I don’t know if it was due to the weather or pregnancy, but I never had nosebleed for more than ten years, but suddenly I had a nosebleed.
The blood dripped onto the clothes, and the spots were like red plums.
I wiped my hands and had to go to the room and change into new clothes.


The blood clotted a little slowly.
After fifteen minutes, I took off the tissue and tried it, and there was still some bleeding.
I had to lie still on the sofa and wait for the blood to stop on its own.


The last child didn’t have such a toss.
He has been very obediently staying in my belly, as quiet as if it doesn’t exist, which directly led to five months before I realized that I was pregnant.


Now Song Bai Lao got my diary and knew about the child.
At first glance, it seemed that he knew all my secrets, and the whole person was naked in front of him without any cover.
But if you think about it carefully, we have never solved the misunderstanding and we have never been able to reconcile the relationship as before.


My eyelids were a little heavy, so I simply closed my eyes and took a nap on the sofa.


The breeze blew in through the open patio door, accompanied by the scent of flowers and sunshine, and soon I fell asleep.


At twelve o’clock in the scorching summer, the rooftop is surrounded by a heat wave, making people not want to step on it.


But… I glanced at the paper bag in my hand, gritted my teeth, and finally stepped into the scorching light.


Looking around, I didn’t see the second figure, and I felt a little inexplicable loss in my heart.
I found a place where there is no sun, I sat down and took out my homework, planning to wait another ten minutes.


The hot weather makes people unable to concentrate, and as time goes by, the sweat and irritability on the body increase with seconds.
After one question I got stuck there, tossing between options b and c.


The tip of the pen dropped a little on the workbook, and before I could write the final answer, a murky male voice suddenly appeared behind me.


“Choose b.”


When I turned around in fright, I saw Song Bai Lao had an ice cream in his mouth and was bending over to stare at me…or the exercise book in my hand.


My heart was beating out of order, and I asked him angrily, “Why do you walk silently?”


He stood up with a puzzled expression, “Why do you make noise when you walk?”


Reasonable” and “reasonable is a waste of time” jumped several times, and finally chose the latter, and shut up obediently.


The sweat on the forehead rolled down and slid to the neck, giving birth to a momentary itch.
I rubbed my arm randomly and got up from the ground.


The paper bag fell to the ground.
Before I could say anything, Song Bai Lao squatted down and opened it.


“It’s a croissant again.” The weather was too hot, he held the ice cream handle, and soon the milky white solid melted, and the juice dripped down and dripped between his fingers.
He glanced at it, held up the ice cream, and licked off the stickiness indifferently.


The tongue is long and dexterous, dark red in color, and looks a little erotic when sticking out of the mouth.


I looked away and asked him, “Then what do you want to eat?”


“Waffles.” He answered in less than a second, obviously thinking about it for a long time.


Waffles are not difficult to make, but it is a little troublesome to buy special molds.
Are croissants bad? Why do others pick and choose what others have worked so hard to do…


“…Got it.” The croissant was already stuffed into the other person’s mouth and forced to eat it in his mind, but he still dared to obey him on the face.
unreasonable demands.


The rooftop was too hot, and I couldn’t stay any longer.
I turned around and was about to leave when Song Bai Lao grabbed my wrist.


“Wait…” He quickly let go, fumbled through his trouser pocket and took out a cell phone, “Give your cell phone number.”


I stiffly said, “What?”


He shook the phone at me: “I think about it later.
Tell you what to eat in advance.”


Well, now he not only eats free food, but also learns to order.


I was about to laugh at him angrily.
I stared at him without blinking, and he looked at me right and wrong.
Standing one by one, squatting one by one, I stayed like this for dozens of seconds.


“Give me the phone.” I reached out to him.


“Dear me.” Song Bai Lao looked up at me, his eyes crooked with laughter, his face was full of sly cunning.


Since then, he has unilaterally turned on my SMS ordering service.
Our communication is limited to the types of snacks he wants to eat tomorrow, and sometimes there is a sentence or two of “I’ll skip class tomorrow” or “something”, so that I know that I don’t need to prepare his “tribute”.


After a long time, I was full of belly slanders at the beginning, and then I actually gave birth to the Pavlov effect.
I would take the initiative to send him a question mark before he texted him.


[I can’t think of what to eat, so you can prepare a muffin.]


Then I got this answer.
From this, it can be concluded that the muffin is a safer choice, and it is also his preferred variety.


The first time I called Song Bai Lao, and the last time I got through, was the day I received what Zhu Li called a “love letter”.


Rubbing the plain envelope, I heard Song Bai Lao’s voice as if he hadn’t woken up, but I was dumb and didn’t know how to speak.


“Ning Yu?” There was a rustling sound on the opposite side, he should have sat up from the bed, “Why did you suddenly call me?”


“You…Are you free tomorrow afternoon?” I muttered.


“Crack”, it seemed to be the sound of a lighter being lit, and after a while, he slowly exhaled.


“Tomorrow? I should be free.”


“Can I come to school once? I have something important to tell you.”


After a while, he said, “Important? How important?”


“It’s about a lifetime…that’s important.”


At that time, I thought that no one could refuse Zhu Li, and Song Bai Lao was no exception.
One is the highly anticipated Omega, the other is the outstanding Alpha, I am the magpie of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, and the arrow of Cupid.
As long as they complete their mission, lovers will always be married.


I consciously shoulder the life of others, never imagined that in the end it is indeed about life.
It completely changed my life.


At the crisp doorbell, I slowly opened my eyes, took off the tissue from my nose, and found that the blood had stopped.
Glancing at the clock on the wall, only two hours have passed.


