Song Bai Lao held my injured right hand and carefully pressed his lips to the back of my hand.
The eyelids half-covered the pupils, the eyelashes fluttered slightly, and when I looked at it, it was like a pious and cherished kiss.


After waking up in soreness and exhaustion, this is what caught my eye.


I blinked twice, the image still didn’t disappear.
I even started to feel the moist and soft touch between my fingers.


This is not a dream.


When I realized it, I snapped my fingers and tried to retract my hand, but I overestimated my physical strength.
Instead of the sudden withdrawal I imagined, it was more like a soft finger movement.


But for Song Bai Lao, this weak force was enough to make him aware of my situation.
He stiffened for a moment, and then, like a primary school student who was found to have done something bad, he looked at me and let go of his hand very quickly.


We looked at each other silently for a long time, and many complicated emotions flashed in his eyes one by one.
Finally, he closed his eyes and completely revealed his behavior just now: “Are you uncomfortable in any way?”


It was even more painful as if there was a Lego villain beating the drum all the time.


I tried to speak, my voice hoarse: “What’s wrong with me?”


The sun was bright and the weather was sunny outside the window, and I should have been dizzy for at least five or six hours.


Although I am pregnant for the second time, to be honest, whether it is the first or the second time, I have not been fully prepared, nor have I done any homework in this area.
I really don’t know if my situation is normal.


Song Bai Lao took his bite stopper from the cabinet on the side, pressed it on his face with one hand, and reached behind his head with the other to adjust the lock.


“Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”


I was stunned and looked at him in confusion.


He spoke at a leisurely pace, and threw a thunderbolt: “The lie is that you have nothing, the truth is that the doctor said that you may be infected with c20, but the medical conditions here are limited, he can’t diagnose, and recommends that we transfer to the hospital.”


Blood B type has a 90% immunity rate, which does not mean that nine out of ten Betas will not be infected with c20, but that one in ten will have an outbreak of c20.
In fact, every human being born today carries the C20 virus by itself.
Alpha and Omega are dormant for life and reach a balance with the human body’s immune system, so they will not have any symptoms; and Beta, just like me, will fail the immune system at some point and be completely destroyed by the virus.
Beat health.
It’s like a ticking time bomb, it’s up to you whether it explodes or not.


This is also another important factor affecting Beta social status, and we have too much uncertainty.
Neither in life nor in work is the best choice.


Although the immunization failure rate is not low, fortunately no one in the Beta that I have been in contact with since I was a child has a C20 outbreak.
It is more like a textbook, but the horror on the media network is far away, and there is no real existence for me, which makes me a little careless.


I suddenly heard that I was favored by the god of death and became one of the lucky ones out of ten, and still couldn’t get back to my senses.


Nowadays, human beings are still helpless against the c20 virus, which means that most of me are going to die.


“Can you… Delay it for another four months as much as possible?” After being shocked, I quickly accepted this reality, or it came too suddenly, and I didn’t have any sense of substance.


If you want to die, it is better to die.
One is one who can live.
If it is six months, the chances of the child surviving will be higher.


But then, I fell into a myth again.
If I die, who will raise the child? If Song Bai Lao doesn’t want this child, I have only one choice left…


“If the child survives, I will ask Liang Qiu Yang to raise it.” I turned my eyes to the snow-white ceiling, as if explaining my last words, ” You can deny him, I will tell Liang Qiu Yang not to tell him your identity.
I don’t want any property from the Luo family of the Xia family.
So, let me give birth to the child…”



I still have 20 million, which is enough to set up a growth fund, so that the children will have no worries in the future, so that I can go more peacefully.


In just two minutes, I even thought about how to record my child’s birthday wishes every year in the future.


Song Bai Lao was silent for a while, but did not reply to me.


I couldn’t wait for his reply, so I looked at him and saw him sitting there with a cold face, seemingly holding back his anger.
And I don’t even know which sentence offended him.
Or, is the kid himself his minefield?


“First of all, it’s my child whether the child is born or not.
It’s not dead yet.
If you want him to call someone else’s father, don’t even think about it.” When I saw him, he said, “Secondly, you just’ It’s possible that it’s just an infection, and the real diagnosis can only be made when you return to Xiangtan, don’t plan anything before that.”




He pursed his thin lips, frowned in displeasure, and his expression looked rather fierce, as if I were talking about it again.
One word, and he will press me to the ground and rub me to the ground.


I just have to shut up.


“In the end, I didn’t want this child.
It was only Luo meng Bai said that my body was not suitable for another child that I asked you that question.
It seemed like I didn’t want him, but in fact…” he reached out, hesitated, and finally covered my belly.
“I want him.”


The moment his palm fell on my lower abdomen, my body trembled, and my whole body was tense.


Obviously, there is no feeling of being separated from the quilt, but there is still a strange feeling, as if the fetus in the belly has the illusion of echoing with him.
Even a two-month-old embryo cannot have any fetal movement at all.


He stared there, rubbed his thumb gently a few times, and suddenly asked, “I read all your diaries, now, will your scar still hurt in the rain?”


It’s always beyond my comprehension.
For example, I thought he wouldn’t read all the diaries, but he did.
One week, millions of words, amazing.


