After staying for less than an hour, Song Bai Lao greeted the Ruan family and his son, saying that he had to go first.


The other party pretended to stay, and finally sent Ruan Linghe to escort us to the door in person.


“There will be a chance in the future…” Ruan Linghe said politely, holding Song Bai Lao’s hand, his eyes fell outside the door, not knowing what he saw, he began to be lost, “I have a chance…let’s talk…”


I followed him Looking over, there was a white nanny car parked quietly behind our car outside the door, and he was looking at it.


At this time, there was another movement in the venue, and four or five people hurried out of it.


Wu Qian was wearing a coat, sunglasses on her face, and her skirt was carried by the assistant.
She entered the nanny car as fast as the stars held the moon.


She must have seen Ruan Linghe, but she still didn’t look back, so she said goodbye, leaving only a scent.


Ruan Linghe’s soul seemed to be taken away, and he craned his neck to look in the direction of the other party’s departure, completely forgetting our existence.


“There is a chance.” As if he didn’t notice Ruan Linghe’s gaffe, Song Bai Lao let go of his hands with a light smile, turned around and walked down the steps, hugging my waist.


“The old fox gave birth to a silly hamster.” When he was approaching the front of the car, Song Bai Lao suddenly sneered and said such a sentence.


I glanced at him quietly, and saw that the politeness on his face disappeared completely, the corners of his eyes and brows were indifferent, and he made no secret of his disgust.


Sitting in the car, he looked in the direction of the door and saw Ruan Linghe still standing in the same place, and he dropped a words meanly.





I felt that he was in a bad mood, and I was farther away from him next to the car door, not wanting to provoke him.


Song Bai Lao loosened his bow tie and threw it aside, slumped in the back seat, silent.


I thought he was asleep, and was about to lean against the door to take a rest, when a lazy and sluggish voice suddenly came from beside.


“Is this mark an accident?”


I was startled and turned to look at him.


Song Bai Lao closed his eyes, asked himself and answered, “You can meet the young master of the Ruan family if you force a mark.
Zhu Li is lucky, and only a fool would believe it.”


Only a fool would believe, and he was worse than a fool.
Ruan Linghe is a stupid hamster, he is a stupid bird.


I have nothing to do with the Zhu family, and I don’t need to worry about anything.
I whispered, “This is his usual trick.”


After listening to my words, Song Bai Lao didn’t ask any more questions, turned his face slightly to one side, and after a while his chest was even.
Falling asleep.


When we arrived at Weijing Mountain, he woke up on the winding mountain road.
It seemed like he had a nightmare, he woke up suddenly, took a deep breath and sat up straight, and then he was gasping for breath.


Because of his movement, I also opened my eyes from my slumber.


There are no lights on the mountain road, and the interior of the car is dark.
In the silence, Song Bai Lao’s breathing quickly calmed down from panting, or was calmed down by his forcible pressure.


“At the beginning… Luo Qinghe was called back by the Luo family and said that he wanted to talk about me and my mother.
I thought that the Luo family would finally accept us, so I was excited, but he didn’t come back for three days.” Song Bai Lao’s voice sounded in the dark, my brows twitched, “For three days, my mother went to Luo’s house every day to ask for someone, but no one paid attention to him.
On the fourth day, Luo Qinghe came back, and the first sentence was ‘I’m sorry’.
I know why everyone’s faces are gloomy and misty, and I don’t know why they are arguing with their voices down after I fell asleep.
This kind of life went on for a month, until one day, Luo Qinghe suddenly locked himself in the room and made a wild beast-like sound.
Roar… It turns out that Xia Qiao is in heat, and as an Alpha with a mark, he will follow him even if he is separated by thousands of miles.”


I learned this in high school biology class, not only that, the marked Omega and Alpha’s intimacy with others will also be rejection reactions in behavior, not as simple as nausea and nausea, but psychological hatred.


The “mark” connects A and O together.
Even if you don’t want to, at the moment when the mark is marked, the two cannot be separated, and death cannot eliminate the “exclusivity” and “rejection” of the mark.


When Luo Qinghe wanted to fight against his instinct, he was like an ant shaking a tree.
It was not a question of being over-the-top, but… there was no hope at all.


I don’t know if it was the wedding banquet tonight that stimulated Song Bai Lao, or the nightmare just now reminded him of his miserable childhood.
He didn’t care about venting his secret, traumatic, and unspoken resentment, rather than talking to me, it was better to say… He didn’t care who the audience was at all, he just wanted to spit it out.


“When my mother knocked on the door, there was blood all over his body, some were bitten, some were knocked out, and some were ground by handcuffs…” Song Bai Lao was quiet for a while, and suddenly asked, “If the only person you love is with someone else.
You can only survive by being alone, what would you do?”


His question caught me off guard, I never thought about it, and was a little stunned for a while.




This is indeed a dilemma, but if he is asking this question for Song Xiao, then there is no choice at all.


As a Beta, you can only give up your lover.


Song Bai Lao, as I thought, didn’t need my answer at all, so he took it by himself.


“My mother sent Luo Qinghe back to Luo’s house and divorced him.
I wanted to go with him, but he said it was too hard to follow him, and wanted me to stay at Luo’s house and by Luo Qinghe’s side.
After that… I never see her.” His tone was flat, not listening to joy or anger, “Luo Qinghe said she abandoned us.”


