up at night with thirst, I found that the reading light that had been shining on Song Bai Lao had been dimmed, and was replaced by a small night light by the side of my bed.
The sofa was unfolded to make a bed, Song Bai Lao lay on his side and slept on it, maybe his legs were too long, and the whole person curled up slightly, looking a little aggrieved.


In fact, I still have a wish, but I think it should be difficult to achieve.


I want to hear Song Bai Lao say to me personally: “Ning Yu, I’m sorry, I didn’t believe you back then.” Or “I’m sorry that I was so stupid in Zhu Li’s scheme.” It would be better if it was accompanied by his tears.


But with his character, I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait for this day until I die.


When I woke up again, it was the next morning.


The discharge process went very smoothly, but when I walked out of the inpatient building to get into the car, I was suddenly stopped from behind.


I looked back suspiciously, and saw a thin man in hospital uniform standing not far away, with a hideous scar on his face, which had not completely faded.
With one hand hanging a triangle scarf, the other hand is like Song Xiao, leaning on a three-legged cane.


“Chang Xingze?” I squinted at the other person, and was surprised when I recognized it.


I knew that Xiang Ping was being treated at the Sanatorium and Hospital, but I didn’t expect Chang Xingze to be there.
And it was so badly injured that I almost couldn’t recognize it.


“Can I say a word?” he asked, standing three meters away from me.


Before I could speak, Song Bai Lao stepped in front of me.




Chang Xingze laughed at himself: “I’m already like this, what else can I do? You can stare here and never leave your eyes.”


Song Bai Lao said coldly, “Don’t you understand? I said, No.”


Chang Xingze’s face turned pale, and he looked past him and looked at me: “Don’t you want to make a break?”


“You…” Song Bai Lao was about to speak again, I raised my hand and pressed it on his arm, he looked back at me and asked.
He raised his eyebrows, “You want to talk to him?”


I made a soft “um” sound.


Song Bai Lao: “Two minutes.”


In the end, I won three minutes and couldn’t exceed ten meters.


Chang Xingze and I walked to the side of the open space, and Song Bai Lao leaned against the car door with his arms folded and looked at us.


I said to Chang Xingze: “What do you want to say? Say it.”


Chang Xingze spread his arms as if to show me his body: “Are you still satisfied with our retribution? Xiang Ping is in jail, my face is ruined, my spleen is destroyed I took it off, and my hand was broken.
Is it alright?”


I looked at him quietly, and said after a while, “If you just said this, then forget it.” After I finished speaking, I turned around and wanted to leave.


Chang Xingze said anxiously: “You got Xu Mei Ren, and you have a good harvest in your family and business.
I lost everything, I admit defeat, please let me go!”


Xu Mei Ren?


I stopped and looked at him: “What Xu Mei Ren?”


Chang Xingze’s lips curved into a mocking arc, and the scar on his face also twisted: “Your husband bought Xu Mei Ren for 10 million, don’t say that you don’t know, it’s too fake.”


Song Bai Lao spent ten million to buy Xu Mei Ren?


I thought about it for a while, and suddenly understood.
What he meant was that the one who was bidding at the same auction as me that day… was Song Bai Lao?


Chang Xingze said again: “Your husband is powerful, I can’t fight you.
I will never provoke you again, please let me go.”


I put Xu Mei Ren aside for the time being.


“I have never bit you.” Strictly speaking, they should have never let me go.
“Everything you suffered today has nothing to do with me, but you did it yourself.”


In fact, all of today’s things can be blamed.
The word “desire”.
The two were greedy and wanted everything, and in the end they couldn’t satisfy the “desire beast” in their hearts, so they ended up like this.


Chang Xingze gave a miserable smile: “Yes, we suffer from it.
Whether it’s you or Xu Mei Ren, it’s all our fault…”


I glanced at his hand, it seemed to be more serious than mine, I wonder if he can still do it in the future.


“You can do it yourself.” It felt like three minutes were almost up, leaving the last sentence, I turned and left.


Back in front of the car, Song Bai Lao raised his hand and looked at the time, without saying anything, he straightened up and opened the car door for me.


After that, I never saw Chang Xingze again.
A few months later, I heard that his family went abroad.


The matter of Xu Mei Ren sowed the seeds of doubt in my heart.
The seed quickly took root and grew vigorously along the way.
Although buying what is Song Bai Lao’s freedom, Xu Mei Ren doesn’t exist anymore in various senses… But I still want to know the original intention of him taking Xu Mei Ren at a high price.


Not necessarily, he knew that I also wanted to photograph Xu Mei Ren, so he deliberately went against me, right?


After half a month, I returned to WeijingShan.
Apart from being a little excited when she first saw me, Aunt Jiu quickly recovered and showed good professionalism.


The window of the room is bright and clean, and the pot of mimosa on the windowsill is still fresh and fresh, and it seems that someone is often taking care of it.


Song Mo was carried by the servants to see me, but because he himself was not well enough to rest, he was quickly driven away by Song Bai Lao.


“Can’t I sleep with mom?” He pursed his lips and bargained with Song Bai Lao, glancing at me.


Song Bai Lao was unmoved: “Go back and lie down.
From now on, you will only have half an hour to visit in the morning, noon and evening, and there won’t be much.
You run out of this morning’s work, so come back at noon.”


Song Mo rolled his eyes and seemed very seriously do the math in his head.


In the end, I don’t know if he understands it or not, but it’s a compromise anyway.


“Okay, then I’ll go first.” He waved at me and was carried away from the room.


Song Bai Lao and I were the only two left in the room.


I sat on the bed and hesitated not knowing how to speak.


He frowned at me and said solemnly, “Lie down.”


Luo Meng Bai told me to rest as much as possible, because the main symptom of my c20 is bleeding, and as long as there is a bump, ecchymosis will form.


I lifted the quilt and lay in, and said naturally, “Chang Xingze said you… bought Xu Mei Ren?”


The air was quiet, and Song Bai Lao didn’t reply to me for a long time.


I looked up and saw that he turned and walked towards the desk facing the bed.
He opened the drawer and rummaged for a while, took out an item and walked back again.


He handed the thing to me and said, “I wanted to give it to you later.”


I took it suspiciously and found that it turned out to be Xu Mei Ren’s title deed.


I froze there, silent for a long time.


Song Bai Lao may have misunderstood my reaction, and his voice was a little uncertain: “Don’t you really want it?”


“Ah, um…” I looked up at him.


I really want it, if you don’t rob me, I’ve already got it at the market price…

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