When I opened the door, Xiao Yu appeared in front of me, and I remembered that I had invited him to the clinic today.
He had physiotherapy and I had the stitches removed.


“If you didn’t answer the call, I’ll come to you directly.” Xiao Yu said.


“I’m sorry, I just fell asleep.” I closed the door with my backhand and went downstairs with him.


He had trouble with his legs and feet, supported on a triangular cane, and walked very slowly with each step.


“It’s okay, we’re neighbors anyway, so it’s easy to find.”


When we arrived at the clinic, the nurse said that there were other patients in the clinic, so let us wait on the first floor.


There were only the two of us and an elderly man in the waiting area, and the news of the election of the parliamentarians was being broadcast on the TV hanging above.
As soon as the screen turned, it turned to a familiar handsome face.


Luo Qinghe made a speech to promote Beta equality, and threatened to work hard for the goal of equality for everyone under the ABO system after being elected as a member of parliament.
The anchor seems to be his supporter, saying a lot of good things about him, praising him as an Alpha who really thinks about Beta.


“Let him be a member of parliament, maybe the Beta status will really increase.” The old man who was waiting together folded his arms and commented with his teeth leaking.


Xiao Yu glanced at each other, and then cast his gaze on the TV.
At this time, the camera gave Luo Qinghe a close-up of his face, so clear that even his eyelashes could be clearly seen.




For some reason, I think Xiao Yu’s smile is a bit complicated, even bitter.
Perhaps, he didn’t think that a high-ranking Alpha could do anything for Beta.


The nurse called me and Xiao Yu’s names one after another.
Just like last time, when I entered the consultation room on the second floor, Dr.
Zhao pulled the curtains for Xiao Yu to do physical therapy, and Dr.
Tang removed the sutures for me.


“Your wound is growing well, move your fingers as much as possible in the future, and insist on rehabilitation.
You should be able to fully recover in one to two months.” After removing the last thread, Dr.
Tang put down the forceps and said.


“Thank you.” Shaking my palms, I felt a little stiff.
It seemed that the re-examination of the baker’s license could only be put on hold.


“Okay, put your hands aside beforehand.
How did you think about last time?” He moved the medical basin aside and stared at me with burning eyes.


Seven days, whether it is long or short, but it is enough for me to think clearly about what to think.


I rubbed the gauze on my palm and said my decision: “I still want to give it a try…”


“Hey you…” Before I could finish, Doctor Tang sighed, as if trying to persuade me.


I hurriedly interrupted him: “I know it’s very dangerous, so once the situation you mentioned occurs, if my fertility sac can no longer bear the child’s growth, please help me with an cesarean section.”


Tang was startled and reminded me: “It’s hard for a child under six months to survive…”


“I know.” I looked up and smiled at each other, “I know, so no matter what the end result is, I’ll accept it.”


I’ve done the best I can, the rest is up to God.


After talking about the child, I went outside the clinic to wait for Xiao Yu to finish.


After half an hour, he came out from the inside, instead of beckoning me to go, he sat down beside me.


“I heard what you and Dr.
Tang said just now.” He said, “Do your best to obey the destiny and don’t be under pressure.
I also have a child who was born through hard work.
When I gave birth to him, I really thought I was going to die.
But you see, it’s not going to be good in the end.
Your luck must be as good as mine, you can last until six months and give birth to a child without any risk.”


Finally, he considered me and asked me: “Would you like to meet your ex? Does your partner know about the child? After all, cough, the child also has his share.
Maybe he doesn’t want the child because he is afraid of your health problem, maybe he wants it very much.”


Although I and Xiao Yu have not known each other for a long time, but he gave me the same feeling as Master gave me.
Warm and kind, people can’t help but want to talk.


In the past, I used to talk to Master about what was in my heart, but after Master passed away, the only thing I had to talk to was gone, so I never talked to anyone about what was in my heart again.


“It’s not just his problem now, it’s mine too.” I shook my head with a wry smile, “I used to think that he and I…we are both very similar.
Our mothers are both Betas, our families have their own problems, we seemed so out of place in the environment I belonged to.
But then I found out that I was thinking too much about everything, and he did not regard me as a fellow, and even stingy with his own trust.”


I can’t help but think, if he had choose to trust me, will everything be different in the back.
I know that we can’t completely blame him for what happened between us.
He and I are both victims of Zhu Li’s tricks.
I’ve never hated anyone in my life, but only Song Bai Lao, only him… Makes me feel “resentful” from time to time.


I didn’t do anything wrong, why don’t you believe me? Why are you so unfeeling towards me, why do you think I am such a horrible person?


I can’t help but hate him, and I can’t help but hate him…


“After recognizing the facts, his pheromones have become a taboo, and when I think of him, I feel scared.” It’s not the fear of him, but the pain that comes after thinking about this person.
Although the situation has eased, we still have many conflicts and can’t calm down and talk.
I started to be afraid of him again, but this time I was afraid that he would say something that would make me sad, and that he would disappoint me again.
He nodded, and I can happily accept that nothing happened… that kind of relationship.”


Xiao Yu held my hand, looking a little sad: “Ning Yu…”


I have never said these words to others, Saying it all at once makes my heart feel a lot better.


I clapped his hand and said with a smile: “And his father doesn’t like me either.
This time, his father planned the divorce agreement and sent it to me.
It’s really impossible for me and him.”


Xiao Yu: “His father doesn’t like you?” “His father is more powerful.
I guess he has signed it now.” I said seriously, “After all, if he doesn’t divorce me, he may be whipped by his father.”


After finishing my words, Xiao Yu’s face became very ugly in an instant.

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