At this time, the car stopped in front of the house, and Song Bai Lao stopped talking.


I hesitated to open the car door, and just as I got down to the ground, a man’s low voice came from behind me.


“Ning Yu, I won’t divorce you, and I won’t give Beta a chance to abandon me a second time.”


In a daze, I turned around and looked, only to see the car door slowly closing in front of me.
Song Bai Lao stared at me in the car, a little light in front of the house reflected in his eyes, making his eyes cold and dark like the sea.


The car drove away in front of me, Song Bai Lao’s words remained in my ears, and my mood was complicated and inexplicable.
It’s like stepping on dog shit when you’re going to swim, or being hit by a flower pot on a sunny day with no wind and no rain.


Unexpectedly, I was a Beta, and it turned out to be the reason why Song Bai Lao didn’t want to divorce me.
It’s so pissed and funny.
A marriage without feelings can at most be called “letting go of each other”, where is “abandonment”?


Because of Song Bai Lao’s words, I was distraught all night, woke up with a splitting headache, and felt a little nauseated by the fish fillet porridge at breakfast.


Aunt Jiu looked at me not moving and asked me if it was not to my taste.


I pushed the bowl away from myself: “I didn’t sleep well yesterday, and some have no appetite.
Change it to plain porridge for me.”


Aunt Jiu nodded and removed the porridge bowl neatly.


A few days later, the weather that had been cloudy for a long time finally turned clear.


Daoist Weijing called me and said that everything was ready and let me go.


To get to the Taoist Temple, you need to go down halfway up the mountain, get out of the guardhouse, turn to the trail, and then go up the stairs all the way, and it takes half an hour to get there.


The soil in the forest is moist, the air is fragrant, the shadows of the trees on the head are whirling, and the birds are clear.
I was walking down the trail, and at first I didn’t feel that something was wrong.
But when a gust of breeze blew, I suddenly smelled a smell of rust on the nose…


I frowned and glanced behind me, the surroundings were silent, and I didn’t find anything.
Suppressing my doubts, I continued to walk for a while.


Suddenly, the fishy wind came, and the breath seemed to be close at hand.


I turned around abruptly, and I saw Xiang Ping, covered in blood, walking towards me under the steps, holding something in his hand, dripping blood.


“Xiang Ping?” I was startled and walked backwards up the steps, “What are you going to do?”


Xiang Ping said with a gloomy face: “It’s all because of you, I have nothing left!”


He was emotional, and he had a murder weapon.
Something is not good: “If you have something to say…”


“My wife is gone, my child is gone, and Xu Mei Ren is gone! Are you satisfied now!” Ah, kill me!”


I didn’t know who he had attacked before, his face was covered in blood, and he looked hideous and crazy.
Like this, I’m afraid it’s not going to die with me.


“Calm down.” I secretly gathered my strength, “Master wouldn’t want to see you like this.”


Xiang Ping sneered and shook the thing in his hand, and then I saw clearly that it was a dagger: “Ha! They were all taken by you.
Lied, only I know how hypocritical you are! You are a sinister villain! It’s all because of you, and it’s all because you are against me everywhere, that I am what I am now…”


Before he could finish speaking, I turned around and pulled out.
Just run away, and start a chase with him in the winding mountains.


My heartbeat has never been faster than this, and this time I lost my life.


Xiang Ping followed closely behind me, his mouth let out a terrifying roar, and in a trance, I seemed to be a poor goral being chased by a wild lion, running everywhere just to escape from the predators.


During the escape, I might have run too fast, my lower abdomen throbbed for no reason, my knees softened instantly, and I almost fell to my knees.


But it was these few seconds of pause that made Xiang Ping catch up to me.
He grabbed my ankle from behind, tossed me to the ground, and stabbed me in the heart with the dagger held high.


“Go to hell!”


It’s really god damn me.


I grabbed his hand firmly, and with all my strength, I still couldn’t stop the tip of the knife from getting closer and closer to me.


Seeing that Xiang Ping was about to succeed, despair gradually filled my heart, many thoughts flashed through my mind, and I already felt that I was not good enough.
And just at this critical moment, the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly came from behind.


Xiang Ping also heard it, and was about to raise his head when his head was smashed by the bamboo stick, and then he stepped on a cloth shoe on his shoulder.


“Let’s go!” Following these two words, Xiang Ping’s entire body fell back, waving his hands and losing his balance, he rolled down the stairs in embarrassment.


The ferocious momentum stopped on the nearest platform.
I don’t know if it was dizzy or dead, and there was no movement.


I was gasping for breath, my heart was beating wildly, and my hands were shaking.


“Are you alright? Where is the injury?” Daoist Weijing hurriedly lowered his body to help me up, and when he saw my hand, he exclaimed, “Oh, your hand is injured.”


When he said this, I felt the pain.
Looking at the palm of my hand again, it may have been taken down when I fell.
The dagger slashed a bloody opening in my palm, and the flesh was turned out, looking a little terrifying.


Staring at the dazzling red, I felt dizzy and fell softly uncontrollably.


There was a voice that was getting further and further away: “Little friend, are you alright? Little friend? Little friend!”

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