“It hurts less.”


It’s okay if he doesn’t mention it, but it hurts me a little when I mention it.
But I know it’s not real, it’s more psychological.


The first few years were always like this.
In the past two years, I actually felt nothing, until… until I met him again.


His eyes kept falling on my stomach, as if to see the flowers there: “I heard the conversation between you and Zhu Li that day outside the toilet, so I did some…investigation.”


I recalled it hard for a moment, remember that what he said should be the day of Zhu Li’s wedding.


“I found that your life trajectory was completely blank for seven years ago.
When you reappeared, you had left ShangShan and left the Zhu family.
On the day when I got this document, Xia Weijing went down the mountain to find me and said that you would give it to me seven years ago.
The dead child is the dojo.
The investigation results, your diary, and Xia Weijing’s words have pieced together a truth.” The last two words were spit out from his lips and his teeth were light, I can already imagine how he felt at that time, how shocked.


There was something indescribable in my heart… a little happy.
I have been arguing for seven years, and now I can be regarded as a grievance.


“Five months… You found out that you were pregnant that year, so you came to my house to find me, right?” With his IQ, as long as he didn’t go to the horns, it was easy to guess the purpose of my looking for him at that time.


I still remember the rain that day, it was really cold.


I’ve never been so cold in my life.


I rubbed my fingertips secretly, and my fingernails ran across the pulp of my fingers, with a dull pain that stretched out: “Yeah, but you didn’t even listen to me.”


Designing him, how can I be happy that I gave birth to the product of a conspiracy? Moreover, the child is not immune to c20 and will die sooner or later.


His drooping eyelashes trembled, and he asked me calmly, “You never liked me, did you?”


I was also ready to meet him with more misunderstandings, my mental journey, and Zhu Li’s purpose for doing this, etc.
After a series of questions, his question directly made me choked in my throat, my mind was blank, and the answer was almost blurted out.




He looked up at me suddenly, and there was something in his eyes that I couldn’t understand, as if I had done something excessive.


Just as our eyes were glued to each other, the door of the ward was knocked gently, and after a while, Song Xiao slowly came in with a bowl and a bag of things.


When he saw that I was awake, he was pleasantly surprised: “That’s great, Ning Yu, you are awake!” He put the bag on the head of the bed and brought out a bowl of porridge, “The doctor said that you might have a serious reaction to pregnancy, and you fainted? It’s normal, don’t worry, it’s alright.
I bought some porridge, you are hungry, eat some first.”


I cleared my throat, raised the corners of my lips and said, “Uncle Xiao, I already know.”


Song Xiao was taken aback for a moment, looked at Song Bai Lao for a moment: “Did you tell him?”


Song Bai Lao straightened up and removed the palm that had been resting on my stomach.


“He will know sooner or later.”


Song Xiao choked, with an expression on his face that he didn’t know what to say.


Song Bai Lao continued: “I have already asked Li Xun to arrange a plane, and I can fly to Xiangtan in the afternoon.”


After more than a week, I had just set a foot in Mangshui, but I was going back again.


I looked at Song Xiao: “Uncle Xiao, you…”


“He will go back with us too.” Song Bai Lao glanced at Song Xiao’s legs, “Is it convenient?”


It is convenient, or it is inconvenient for others to return to Xiangtan.


“Oh, it’s convenient.” Song Xiao nodded hastily, “It’s convenient…” While speaking, Song Bai Lao’s cell phone rang, he glanced at it, stood up and said, “I’ll go out to answer a call.”


He sat up and probed my forehead: “You still have a low-grade fever.
Don’t be afraid, it may not be c20.
It’s alright, you’ll be fine.”


His gentleness made me a little envious of Song Bai Lao for having such a mother.


“Actually, I recognized you at first sight.” Song Xiao sat by the bed and fed me a spoonful of porridge, “I’ve been paying attention to Shrike all these years, and I even paid for it on your wedding day.
A high-resolution photo of your wedding scene.”


He laughed.
I didn’t deliberately not expose myself to the media.
It was indeed easy to find my photos online, and there were media reports on the wedding day.
I guessed he might recognize me, but I didn’t expect that he recognized me at first sight.


“Since you are paying attention to him, why don’t you go back to him? He has missed you so much for so many years.”


The spoon shook, and he pursed his lips tightly, with a painful expression on his face.
Seeing him like this, I wouldn’t be able to poke his sore spot any more, so I won’t go on.


At five o’clock in the afternoon, Song Bai Lao’s private plane took the three of us directly from Mangshui Airport to Xiangtan.


The plane was converted into a suite, with a 1.8-meter-sized bed wrapped in a quilt.
Song Bai Lao directly carried me from the car to the bed.


I still had a fever, and I just wanted to sleep in a drowsy state, and I closed my eyes sleepily after I got to bed.


I don’t know how long it took, the other side of the bed seemed to sink down in the dimness, and then a warm human body embraced me from behind.
Originally, the body was still a little cold, but in this way, it gave birth to a sense of warmth.


The sweet and greasy scent of sweet-scented osmanthus all over the body is like a soothing fragrance with outstanding effect.
Just inhaling a little bit makes me sink into a deeper dream.

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